1. That the designation of this Society be “ THE LONDON HIBERNIAN SOCIETY,” for establishing Schools, and circulating the Holy Scriptures in Ireland.

II. Each Subscriber of One Guinea annually, or upwards, shall

Each Subscriber of Ten Guineas, or upwards, shall be a. Member for Life.

IV. Each Subscriber of Five Guineas annually, or of Twenty Guineas at one time, shall be entitled to attend and Vote at all Meetings of the Committee.

v. An Executor paying a Bequest of Fifty Pounds, or upwards, shall be a Member for Life.

VI. A Committee shall be annually appointed, consisting of Thirty Laymen, resident in or near London, who shall conduct

Twenty-four Members who most frequently attend during the Year, shall be proposed to the Annual Meeting for Re-election.

VII. Every Clergyman or Dissenting Minister, who is a Member of the Society, shall be entitled to attend and Vote at all the Meetings of the Committee.

VIII. The Annual Meeting of the Society shall be held in the month of May, on such day as may be deemed expedient ; when the Treasurer and Committee shall be chosen, the Accounts presented, and the proceedings of the foregoing Year reported.

AT the Twenty-seventh Annual Meeting of the LONDON HIBERNIAN SOCIETY, held at Exeter Hall, Strand, on Saturday, the 4th of May, 1833,



President, in the Chair,

The Rev. John Hatchard commenced with Prayer. The Report having been read by the Secretary, the following Resolutions, moved and seconded by the individuals whose names are prefixed, were unanimously adopted...

By the Right Hon. the EARL OF WINCHELSEA ;
And the Rev. J. W. CUNNINGHAM, M.A. Vicar of Harrow.

That the Report and Statement of Accounts just read, be received and printed, under the direction of the Committee.

And J. E. GORDON, Esq.

That this Meeting hears, with much pleasure, the gratifying progress which this Society has made in its great work, during the past year; and gratefully attributing every measure of success to the blessing of Him from whom all holy desires, all good

counsels, and all just works do proceed, most sincerely prays that the future operations of this valuable Institution may greatly tend to the promotion of God's glory, and the happiness of our fellow subjects, in the Sister Kingdom.

By the Hon. CHARLES JOHN SHORE; And the Rev. HORACE TOWNSEND, M.A. Of Douglass, Ireland.

That the system pursued by this Society, of imparting to the peasantry of Ireland an education, founded upon the Holy Scriptures, has, in the estimation of this Meeting, been proved to be efficient in its character, and acceptable to the people of that country,

By the Right Hon. EARL of RODEN;
And the Hon. and Rev. BAPTIST NOEL, M.A.

That the increased aid afforded to the Funds of this Society by the friends of Bible Education in Ireland; and, especially, the additional Contributions from the Parents of the Children in the Schools, is a cause for much gratitude and rejoicing, affording, as it does, a satisfactory proof that there is a growing attachment to the Word of God, and to a Scriptural Education.

By the Rev. J. R. PAGE, Qf Newport, Ireland ; And the Rev. CHARLES SEYMOUR, M.A. Vicar of Kilronan, Ireland.

That the most respectful Thanks of this Meeting be presented to His Royal Highness the Duke of Gloucester, Earl of Connaught, for his continued Patronage of this Society; and that the grateful acknowledgments of this Meeting be given to those Prelates, Noblemen, and other distinguished characters, who have favoured the Institution with their countenance and support. That the cordial Thanks of this Meeting are hereby given to those Clergymen, Ministers, and other friends, who have advocated the cause of the Society; to John Deacon, Esq. the Treasurer, and that he be requested to continue his services ; to the Committee, for their important exertions; and that the following Gentlemen* be the Committee for the ensuing year, with power to add to their number.

By the Rev. JOHN LYONS ;

That the cordial and respectful Thanks of this Meeting be

the President of this Society, for his kind and continued Patronage, and for his obliging attention to the business of the day.

The Chairman having acknowledged the Resolution of Thanks, and a Doxology being sung, the Meeting adjourned.

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With feelings of lively gratitude to Almighty God, and with confidence in the goodness of the cause which he has entrusted to their management, the Committee of the London Hibernian Society present their Report of the proceedings of the Institution during the past year.

this Society were admirably adapted to the peculiar circumstances of the poor of Ireland : that going among them, with the sincerest desire of promoting both their temporal and spiritual welfare, they hoped to secure their confidence, and to be instrumental in leading many of

eternal;" and they attempted to effect this object by the adoption of such measures only as are sanctioned by the Most High, the reading, and committing to memory of the pure and unmutilated Scriptures ; undertaking to combat error, ignorance, and superstition, wherever found, neither in man's strength, or by carnal weapons, but by the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God. And now, instructed by the experience of TWENTY-seven years, your Committee are emboldened to declare their fullest conviction, that an education,

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