Scriptures, bnt also to commit them to memory, and to possess a competent understanding of what is thus suhmitted to their attention, the Quarterly Inspections are of primary importance; and your Committee can assure their friends, that the lahours of the Inspectors have heen unremitting, and highly beneficial; While testimonials of their faithfulness, and strict regard to the regulations of the Society, are furnished from every district. The average number of Scholars who have attended the inspections during the year, have amounted to Forty-five Thousand One Hundred and FortySeven; and of this numher, Thirty-one Thousand Three Hundred and Five attained to the required proficiency; while several thousands of other Pupils had made good progress in Scriptural and other knowledge, although not to such an extent as to ohtain remuneration for the Master.


The numher of General and Cursory Inspectors, and Scripture Readers, employed hy the Society, has been Fifty; and these, under the controul and superintendence of your Agent, and other valned friends in Ireland, have very materially forwarded the views of your Institntion, not only in examining the Schools, and reading in the cabins of the poor the revealed will of God, hoth in the English and Irish languages; hut they have created, in many instances, an increased anxiety for the possession of copies of the Holy Scriptures; and your Committee would again refer their friends to the Appendix, which will be published with the Report, for the regulations hy which these Officers are guided.


The distrihntion of the Holy Scriptures, through the medium of the Schools, or hy the exertion of the Scripture Readers, has this year heen—Six Thousand Seven Hundred and Twelve Bibles, and Nineteen Thousand Three Hundred and Ninety-six Testaments, in English; and Twelve Bihles, and ThirtyEight Testaments, in the Irish Langnage; making a total of Twenty-six Thousand One Hundred and Fifty-eight for the year, and since the formation of the Society, Two Hundred and Ninety-nine ThouSand Six Hundred and Seventy-seven Bihles and Testaments circulated in Ireland hy this Institntion alone, heside some hundred thousands of Spelling Books, for the use of the younger Children in the Schools, the lessons of which are taken from the Bihle; not intended, in any degree, as a substitnte for the Inspired Volume, hut with the desire of leading all their Scholars, as quickly as possihle, to the fountain head of living waters, full and unadulterated, as they came from the source of all good. And, anxious to give to God all the glory of every measure of snccess vonchsafed to the operations of the Society, your Committee are constrained, from year to year, most gratefully to acknowledge the kind support, and repeated liberality, of the British and Foreign' Bihle Society, from whom they have received nearly the whole of those Scriptures, which it has been their' privilege to circulate for the henefit of the poorest of the poor, and the too generally ignorant and superstitious in the Sister Island. Since the publication of the last Report, your Committee have been entrnsted with a further munificent grant from that nohle Institution," of Ten Thousand English Bibles, and Ten Thonsand

English Testaments; a fresh token of confidence in their measures, afforded by the Committee of the Bihle Society, which it shall he their constant endeavour, in no instance, to ahuse.


Ahundant proofs are supplied in the correspondence with the Society, as to the heneficial results of its lahours; hnt your Committee feel that it would be ont of place to introdnce many of them here; and, referring their friends to the Appendix, when the Report is printed and circulated, for many snch testimonials, they will content themselves with some extracts from only two communications, hearing on the gratuitous distrihution of the Holy Scriptures, and the great importance of a Bihle School, in a dark and long-neglected neighhourhood.

The Rev. M. C. Motherwell, of Kilrea, remarks:—

\ " I would heg leave to state some points of view in "which I think your Society worthy of general support. "Its unobtrusive character appears to me to render it "hest suited to the present distracted state of our un"happy country. It has wisely connected itself with "no political party. The revealed will of God has "always heen the basis of its instruction; and erecting "its superstrncture on that foundation alone, it has pre"served undeviating consistency amidst surrounding "vacillation. Expediency savours too mnch of the "spirit of the world, and it may have a temporary tri"umph; but principle alone will meet with eventual "snccess. Strict economy, in my mind, also entitles it "to general confidence; other Societies may have "afforded more ample remuneration, hut none have "gone farther with equal means.

"I would, likewise, never wish to lose sight of its •• gratuitons distribution of the Sacred Scriptures among "the poor, which, I am well assured, will prove not to "have heen in vain at that great day when the secrets "of all hearts will he revealed. It affords me cause of "ahundant consolation in having heen the medium of ** conveying copies of them to individuals of every reli"gious denomination withont distinction, as I have "always considered it among the most promising of my "ministerial labours. I felt that each, according to "their respective ages, received from my hand, this "spiritnal guide of their youth—the companion of their "matured life—and the stay of their declining years; "and, when accompanied with the teaching of the "Spirit of All Trnth, may we not, on Scriptural grounds, "anticipate that that hlessed book will serve to restrain "their natural waywardness, direct their erring foot"steps into the path of righteousness, and cause them to "press forward therein, in sure and certain hope of ever"lasting life."

The following interesting communication, under date of 22nd Fehrnary, 1833, has heen received from an excellent Clergyman, in a very remote district in the south of Ireland.

"1 have the sincerest pleasure in stating, that this "School is a striking instance of the snccess of the "plan of Edncation pursned hy the Society, and its "adaptation to the wants and wishes of the peasantry of "this country.

"The following is a short, hnt accurate account of the present and increasing prosperity of this School.

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"The numher of children on the hcoks is l49,Seventy "of whom are Roman Catholics; and the Master told "me, a short time since, that Scholars were flocking in so "fast, that he must soon dismiss them for want of "room; the progress of the children, particularly in the "Holy Scriptures, is most remarkahle, though lahour"ing under great local disadvantages; for their parents "heing extremely poor, employ their children chiefly in "tending sheep, and such like rnral occupations; and it "may not he uninteresting to remark, that they may "often he seen on their wild hills with their Testaments "in their hands, diligently pernsing them; indeed, I "never knew a School where the children had a greater "desire for religious knowledge; and more than one "instance I could mention where these holy trnths have "taken snch deep root in their hearts, and prodnced "snch frnits in their lives, as have given me, arfd theft "parents and friends, the liveliest emotions of gratitude "and joy. Bnt not only the children testify the good "done hy this important School, hnt many adults, of "whom there have heen, and still are, many educated "in it, will have cause to hless for ever its estahlish"ment amongst them, as a means of leading them, not "merely to read, hnt also savingly to know Him, whom "to know is life everlasting. From the intimate know"ledge I have of these interesting individnals, as their "Minister and friend, and daily witnessing their growth "in knowledge and grace, I can speak with a confi"dence which experience can alone give, that this "School has exercised a most heneficial influence in this1 "neighhourhood.

"Perhaps it may not he uninteresting to the friends' "of Scriptural Edncation to hear an ancedote like the "following. .' -'

"In one of my parochial visits, 1 entered the cottage

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