With feelings of lively gratitude to Almighty God, and with confidence in the goodness of" the cause which he has entrnsted to their management, the Committee of the London Hihernian Society present their Report of the proceedings of the Institution during the past year. They always considered that the means employed hy this Society were admirably adapted to the peculiar circumstances of the poor of Ireland: that going among them, with the sincerest desire of promoting hoth their temporal and spiritual welfare, they hoped to secure their confidence, and to he instrnmental in leading many of them to that Divine Saviour, " whom to know is life eternal;" and they attempted to effect this object hy the adoption of such measures only as are sanctioned hy the Most High, the reading, and committing to memory of the pure and unmntilated Scriptures; undertaking to comhat error, ignorance, and superstition, wherever found, neither in man's strength, or by carnal weapons, hnt hy the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God. And now, instrncted hy the experience of Twenty-seven years, your Committee are emholdened to declare their fullest conviction, that an education,


hased upon the whole Bihle, is hest calculated to prodnce a proper respect for, and ohedience to, the laws of our country, and the happiness both of individnals and of tbe community; and they state with confidence, that in proportion as Scriptural Education has advanced in the Sister Island, the effects produced have heen highly favourahle to the ohject which they seek to promote; and that it is the want of snch instrnction which has chiefly occasioned that anarchy, disorder, and hloodshed, which every trne Christian and Patriot must deeply deplore.

Before entering upon the details of your Society's operations, your Committee have the painful duty of recording the death of that eminently pious, and distinguished Nohleman, the Right Honourahle Lord .Gamhier, who, for many years, gave to this Institntion the henefit of his countenance and support, as one of its Vice-Presidents; and the removal, also, hy death, of their long tried and valuahle fellow-lahourer, John Blackett, jun. Esq.; hut, whilst lamenting, on account of the Society, and the Church of Christ, the loss of services, which they helieve were inflnenced hy Christian love, they rejoice in the assurance, that the servants of the Lord have entered into their rest, and will evermore he employed in the immediate presence of God, free from those hodily afflictions which emhittered the last days of their sojourning here.

Your Committee have the gratification of informing you, that, hy the goodness of Almighty God, the Society has heen enahled to make a considerahle advance In its great work since the puhlication of the last Report; and that at no former period has there heen more anxiety manifested for the connexion of new Schools with your Institntion, or more decided testimonials in favour of its system, or tending to prove the heneficial results of its operations.


The total numher of Schools for the year has amounted to Sixteen Hundred and Ninety; and of Scholars eurolled in them, to One Hundred Thousand One Hundred and Thirteen; hnt after making a deduction for Sunday Scholars, who also attend Day Schools, all of whom receive seven, instead of six days Scriptural Instrnction, during the week, your Committee are enahled to state, that not less than Eighty-two ThouSand Three Hundred and Twenty-nine persons have heen receiving the henefit of your Society's system, during either the whole, or part of the last year; shewing an increase upon the statement of 1832, of no less than One Hundred and Twenty-one Schools, (of which Seventy-eight are Day Schools,) and Eight Thousand Six Hundred and Seventy-four Scholars; affording, as your Committee consider, aconvincing proof of the justness of their freqnently repeated opinion, that the disposition of the people of Ireland is decidedly favourahle to a Bihle Edncation; especially, when, in the increase just announced, and in the Day Schools only, (for the increase in the Sunday and Adult Schools cannot he accurately ascertained, and, therefore, is not noticed,) there have heen Two Thousand Five Hundred and Twenty-four Roman Catholics more than in the preceding year; and this, notwithstanding the prevalence of an awfully devastating pestilence; and, in some places, a more marked and decided hostility to our system, on the part of the Roman Catholic Hierarchy.

The Day Schools have amounted to Seven Hundred and Seventy, and the Scholars to Sixty-two Thousand Seven Hundred and Twelve, of whom Twenty-seven Thousand and Fourteen were Romanists, and ThirtyFive Thousand Six Hundred and Ninety-eight were Protestants. Tbe number of Sunday Schools has heen Four Hundred and Ninety-four, containing Twenty-nine Thousand One Hundred and Sixteen Pupils, of whom Seventeen Thousand Four HunDred and Fifty-nine also attended the Day Schools,

.The Adult Schools have amounted to Four HunDred and Nineteen, and the Scholars to Seven ThouSand Eight Hundred and Eighty-two; there have heen Seven exclusively Irish Adult. Schools, with Seventy-eight Scholars; and in the Day Schools are included Twenty-three Irish Classes for Children, and Three Hundred and Twenty-five Pupils instructed in the Irish langnage.


. These Schools, as in the former year, have been distributed over Twenty-nine Counties, as arranged in the following Table:—

[table][merged small]

The countenance and superintendence of Schools, hy Christian friends, in their immediate neighhourhood, has always been esteemed of great importance, hoth as, tending to secure the efficiency of the estahlishment, and also as a check upon the daily attendance; and it is with pleasure that your Committee are enahled to state, that this patronage, and watchful care, has heen extended during the last year; and they would embrace this opportunity of making known to these valuahle cooperators in this hlessed work, how highly they estimate their labour of love; and would impress upon them the propriety, upon every visit to the Schools, of marking the attendance of the Pupils upon the Roll Paper, and affixing their signature thereto, as it very materially assists the Agent of the Society in awarding the remuneration to the respective Teachers.

... :. ill

Of the Seven Hundred and Seventy Day Schools, attached to your Society last year, ,. , ,;

402 were under the superintendence of Clergymen of the Estahlished Church of Ireland;

53 under that of Ministers of other denominations;

295 in connexion with Nohlemen, Ladies, or Gentlemen; and 20 had no local Patrons or Visitors, arising ont of their peculiar sitnation.


In addition to the valnahle patronage with which your Society has been favoured in former years, your Committee have the pleasure to announce, that the Right Honourahle Lord Radstock has kindly consented to hecome one of its Vice-Presidents.

PROFICIENCY AT INSPECTION. As the ohject of your Institution is not merely to indnce the peasantry of Ireland to read the Holy


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