REMUNERATION OF TEACHERS. The Teachers shall be paid according to the proficiency of the Scholars, as determined at the Public Quarterly Inspection and Examination. The Inspectors are to make their Report on the number of Pupils actually present at the Examination, and not on the numbers who are enrolled ;-but, where the absence of any particular Papils is satisfac. torily accounted for, the Inspectors may, at their discretion, and snb. ject to the approbation of the Visitor, give the Teachers certificates, which will entitle them to payment at the next Inspection, provided the Scholars, so certified, shall at such Inspection evince the proficiency required for half a year.

For ascertaining the Amount Payable to the Teachers.
Pupils entered in the following Classes must be qualified to pass
into the next Class in succession, within the following periods.

Alphabet Class in two Months,
Junior Spelling Class in four Months,
Senior Spelling Class in three Months,
Spelling-Book Readers in three Months.


commence Writing, and on entering the Testament Class is to com. mence Cyphering.

TASKS. Each Pupil in the following Classes is, at the General Inspection for the Quarter, correctly to repeat from memory, as follows:

Spelling Book Readers' Class.- Four pages in the Reading Lessons, and two pages of the Spelling Columns in Spelling Book, Part the Second.

Bible Class.-Four Chapters, two from the Old and two from the New Testament, the latter from the Gospels, Acts, or Epistles, selected by the Visitor or the Inspector, at the preceding Inspection, and four pages of the Spelling Columns aforesaid.

The Teachers are not to be paid for any Pupils whose proficiency

cretional with the Inspector to deduct the value of the absent days of those Pupils who barely pass.

INSTRUCTIONS IN READING IRISH. The art of reading Irish in the Roman or Celtic character, is to be taught ALL PUPILS WHO MAY DESIRE IT; and all Masters in Districts where the Irish is the common language of the adult population, are required to form an Irish Class; and for the extra attention and trouble attending the instruction of Irish Classes, an additional allowance of half-pay is granted the Teacher.

ADULT SCHOOLS.. In the Winter season, Adult Schools shall be held in the evenings, or at other suitable times, under the direction of the Visitors, Agents, &c. for the benefit of persons of riper years, who are desirous of Scriptural education. The Teacher shall not, however, be entitled to extra remuneration on account of the attendance of any of his Day School Pupils

SUNDAY SCHOOLS. Where Sunday Schools under the Sunday School Society do not exist, the Society's Teachers may open Sunday Schools. Books and Regulations will be supplied by the Agent.


Every person in the neighbourhood of a School, who is capable of reading, unable to purchase, and anxious to obtain a copy of the Holy Scriptures, in the English or Irish language, is at liberty to apply to the Inspector, who is authorised to give orders on the District Agent for the supply of those whose applications he may see reason to approve.

GENERAL INTIMATIONS. 1. No Teacher is to obtrude ou the attention of his Pupils the peculiarities of his religious denomination. He is, however, to require their attention to the Grammatical import of their Reading Lessons and Tasks, and to the moral duties therein inculcated.

Pupils; and watchfully to guard against and suppress every appearance of indecency and immorality.

3. Where the admission of Female Pupils in a School not exclu. sively for Females is unavoidable, the Teacher is to see that the sexes sit apart, and hold no unnecessary intercourse.




1. You are to travel in the district to which you are appointed, and read the Holy Scriptores in the English and Irish languages, froni house to house; affectionately urging upon the inmates, and upon others to whom you can obtain access, that all Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is able to make men wise unto salvation, through

passages in the word of God, which enjoin upon all men the duty of searching the Scriptures, of meditating upon them, and of walking according to their holy precepts, and which declare the sin and danger of neglecting this revelation of mercy.

2. You are carefully to avoid all assemblies of the people at fairs, or markets; confining your attention, as much as possible, to families and individuals ; endeavouring to impress upon travellers whom you meet with on the road; or labourers during their seasons of rest or refresh. ment, or on sick, afflicted, or distressed persons, to whom you may obtain access, the inestimable value of that revelation of mercy which proclaims forgiveness of sins, and admission to everlasting life to all who, with trne repentance, and humble faith, seek for pardon through

3. You are diligently to improve any opportunities which may offer of reading the Holy Scriptures at wakes, * carefully selecting such portions as may best improve the solemn scene of mortality presented to your view, by exhibiting the evil and consequences of sin :-the shortness and uncertainty of life :- the duty of seeking the Lord while He may be found :—the readiness of God to receive all who return to Him : the love of God in sending His Son into the world to save the world :--the encouragement given to the ignorant to ask wisdom of God: and the assurance that our heavenly Father will give His Holy Spirit to them that ask Him. But you are to take especial care not in any way to countenance the irrational and sinful practices which so often prevail on these mournful occasions; and in case you are prevented from bringing the word of Life before the persons present, yoq are meekly and quietly to withdraw.

4. You are ever to keep in view the precise character which you are required to maintain, and the office which you are sent forth to fulfil, namely, that of a Reader of the word of God. You are not sent out as a Preacher, nor as a Disputer, but simply as a Scripture Reader. Yon are, therefore, to set before your hearers the plain testimony of Holy Writ, in the very words of the inspired volume. You are, as far as possible, to answer the questions which may be asked by your hearers in Scripture language; referring to the Bible itself, quoting charter and verse, and endeavouring affectionately to impress npon every inquirer, that the expressions you nse, are the very declarations of the word of God, and not any private opinions of your own. You will be supplied with the sacred volume in the English and Irish langnages; and in case you discover that the English version is not understood, or does not excite the attention of the hearers, you are to try how far

vour to reply, in a mild and affectionate manner, to the objections of any who may oppose themselves; and to “ be ready always to give an answer to him who asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you, with meekness and fear;" but you are neither to commence an attack npon the peculiar sentiments of others, nor to attempt, at any time, by artifice or misrepresentation, to induce any to suppose your character or profession to be different from what it really is. Yon are frankly to avow, on all proper occasions, that you are a Scripture Reader, belonging to the London Hibernian Society, and to embrace all fair opportunities of explicitly stating, that the sole objects of that Society are the establishing of Schools, and circulating the Holy Scriptures in

* Assemblies of persons who meet together in Ireland, at the honse of a deceased person, to wake or watch before the funeral.

Ireland ; that the condnctors of that Society are desirous of giving Instruetion to every class of the community, without any distinction of

Schools are English and Irish Spelling Books, and English and Irish Bibles and Testaments; and you will endeavour to obviate the ab. jections which are made to the Society; to encourage parents to send their children to the Schools, and adult persons to attend the Evening or Sunday Schools; and in case any breach of the Society's rules shall come to your knowledge, you are to report the same to your immediate Superior, that it may be corrected.

5. You are at all times to consider yourself under the controul of that person, under whose superintendence you are placed, and obey those directions which you from time to time receive from him : you will receive from him sach copies of the Holy Scriptnres as he shall think you ought to distribute, and will account to him for such distribution : you will consult him upon all important occasions,-obey his directions as to the district in which you are to travel,--submit your Journal regularly to his inspection, requesting him to pernse the same, prior to its transmission to the Society's office, and accompany it with such observations as he may think proper : you will regularly insert in your Journal each day's proceedings, recording the places where you read the Holy Scriptures -- the portion read on each occasion -the conversation excited - the names ot' the parties present and any other circumstances, either of an interesting or discouraging nature; remembering always to state facts and circumstances exactly according to truth, that, in case it should ever be deemned necessary, you may be able solemnly to affirm, before proper anthority, the truth of the statements which you have recorded.

6. You are diligently to take heed to your own personal religion, and to go forth to the work and service to which you are appointed, in dem pendence upon the Divine assistance and blessing, and as in the sight of Almighty God. You are ever to remember, that a light and careless frame of mind-an angry and unsubdued spirit and temper-or an unholy walk and conversation, will defeat the very object for which you are appointed, and will eventually, if indulged in, remove you from your employment. Be very diligent, therefore, in cultivating personal religion ; be regular and fervent in prayer to Almighty God, to pardon your past transgressions, for Jesus Christ's sake, and to give you His Holy Spirit, that you may understand His word-embrace His promises and walk according to its precepts. Let that blessed Book which you are sent to read to others, be the subject of your own daily study ; carefully compare one part of Scripture with another, and examine your own heart, and life, by that unerring rule. Make a point of attending on public worship, regularly, on the Lord's day ;. and join with the peo. ple of God in partaking of the Lord's supper. Whenever you begin to read the Holy Scriptures to any, adopt the words of the Psalmist, and pray either openly, or secretly, “ Open thou mine eyes, that I may behold wondrons things out of Thy law," and close your reading with some similar short address to Almighty God for His blessing. In this spirit of faith--of prayer--and of holy industry, you are, to go forth, day by day, remembering that you, and those to whom you read the word of

God, must shortly all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, to give account of the deeds which are done in the body: often meditate on the

“ be stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your labour is not in vain in the Lord.”

CURSORY INSPECTORS. Having been already engaged as a Scripture Reader, you are of course well acquainted with the duties of that office, and you are to continue to employ all the time which is not required for the inspection of the Society's Schools in the discharge of the duties of your former employment.

In addition to the duties of a Scripture Reader, you are now required to inspect all the Schools in the district to which you are appointed, in regular succession, acccording to the directions from time to time given by the person under whose superintendence you are placed, and you are to endeavour, as much as possible, to visit and inspect every School within your district, once a month, and, as far as practicable, to examine one School every day.

You are, according to the instructions given by your immediate Supe. rior, or, in case no such instructions are given by him, according to the best of your own judgment, to vary your ronte, so that you may visit the several Schools without any previous intimation, and when not expected ; you are carefully to examine the different classes, especially the Senior Spelling Book and Scripture classes, in order to ascertain whether they understand the grammatical meaning of the lesssons they are required to commit to memory. You are to observe whether the School is kept in proper order-wbether the Rules and Regulations are attended to - whether any improper books are introduced into the Schools, and, in short, any books, except the Holy Scriptures, and the Society's Spelling Books. You are to make entries of all such matters on the back of the class paper, and insert a copy of your observations in your next communication to Dublin.

You are to wait upon those Clergymen and Gentlemen in your district, who are favourable to the Society's objects, and patronize its Schools; communicating unto them, in a respectful manner, the observations which you have made, receiving any directions or testimonials which they may wish to communicate to the Society, and recording, in your Journals, any circumstances of importance which may arise. You will also pay respectful attention to the Committees of the Auxiliary Societies within your district, and transmit from them any testimonials which they may think proper to communicate, either in your own favour, or with regard to the Society's general operations, or with reference to any particular Schools.

You are carefully to read over, and seriously to meditate upon the different instructions given to the Scripture Readers, with reference to their general duties, and their personal religion ; remembering always, that every step you are advanced in the Society's service, it becomes you the more sedulously to advance in the Divine life, that you may more faithfully discharge the trust reposed in you, to the glory of God, and the welfare of your fellow-men.

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