The Schools of this Society shall, as far as possihle, he placed under the patronage and superintendence of


The Nohility, Clergy, or Gentry, resident in, or connected with any particular Neighhonrhood, are respectfully solicited to superintend the adjoining Schools. The resident Parochial Clergyman shall invariahly he requested to hecome the stated and permanent Visitor of all the Schools in his Parish ; hut not to the exclusion of other Ministers, Gentlemen, &c.


The Teachers of this Society shall he appointed hy its Agent on the recommendation of the Clergyman, or other Patron or Visitor, especially interested in any particular School. Satisfactory testimonials of moral character, as well as of competent ahility to teach, shall invariahly he required. Individuals, so qualified, of different religious denominations, are eligihle.


A competent number of Inspectors shall from time to time be appointed, who shall, nnder the direction of the Society's Agent, itinerate throngh the districts;—open Schools—hold Quarterly, and take occasional, Inspections, and where so directed, settle with, and pay the Teachers. They are respectfully to attend to the suggestions of the Visitors,—apply for and receive Suhscriptions and Donations, and endeavour, as much as possihle, to promote the ohjects and interests of the Society. The General Inspectors shall usually he appointed from those Cursory Inspectors who have heen fonnd most efficient; and the Cursory Inspectors from the most deserving Scripture Readers. See the Society'* Instruction to Inspectors, Scripture Readers, tec. pnge 23.


It heing the grand ohject of the Society to impart Scriptural Instrnction to those under their care, the only hooks provided hy the Society, and used in its Schools, shall he the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testament, without note or comment, in the English and Irish languages, and the Society's Spelling Books in English and Irish.


The Teachers shall he paid according to the proficiency of the Scholars, as determined at the Puhlic Quarterly Inspection and Examination. The Inspectors are to make their Report on the numher of Pupils actually present at (he Examination, and not on the numhers -who are eurolled ;—hut, where the ahsence of any particular Pupils is satisfactorily accounted for, the Inspectors may, at their discretion, and suhject to the approhation of the Visitor, give the Teachers certificates, which will entitle them to payment at the next Inspection, provided the Scholars, so certified, shall at such Inspection evince the proficiency required for half a year.


For ascertaining the Amount Payable to the Teachers.

Pupils entered in the following Classes must he qualified to pass into the next Class in succession, within the following periods.

Alphahet Class in two Months,
Junior Spelling Class in four Months,
Senior Spelling Class in three Months,
Spelling-Book Readers in three Months.


Each Pupil on entering into the Spelling-Book Reading Class, is to commence Writing, and on entering the Testament Class is to commence Cyphering.


Each Pupil in the following Classes is, at the General Inspection for the Quarter, correctly to repeat from memory, as follows :—

Spelling Book Readers' Class.—Fonr pages in the Reading Lessons, and two pages of the Spelling Columns in Spelling Book, Part the Second.

Bible Class.—Four Chapters, two from the Old and two from the New Testament, the latter from the Gospels, Acts, or Epistles, selected hy the Visitor or the Inspector, at the preceding Inspection, and fonr pages of the Spelling Columns aforesaid.

The Teachers are Not to he paid for any Pupils whose proficiency does not correspond with all the preceding requisitions, and it is discretional with the Inspector to deduct the value of the ahsent days of those Pupils who harely pass.


The art of reading Irish in the Roman or Celtic character, is to he taught All Pupils Who May Desiire It; and all Masters in Districts where the Irish is the common language of the adult population, are required to form an Irish Class; and for the extra attention and tronhle attending the instrnction of Irish Classes, an additional allowance of half-pay is granted the Teacher.


In the Winter season, Adult Schools shall he held in the evenings, or at other suitable times, under the direction of the Visitors, Agents, &c. for the henefit of persons of riper years, who are desirons of Scriptural education. The Teacher shall not, however, he entitled to extra remuneration on account of the attendance of any of his Day School Pupils at the Adult School.


Where Sunday Schools under the Sunday School Society do not exist, the Society's Teachers may open Sunday Schools. Books and Regulations will be supplied hy the Agent.


Every person in the neighhourhood of a School, who is capahle of reading, unahle to purchase, and anxions to ohtain a copy of the Holy Scriptures, in the English or Irish language, is at liherty to apply to the Inspector, who is authorised to give orders on the District Agent for the supply of those whose applications he may see reason to approve.


1. No Teacher is to ohtrude on the attention of his Pupils the peculiarities of his religions* denomination- He is, however, to require their attention to the Grammatical import of their Reading Lessons and Tasks, and to the moral duties therein inculcated.

2. It is his duty to pay strict attention le the cleanliness of his' Pupils; and watchfully to gnard against and suppress every appearance of indecency and immorality.

S. Where the admission of Female Pupils in a School not exclusively for Females is unavoidahle, the Teacher is to see that the sexes sit apart, and hold no unnecessary interconrse.



1. You are to travel in the district to which yon are appointed, and read the Holy Scriptures in the English and Irish languages, from ionse to house; affectionately urging upon the inmates, and upon others to whom you can ohtain access, that all Scripture is given hy inspiration of God, and is ahle to make men wise unto salvation, throngh faith which is in Christ Jesus; you are especially to point ont those passages in the word of God, which enjoin upon all men the duty of searching the Scriptures, of meditating upon them, and of walking according to their holy precepts, and which declare the sin and danger of neglecting this revelation of mercy.

2. Yon are carefully to avoid all assemhlies of the people at fairs, or markets; confining your attention, as much as possihle, to families and individuals; endeavonring to impress upon travellers whom you meet with on the road ; or lahourers during their seasons of rest or refreshment, or on sick, afflicted, or distressed persons, to whom you may ohtain access, the inestimahle value of that revelation of mercy which proclaims forgiveness of sins, and admission to everlasting life to all who, with trne repentance, and humhle faith, seek for pardon through the all-atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ onr Lord.

3. You are diligently to improve any opportunities which may offer of reading the Holy Scriptures at wakes,* carefully selecting such portions as may hest improve the solemn scene of mortality presented to your view, hy exhihiting the evil and consequences of sin:—the shortness and uncertainty of life :—the duty of seeking the Lord while He may he fonnd :—the readiness of God to receive all who return to Him: the love of God in sending His Son into the world to save the world: —the enconragement given to the ignorant to ask wisdom of God: and the assurance that our heavenly Father will give His Holy Spirit to them that ask Him. But you are to take especial care not in any way to countenance the irrational and sinful practices which so often prevail on these monrnful occasions; and in case yon are prevented from hringing the word of Life hefore the persons present, you, are meekly and quietly to withdraw.

4. You are ever to keep in view the precise character which yon are required to maintain, and the office which yon are 3ent forth to fulfil, namely, that of a Reader of the word of God. Yon are not sent out as a Preacher, nor as a Disputer, hut simply as a Scripture Reader. Yon are, therefore, to set hefore yonr hearers the plain testimony of Holy Writ, in the very words of the inspired volume. You are, as far as possihle, to answer the questions which may he asked hy your hearers in Scripture language; referring to the Bihle itself, quoting chapter and verse, and endeavouring affectionately to impress upon every inquirer, that the expressions you use, are the very declarations of the word of God, and not any private opinions of your own. Yon will he supplied with the sacred volume in the English and Irish languages; and in case you discover that the English version is not understood, or does not excite the attention of the hearers, yon are to try how far they may he induced to listen to the Irish version. You are to endeavonr to reply, in a mild and affectionate manner, to the ohjections of any who may oppose themselves; and to " he ready always to give an answer to him who asketh yon a reason of the hope that is in yon, with meekness and fear;" hut you are neither to commence an attack npon the peculiar sentiments of others, nor to attempt, at any time, hy artifice or misrepresentation, to induce any to suppose yonr character or profession to he different from what it really is. Yon are frankly to avow, on all proper occasions, that you are a Scripture Reader, helonging to the London Hihernian Society, and to emhrace all fair opportunities of explicitly stating, that the sole ohjects of that Society are the estahlishing of Schools, and circulating the Holy Scriptures in

• Assemhlies of persons who meet together in Ireland, at the honse of a deceased person, to wake or watch hefore the funeral.

Ireland; that the conductors of that Society are desirons of giving Instrnction to every class of the community, without any distinction of party, or sentiment, and that the only hooks they provide for their Schools are English and Irish Spelling Books, and English and Irish Bihles and Testaments; and yon will endeavonr to ohviate the ohjections which are made to the Society; to encourage parents to send their children to the Schools, and adult persons to attend the Evening or Sunday Schools; and in case any hreach of the Society's rules shall come to yonr knowledge, yon are to report the same to your immediate Superior, that it may lie corrected.

5. Yon are at a'.l times to consider yonrself under the contronl of that person, under whose superintendence yon are placed, and ohey those directions which yon from time to time receive from him: yon will receive from him such copies of the Holy Scriptures as he shall think yon onght to distrihute, and will acconnt to him for such distrihution: yon will consult him upon all important occasions,—ohey his directions as to the district in which yon are to travel,—suhmit yonr Jonrnal regularly to his inspection, requesting him to peruse the same, prior to its transmission to the Society's office, and accompany it with such ohservations as he may think proper: you will regularly insert in yonr Jonrnal each day's proceedings, recording the places where yon read the Holy Scriptures—the portion read on each occasion—the conversation excited—the names of the parties present—and any other circumstances, either of an interesting or discouraging nature; rememhering always to state facts and circumstances exactly according to trnth, that, in case it shonld ever he deemed necessary, yon may he ahle solemnly to affirm, hefore proper authority, the truth of the statements which yon have rfcordpd.

6. You are diligently to take heed to yonr own personal religion, and to go forth to the work and service to which you are appointed, in dependence upon the Divine assistance and hlessing, and as in the sight of Almighty God. You are ever to rememher, that a light and careless frame of mind—an angry and unsuhdued spirit and temper—or an unholy walk and conversation, will defeat the very ohject for which yon are appointed, and will eventually, if indulged in, remove you from yonr employment. Be very diligent, therefore, in cultivating personal religion; he regular and fervent in prayer to Almighty God, to pardon your past transgressions, for Jesus Christ's sake, and to give you His Holy Spirit, that yon may understand His word—emhrace His promises—and walk according to its precepts. Let that hlessed Book which yon are sent to read to others, he the suhject of your own daily study; carefully compare one part of Scripture with another, and examine your own heart, and life, hy that unerring rnle. Make a point of attending on puhlic worship, regularly, on the Lord's day ; and join with the people of God in partaking of the Lord's supper. Whenever you hegin to read the Holy Scriptures to any, adopt the words of the Psalmist, and pray either openly, or secretly, " Open thou mine eyes, that I may hehold wondrous things ont of Thy law," and close your reading with some similar short address to Almighty God for His hlessing. In this spirit of faith—of prayer—and of holy industry, you are to go forth, day hy day, rememhering that yon, and those to whom you read the word of


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