" are far wiser, and better than themselves. The Sunday School, which is held regularly in the SchoolHouse, is in a very flourishing state, and there is a “ large collection of children, both Roman Catholic “ and Protestant; and the manifest importance of this « School will be best known, when it is considered that " the village where it is situated is over six miles from “ the Parish Church."

AUXILIARIES. Most of the Auxiliaries connected with your Institution have been visited in the course of the year; anđ your Committee are happy in being able to say that, generally, there has been no defalcation in the amount of cash transmitted by them; and, in some instances, in addition to the towns particularly noticed in the last Report, the usual contributions have been much aug. mented

A Deputation, consisting of their valued friend, the Rev. H. W. Gardiner, and the Rev.John Macdonald, (of the Scotch Church, Chadwell Street, in this Metropolis) travelled through a considerable portion of Scotland during the last Summer; and, although the collections did not amount to those of former years, your Committee are most willing to attribute the diminution to the prevalence of the “ Cholera Morbus," and to the agitation of the public mind on political subjects, rather than to any decrease of interest on the part of their Northern brethren, who, for many years, have been the warm and liberal supporters of Scriptural Education in Ireland, as promoted by this Society..

In the Autumn of last year, your Lay Secretary visited the North and West of Ireland, receiving very high several of which he examined, but, also in the warm manifestation of attachment to the Institution by the friends of Bible Education.

In addition to some interesting Meetings, held at Monaghan, Armagh, Newry, Longford, and Carrick-onShannon, Sermons were preached in aid of the Funds of the Society in Dublin, and several other places, chiefly by the Clergy of the neighbourhood, with the promise that additional exertion should be made another year. In these various services on the behalf of your Institution, your Committee are much indebted for assistance, from the Rev. Messrs. R. C. Dillon, G. Scott, A. Ross, J. C. Minchen, J. D. Hastings, W. Smyley, J. Harvey, J. C. Tatem, and J. H. Thomas. In England, and Scotland, the interests. of the Society have

send, R. B. Shaw, and R. Parkinson, from Ireland; the Rev. John Murray, of Aberdeen ; the Rev. Messrs. R. W. Sibthorpe, S. J. Allen, H. W. M'Grath, and your late Clerical Secretary. Additional Auxiliaries have been formed, or Meetings held, at Canterbury, Maidstone, Long Sutton, Lymington (Hants,) and at Portarlington in Ireland.


· In adverting to the announcement, made last year, of the retirement of the Rev. Thoinas Webster from the Clerical Secretaryship of the Society, your Committee have to state, that, although they have used their best endeavours to prosecute the objects of the Institution, more particularly with regard to its Depu: tations, by the kind assistance they could occasionally obtain, they deem it right to bring to the notice of the friends of the Society, that the appointment is still open to such a desirable individual as may offer to fulfil the duties connected with it.


Your Committee have already stated, that there has been a considerable addition made to your Schools, and Scholars; and they have now the grateful duty of announcing, that, with this increase of responsibility, the Lord, whose is the gold and the silver, has provided adequate means to defray the expenses. The Receipts for the year have amounted to £9,170. gs. 5d. and the Expenditure to £8,679. 138. 2d.; but as, at the termination of the former year, the Society was indebted to its Treasurer, and Agent for Ireland, in the sum of £685, 8s. 5d., there remains, after including a Bill for £150. credited in the Irish, but not paid in time for insertion in your English accovat, a balance against the Society, amounting to £94. 128. 2d.

Your Committee feel it right to mention, that a large sum has been received, during the current year, in the way of Legacies; and, among these, one of £500. (less duty,) from the Estate of the late Rev. J. Crosse, Vicar of Bradford, Yorkshire ; in the obtaining of which Bequest, at that amount, the Committee have to express their obligations for the kind interest manifested by the Soli. citor to the Estate, Mr. Charles Shearman; and the sum of £50, from the Powerscourt Fund, in Ireland, by the Right Hon. the Earl of Roden ; but, recognizing the great principle, that all good is derivable from God alone, they consider it but of little importance from what source he is pleased to bring them aid; and they cheerfully and gratefully place the future guidance of the Insti

tution in his hands, whom they have proved to be “a very present help in time of need."

Among the Donations, your Committee have to announce a further one of £100. from the Irish Incorporated Society of London; and the sum of £30. from Hobart's Town, Van Dieman's Land, through the Rev. A. M-Arthur, being the fourth contribution from that distant Colony, for the promotion of Scriptural Education in Ireland.

It is a gratifying duty which your Committee have to perform, in stating, that, with the increase of anxiety for the connexion of Schools with your Society in Ireland, there has been, according to their circumstances, a corresponding desire to aid its funds; so that nearly all the new Schools are attended with little more expense to your Society, than that incurred by Inspection, and the supply of Books, the Patrons paying the Master's salary, And it will not fail to afford sincere pleasure to our friends in England to know, that a sum little short of £900, has, this year, been contributed by the parents of the children in your Schools, exceeding that of the former year by £200. ; whilst it is but justice to the Nobility, Clergy, and Gentry of the Sister Island, to mention, that, in addition to their Subscriptions and Donations, as stated in the Report, a very large amount is expended by them upon the Schools inspected by this Society, which does not appear in the audited account.


For many years, this. Society enjoyed the privilege of free postage in Ireland ; but the old Post Office Act having been repealed during the last year, this important advantage was withdrawn. Your Committee are happy, however, in being able to state, that His Majesty's Post-Master General has allowed this Institution the benefit of a clause in the new Act, which permits, at his discretion, letters to and from charitable Societies in Ireland to be forwarded at the reduced rate of two-pence for each letter.


Your Committee are anxious to impress on the attention of this Meeting, and the Christian public in general, the loud call which exists for increased aid to the funds of this Society, arising out of the number of applications for new Schools, which your Committee, at present, are under the painful necessity of refusing. In one or two instances, the Schools of a whole district have been offered to be placed under your guardianship; and, in order, in some degree, to meet the growing demand, your Committee have consented, as far as the means placed at their disposal will warrant, to pay ihe Teachers of such new Schools as are in most destitute circumstances, and anxious to retain a full Bible system of education, upon a reduced scale, allowing sixpence per quarter for each pupil which passes examination; and from the experience already furnished them, your Committee have no hesitation in saying, that if an augmentation of funds should authorize such an extension of the Society's operations, a vast increase of Schools, and Scholars, will be effected in the ensuing year; and thus will be secured, for multitudes, the reading of that Book, which, through Divine teaching, is able to make men wise unto salvation, through faith which is in Christ Jesus.

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