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BOYCE (E. J.) Examination Papers on Religious Instruction. By Rev. E. J. Boyce, M.A. Sewed. Is. 6d.

Catechetical Hints and Helps. A Manual for Parents and Teachers on giving Instruction in the Catechism of the Church of England. Third edition, revised and enlarged. Fcap. 2s. 6d.

'Perhaps the most thoroughly practical little book on its subject we have ever seen. Its explanations, its paraphrases, its questions, and the mass of information contained in its appendices, are not merely invaluable in themselves, but they are the information actually wanted for the purpose of the teaching contemplated. We do not wonder at its being in its third edition.'-Literary Churchman.

BUTLER (Bp.) Sermons and Remains. With Memoir by the Rev. E. Steere, LL.D., Missionary Bishop in Central Africa. 6s.

This volume contains some additional remains, which are copyright, and render it the most complete edition extant. CARTER (T. T.) The Devout Christian's Help to Meditation on the Life of Our Lord Jesus Christ. taining Meditations and Prayers for every day in the year. Edited by the Rev. T. T. Carter, Rector of Clewer. 2 vols. Fcap. 8vo. 125. Or in five parts, three at 2s. 6d., and two at 25. each.

DAVIES (T. L. O.) Bible-English.


Chapters on

Words and Phrases in the Authorized Version of the Holy Scriptures and the Book of Common Prayer, no longer in common use; illustrated from contemporaneous writers. By the Rev. T. Lewis O. Davies, M. A., Vicar of St. Mary extra, Southampton. Small crown 8vo. 5s.

'We can heartily commend this book.'-Saturday Review.

'Every one who takes an interest in the history of the English language, and indeed every one who is not absolutely inattentive to the words spoken around him, may turn to Mr. Davies's little book with the certainty of finding both useful information and agreeable entertainment in its pages.'Fall Mall Gazette.

DENTON (W.) A Commentary on the Gospels for the Sundays and other Holy Days of the Christian Year. By the Rev. W. Denton, A. M., Worcester College, Oxford, and Incumbent of St. Bartholomew's, Cripplegate. Vol. I. Advent to Easter. Third edition. 18s. Vol. II. Easter to the Sixteenth Sunday after Trinity. Second edition. 18s. Vol. III. Seventeenth Sunday after Trinity to Advent; and Holy Days. Second edition. 18s.

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DENTON (W.) Commentary on the Epistles for the Sundays and other Holy Days of the Christian Year. the Rev. W. Denton. Vol. I. Advent to Trinity. 8vo. Second edition. 18s. Vol. II. completing the work, 18s.

These Commentaries originated in Notes collected by the compiler to aid in the composition of expository sermons. They are derived from all available sources, and especially from the wide but little-known field of theological comment found in the 'Schoolmen' of the Middle Ages. The special nature of the sources from which they have been derived ought to make them indispensable to all who wish to expound the Holy Scriptures with as much understanding as may be obtained by extraneous help.

A Commentary on the Acts of the Apostles.
Vol. II. completing the work, 145.

Vol. I. 18s.

GOODWIN (Bp.) Confirmation Day. Being a Book of Instruction for Young Persons how they ought to spend that solemn day. By the Right Rev. Harvey Goodwin, D.D., Bishop of Carlisle. Eighth thousand. 2d., or 25 for 3s. 6d.

Plain Sermons on Ordination and the Ministry of the Church. Preached on divers occasions by Harvey Goodwin, D.D. Crown 8vo. 6s.

'The suggestions offered in these pages are all in good taste, and inspired by a true regard for the interests of the Church.'-English Churchman. 'Very simple in their teaching, direct, unadorned, and not doctrinal.'Literary Churchman.

Parish Sermons. By Harvey Goodwin, D.D. First Series. Third edition. 12mo. 6s. Second Series (Out of print). Third Series. Third edition. 12mo. 7s. Fourth Series, 12mo. 7s. With Preface on Sermons and Sermon Writing. 7s.

A Guide to the Parish Church. By Harvey Goodwin, D.D. Is. sewed; Is. 6d. cloth.

Lectures upon the Church Catechism. By Harvey Goodwin, D.D. 12mo. 45.

Sermons Preached before the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge. By Harvey Goodwin, D.D. Crown 8vo. 6s.

Plain Thoughts concerning the Meaning of Holy Baptism. By Harvey Goodwin, D.D. Second edition. 2d., or 25 for 3s. 6d.

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GOODWIN (Bp.) The Worthy Communicant; or, Who may come to the Supper of the Lord?' By Harvey Goodwin, D.D. Second edition. 2d., or 25 for 3s. 6d.

HARDWICK (C. H.) History of the Articles of Religion. To which is added a Series of Documents from A.D. 1536 to A.D. 1615. Together with illustrations from contemporary sources. By the late Charles Hardwick, B.D., Archdeacon of Ely. Third and cheaper edition. Post 8vo. [In the press.

HAWKINS (Canon). Family Prayers :-Containing Psalms, Lessons, and Prayers, for every Morning and Evening in the Week. By the late Rev. Ernest Hawkins, B.D., Prebendary of St. Paul's. Fifteenth edition. Fcap. 8vo. IS.

HOOK (W. F.) Short Meditations for Every Day in the Year. Edited by the late Very Rev. W. F. Hook, D.D., Dean of Chichester. New edition, carefully revised. Fcap. 8vo. Large type. 14s. Also 2 vols. 32mo. Cloth, 5s.; calf, gilt edges, 95.

2 vols.

The Christian Taught by the Church's Services. A new edition, revised and altered to accord with the New Lectionary. I vol. Fcap. 8vo. Large type. 6s. 6d. Also I vol. Royal 32m0. Cloth, 2s. 6d. ; calf, gilt edges, 45. 6d.

Holy Thoughts and Prayers, arranged for Daily Use on each Day of the Week, according to the stated Hours of Prayer. Fifth edition, with additions. 16mo. Cloth, red edges, 25.; calf, gilt edges, 35.

Verses for Holy Seasons. By C. F. Alexander. Edited by the late Very Rev. W. F. Hook, D.D. Fifth edition. Fcap. 35. 6d.

HUMPHRY (W. G.) An Historical and Explanatory Treatise on the Book of Common Prayer. By W. G. Humphry, B.D, late Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, Prebendary of St. Paul's and Vicar of St. Martin-in-theFields. Fifth edition, revised and enlarged, Fcap. 8vo. 45. 6d.

The New Table of Lessons Explained, with the Table of Lessons and a Tabular Comparison of the Old and New Proper Lessons for Sundays and Holy Days. By W. G Humphry, B.D. Fcap. 1s. 6d.

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LEWIN (T.) The Life and Epistles of St. Paul. By Thomas Lewin, Esq., M.A., F.S.A, Trinity College, Oxford, Barrister-at-Law, Author of 'Fasti Sacri,'Siege of Jerusalem,' Cæsar's Invasion,' Treatise on Trusts,' &c. With upwards of 350 Illustrations finely engraved on Wood; Maps, Plans, &c. In 2 vols. Third edition, revised. Demy 4to. 2. 2s.

Fasti Sacri; or, a Key to the Chronology of the New Testament. 4to. 21S.

LIAS (J. J.) The Doctrinal System of St. John, considered as evidence for the date of his Gospel. By the Rev. J. J. Lias, M.A., Professor of Modern Literature and Lecturer on Hebrew at St. David's College, Lampeter, sometime Scholar of Emmanuel College, Cambridge. Crown 8vo. 6s. LUMBY (J. R.) History of the Creeds. By J. Rawson Lumby, M.A., Tyrwhitt's Hebrew Scholar, Crosse Divinity Scholar, Classical Lecturer of Queens', and late Fellow of Magdalene College, Cambridge. Crown Svo. 7s. 6d. MILL (Dr.) Lectures on the Catechism. Delivered in the Parish Church of Brasted, in the Diocese of Canterbury. By W. H. Mill, D D., formerly Regius Professor of Hebrew in the University of Cambridge. Edited by the Rev. B. Webb, M.A. Fcap. 8vo. 6s. 6d.

Observations on the attempted Application of Pantheistic Principles to the Theory and Historic Criticism of the Gospels. By W. H. Mill, D.D. Second edition, with the Author's latest notes and additions. Edited by his Son-in-law, the Rev. B. Webb, M.A. 8vo. 145.

Five Sermons on the Temptation of Christ our
Preached before the University of
By W. H. Mill, D.D. New edition.

Lord in the Wilderness.
Cambridge in Lent, 1844.
8vo. 6s.

MONSELL (Dr.) Simon the Cyrenian, and other Poems. By the late Rev. J. S. B. Monsell, LL. D., Vicar of St. Nicholas, Guildford. Second thousand. 32mo. 55.

Watches by the Cross. Short Meditations, Hymns, and Litanies on the Last Seven Words of our Lord. Thira edition. Cloth, red edges, IS.

Near Home at Last.

A Posthumous Poem.

Fifth thousand. Cloth, red edges. Imp. 32mo. 2s. 6d.

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MONSELL (Dr.) Hymns of Love and Praise for the Church's Year. By the late Rev. J. S. B. Monsell, LL.D., Vicar of St. Nicholas, Guildford. Second edition. Fcap. 8vo. 35. 6d. The Parish Hymnal; after the Order of the Book of Common Prayer. Cloth, 32mo. Is. 4d.

Our New Vicar; or, Plain Words about Ritual and Parish Work. Fcap. 8vo. Seventh edition. 5s.

The Winton Church Catechist.

Questions and Answers on the Teaching of the Church Catechism. 32m0. cloth, 35. Also in Four Parts, 6d. or 9d. each. PAPERS on Preaching and Public Speaking. By a Wykehamist. Second thousand. Fcap. 8vo. 55.

PARISH PRIEST'S (The) Book of Offices and Instructions for the Sick. Compiled by a Priest of the Diocese of Sarum. Post 8vo. 35. 6d.

PEARSON (Bp.) on the Creed. Carefully printed
from an Early Edition. With Analysis and Index. Edited by
E. Walford, M.A. Post 8vo. 5s.
PEROWNE (Canon). The Book of Psalms; a
New Translation, with Introductions and Notes, Critical and
Explanatory. By the Rev. J. J. Stewart Perowne, D. D., Canon
Residentiary of Llandaff and Hulsean Professor of Divinity,
Cambridge. 8vo. Third edition. Vol. I. 18s. Vol. II. 165.

The Book of Psalms. Schools and Private Students. the press.

An abridged Edition for

Crown 8vo. Second edition in

SADLER (M. F.) The Church Teacher's Manual of Christian Instruction. Being the Church Catechism expanded and explained in Question and Answer, for the use of Clergymen, Parents, and Teachers. By the Rev. M. F. Sadler, Author of 'Church Doctrine-Bible Truth,' 'The Sacrament of Respon sibility,' &c. Thirteenth thousand. Fcap. 8vo. 2s. 6d.

It is impossible to overrate the service to religious instruction achieved by this compact and yet pregnant volume. .... We owe many boons to Mr. Sadler, whose sermons and theological lectures and treatises have wrought much good in matters of faith. This Catechetical Manual is second to none of such.'-English Churchman.

The Lost Gospel and its Contents; or, the Author of Supernatural Religion' refuted by himself. Demy 8vo. 7s. 6d.

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