This Jewel, or badge, consists of the City Arms and supporters, in enamel, set round with Diamonds.

The Kings of Arms are also entitled to wear Crowns, which consist of a plain circle of gold, on which are raised sixteen upright leaves, eight of them being shorter than the other. Round the circle are the words, "MISERERE MEI DEUS;" the Coronet is turned up with Ermine, and surmounted by a crimson velvet with a tuft and tassel of gold.


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Consulted as Authorities for the preceding Account of the Coronation of their late Majesties.

The History of the Coronation of the Most High, Most Mighty, and Most Excellent Monarch, James II. and of his Royal Consort, Queen Mary, by Francis Sandford, Esq. Lancaster Herald of Arms. London, 1687. Folio.

An Account of the Ceremonies observed in the Coronations of the Kings and Queens of England; viz. King James II. and his Royal Consort; King William III. and Queen Mary; Queen Anne; King George I; and King George II. and Queen Caroline. London, 1760. Quarto.

Orders to be observed on Tuesday, the 22d of September, being the day appointed for their Majesties' Coronation, in pursuance of an Order in Council. London, 1761. Folio.

The Form of the Proceeding to the Royal Coronation of their Most Excellent Majesties KING GEORGE III. and QUEEN CHARLOTTE. From Westminster-Hall, to the Collegiate Church of St. Peter, at Westminster. On Tuesday, the 22d day of September, 1761. London, 1761. Folio.

The Form and Order of the Service that is to be performed, and of the Ceremonies that are to be observed in the Coronation of their Majesties KING GEORGE III. and QUEEN CHARLOTTE, in the Abbey Church of St. Peter, Westminster. On Tuesday, the 22d of September, 1761. London, 1761. Quarto.

An Account of the Ceremonies observed at the Coronation of our Most Gracious Sovereign GEORGE III. and his Royal Consort QUEEN CHARLOTTE. On Tuesday, the 22d of September, London, 1761. Quarto.

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The London Gazette for the Years 1760-1761. London. Folio. The Public Advertiser for the Years 1760-1761. London. Folio. The Gentleman's, London, and Universal Magazines, and the Annual Register for 1760-1761. London. Octavo.

J. Johnson, Printer, Brook Street,







&c. &c. &c.


N HISTORICAL AND BIOGRAPHICAL ESSAY ON THE GREAT CHARTER OF KING JOHN: comprising with the original Latin, and an accurate English Translation, Notes and Observations illustrative of the Liberties it conveys, and on the principal events connected with its execution: translations of the various deeds referred to; an accurate account of their originals, both manuscript and in print, and the Lives of the Monarch and chief persons concerned in the rise, progress, and completion of that celebrated Instrument. The whole drawn from the best existing authorities in public and private collections.


The Work will be highly illustrated with Engravings on Wood, by the principal Artists who were engaged in the Embellishment of the late edition of 'PUCKLE'S CLUB,' which gave such universal satisfaction to the very numerous subscribers.

Important as this ancient Historical Document appears, even in a national point of view, no attempt has hitherto been made at that popular illustration of the subject, calculated to gratify, at once, the general Reader, and the tasteful Antiquary; to supply this acknowledged desideratum in English History, is the object of the present undertaking, and no pains nor expense will be spared to render the Work worthy of a place in every Historical Library. It will be printed in one volume, in octavo size, to arrange with the various editions of Hume, Rapin, &c. &c. &c.

The price cannot be precisely fixed, but from the elegant and novel style of decoration proposed, it probably cannot be under (and to Subscribers it shall not exceed) £1:4s. in super extra boards. A limited number of Copies will be printed upon Royal Drawing Paper, for the accommodation of the curious, (price to Subscribers £2:8s.) but in any future edition of the Work, Large Paper Copies will not be published.

Printed for JOHN MAJOR, 18, Skinner Street, London, to whom, (post paid) or through their respective booksellers, gentlemen, desirous of possessing the Work, are requested to forward their names.

Johnson, Printer, Apollo Press, Brook Street, Holborn.

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