Being an Examination of the First Principles of his System.

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HE following discussion is based upon


several essays which lately appeared in the "New Englander." They have been extended somewhat, and, for the sake of greater unity than essays which were at first independent of each other could have, their form has also been altered. I have quoted copiously from Mr. Spencer for two reasons: First, no candid writer, whose purpose is as controversial as mine, will trust himself to represent his opponent's doctrine without the check, both of exact quotation and exact reference; and, secondly, because so contradictory and absurd are some of Mr. Spencer's positions, that my unsupported statements about them would not be believed.

Mr. Spencer claims to seek for truth. I

make the same claim; and, believing most heartily that Mr. Spencer has not found the truth, I have ventured to say so. Still the appeal is not to sentiment, much less to authority, but to the judicial reason. Let reason judge between us.

HALLE, November, 1873.

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