the lith. article, (dead), instead of (body); in the 12th, and laft article (world to come infiead of (everlasting).

It is humbly hoped, that the publication of this will cxcite some able pens to correct what is amiss and supply what is wanting in this well intended Effay to promote the publick-good; and that the candid Reader will there fore forgive its imperfe&tions.

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A BeING possess'd of all these faculties, is yet but miserable or imperfect in some degree or other, unless an orderly harmonious system of life be formed in the due exercise of them all with diffusive Godlike goodness. This is the divine likeness perfece tive of the divine image. This is that breath of life which God breathed into Adam (in the spiritual meaning), by which the faculties of his mind, disunited in their exercise, were formed into a living soul : as his body formed of Duft, became a te. nantable habitation for that soul, whilst the material fign of life appeard in respiration or breathing (a sign used by Christ in giving the Holy-spirit). This breath of life Adam loft, when expelled from Eden and returned to the Duft whence he was taken ; in spiritual death, by dis-union of his faculties ; in natural death, by diffolution of his body.

To render the system of life in the exercise of these faculties, perfectly healthful and happy; there must be a tri-unity in every class of them, and in all ihe three classes together. .

DISCRIMINATION must be generated of perception, by habitually forming the judgment upon cler perceptions (proportioning the degrees of alfcnt to the degrees of probability in doubtful cases) : and operation must proceed from both difcrimination and perception, in constant orderly harmonious tri-union, never at random,

The means chosen must be such as are fit for ilie end, and, in that respect, generated of it: and fruition must proceed from both, namely, from a end capable of fruition, and from the use of m fic to obtain the proposed end. Otherwise is ful dilappointment must follow, endins sination of the caulal-life, or

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[ 29 ] in wretched despair. Hence arises the neceflity of an habitual constant tri.union in the exercise of the causal faculties final, medial and fruitive; in order to health and happiness.

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perfec h of life spiritual nd, dil. a living

In the moral class ; knowledge must be generata ed of good inclination-regiminal, and thereby constitute wisdom in its exercise subservient and con. formable to goodness: and power-regiminal must proceed from both, in the habitual exercise of it conformable both to goodness and wisdom.

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material hing ( -Spirit).

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In the united exercise of all the three classes: the vital must freely give the supreme dominion to the moral, and the middle place to the caúlal.

The natural order of obtaining this perfect Systematic exercise of all the faculties together in constant virtuous union ; is, by progressive steps forming habits, in the manner of exercise, according to divine appointment. This process confifts of seven steps.

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per upon of al ses):


The foundation is laid in such a continued
exercile of the three moral faculties, as gives
them a confirm'd babitual tri-union. Thence
the process goes on to a like manner of acquir-
ing a confirm'd habitual tri-union in the exercise
of the three causal or legislative faculties. Thence,
in order, to the tri-union of the three vital or
ecutive : to the union of the moral with the
1, or legin rive with loyalt; (i. é. legal vir-

I with the viral, or loyalty
; of the cauial with the ,

executive virtue ; and '
tre tri-union of mr.
legislative, and e
neral process

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