Diversity in Language: Contrastive Studies in Arabic and English Theoretical and Applied Linguistics

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Zeinab Ibrahim, Zaynab Ibrāhīm, Zaynab Ibrahim, Sabiha T. Aydelott, Nagwa Kassabgy
American Univ in Cairo Press, 2000 - 255 oldal
The Arabic and English languages have developed along separate lines over the centuries. Thus, it is no surprise that even apart from purely cultural elements, there are distinctive characteristics of the two languages that pose particular problems to native speakers of one language attempting to learn the other. The scholarly papers of Diversity in Language: Contrastive Studies in Arabic and English Theoretical and Applied Linguistics offer new views on the contrasts between Arabic and English and on contemporary theoretical and applied linguistics. Contributors focus on an array of elusive features that make the Arabic language especially difficult for English speakers to understand fully and intuitively. Comparative studies of English and Arabic, including research on the acquisition of Arabic or English as a second language, underscore the concept of diversity. Contributors to Diversity in Language also investigate stylistics, a major source of diversity between the two languages. Practical observations and suggestions may help teachers of Arabic or English as a second language enable students to better understand their second language and become more persuasive and effective in using it. The papers assembled here will be a welcome addition to the bookshelves of scholars and students of Arabic, contrastive rhetoric, and linguistics. Teachers of English as a foreign language, even if their students are not primarily from an Arabic-speaking background, can likewise benefit from the insights made in these contrastive studies. Contributors: Jehan Allam, El-Said Badawi, Huda M. M. Ghali, Mona Kamel Hassan, Nancy G. Hottel-Burkhart, Christopher Horger, Salwa Kamel, Abdel-Hakeem Kasem, Nagwa Kassabgy, Mohammad Al-Khawalda, Nabila El-Taher Makhlouf, Maha El-Seidi, Cynthia May Sheikholeslami, Devin Stewart, Loubna A. Youssef.

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Nancy G HottelBurkhart
A Bidirectional Study
Mohammad AlKhawalda
Contrastive ArabicEnglish Studies
Learning Style and Form
Cynthia May Sheikholeslami and Nabila elTaher Makhlouf
Loubna AbdelTawab Youssef
Attitudes and Comprehension
The Acquisition of the English Copula by Native Speakers
Salwa A Kamel

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A szerzőről (2000)

Nagwa Kassabgy is an English language instructor in the English Language Institute of the American University in Cairo.

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