If baudrons slip but to the door, .

I fear, I fear, She'll no lang shank upon all four

This time o' year.

Next day each hero tells his news
Ocrackit crowns and broken brows, -
And deeds that here forbid the Muse

Her theme to-swell,
Or time mair precious abuse

Their crimes to tell.

She'll rather to the fields resort, ;
Whare music gars the day seem short,',
Whare doggies play, and lammies sport

On gowany braes, :: 19,5 Whare peerless Fancy hauds her court, ... v

And tunes her lays. "


Happy the man, who, free from care and strife In silken or in leathern purse

retains A splendid shilling. He nor hears with pain New oyster's cry'd, nor sighs for cheerful ale.


O a' the waters that can hobble,
A fishing yole, or sa’mon coble,
And can reward the fisher's trouble,

Or south or north,
There's nane sae spacious and sae noble,

As Firth o Forth.

In her the skate and codlin sail ;
The eel, fu' supple, wags her tail;
Wi' herrin, fleuk, and mackarel,

And whytens dainty :

[graphic][merged small]


Their spindleshanks the labsters trail,

Wi' partan's plenty..

Auld Reikie's sons blithe faces wear;
September's merry month is near,
That brings in Neptune's caller cheer,.

New oysters fresh ;
The halesomest and nicest gear

Ofish or flesh.

O! then we needna gie a plack
For dand'ring mountebank or quack, .
Wha o' their drogs sae bauldly crack, :

An' spread sic notions, As gar their feckless patients tak

Their stinking potions.

Come, prie, frail man ! for gin thou'rt sick, The oyster is a rare cathartic,

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