catcht, caught

ca't, called, driven

cauld, cold

cauldness, coldness

cauldrife, spiritless, want

ing cheerfulness in an address

cawsey, causey chancy, fortunate

chap, a person, a fellow, a blow chappin, an ale-measure,

or stoup, somewhat less than an English quart chaumer, or chaumir, a


chow, to chew

claes, or claise, clothes

claiking, gossiping

claith, cloth

clamihewit, a blow

clamp, a sharp blow or stroke that makes a noise

clarty, dirty, unclean claver, clover

claw, to scratch

cleed, or clead, to clothe cleedin, cloathing

cleek, to catch as with a


cleugh, a den betwixt rocks clink, money

chaunter, a part of a bag clinkin, clinking, jerking


clitter-clatter, idle talk

cheek for chow, side by clour, a swelling after a

[blocks in formation]

cog, a wooden dish

cox, to persuade

cogie, or coggie, dimin. of cozy, snug


collie, a general, and sometimes a particular name for country curs

comin, coming

contestin, contesting

contentit, contented

conveen, to assemble

coof, a blockhead, a ninny corby, or corbie, a raven cornin, corning

cosh, neat

coshly, neatly

cotter, the inhabitant of a

cot-house or cottage

cou'd, could

coudna, could not

coup, to barter, to tumble


cour, to crouch

- cour'd, crouched

couthy, kind, loving covenantin, covenanting cow'd, terrified, kept under

crabbit, crabbed, fretful

crabbitly, peevishly, morosely

crack, conversation; to


crackit, cracked

craig, a crag crammin, filling

crap, a crop, to creep, to

top cravin, craving

craw, the crow of a cock, a rook

criesh, or creesh, grease

crieshy, greasy

crouse, cheerful, courage,


crously, boldly

crowdy, a dish made of


crummy, a cow's name crune, to make a noise like the continued roar of a

bull or cow

[blocks in formation]

Daffin, merriment, foolish- dinna, or dinna't, do not


ding, to worst, to push

disturbit, disturbed

daft, merry, giddy, foolish dinlin, rattling

daintith, dainty

dander, to wander to and dockan, (an herb) the dock

[blocks in formation]

doughty, able, valiant, droukit, drenched, wet


douk, to put under water

douna, or downa, do not

doup, the backside dour, sullen

dow, am or are able dow'd, inclined

→dowie, or dowy, worn with grief, fatigue, &c. drap, a drop drappit, dropped

draunt, to speak slow, af

ter a sighing manner

dreamt, dreamed
dree, to suffer, endure
dreech, slow, tedious

dree'd, suffered, endured

drib, a drop

dribble, to drizzle

drouth, thirst, drought drowthy,ordrouthy,thirsty drucken, drunken drumly, muddy

dubs, small puddles of


duddies, rags

duddy, ragged duds, rags, cloathes dung, worsted, pushed,


dunt, a stroke or blow dwaam, a sudden pain or

sickness dwall, dwell

dwynin, or dwinin, shrinking, losing bulk, decay



dribs, drops

dreep, to drop

Ear', early

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

elshin, a shoemaker's awl fauld, a fold; to fold

[blocks in formation]
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