catcht, caught

ca't, called, driven.

cauld, cold

cauldness, coldness

cauldrife, spiritless, wanting cheerfulness. in an address

cawsey, causey chancy, fortunate

chap, a person, a fellow, a blow chappin, an ale-measure,

or stoup, somewhat less than an English quart chaumer, or chaumir, a


chow, to chew

claes, or claise, clothes claiking, gossiping claith, cloth

clamihewit, a blow

clamp, a sharp blow or

stroke that makes a noise

clarty, dirty, unclean claver, clover

claw, to scratch

cleed, or clead, to clothe

cleedin, cloathing

cleek, to catch as with a hook

cleugh, a den betwixt rocks clink, money

chaunter, a part of a bag- clinkin, clinking, jerking


clitter-clatter, idle talk

cheek for chow, side by clour, a swelling after a

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cog, a wooden dish

cox, to persuade

cogie, or coggie, dimin. of cozy, snug


collie, a general, and some

times a particular name

for country curs comin, coming

conteslin, contesting contentit, contented conveen, to assemble

coof, a blockhead, a ninny corby, or corbie, a raven cornin, corning

cosh, neat coshly, neatly

cotter, the inhabitant of a

cot-house or cottage

cou'd, could

coudna, could not

coup, to barter, to tumble

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crabbit, crabbed, fretful

crabbitly, peevishly, morosely

crack, conversation ; to


crackit, cracked

craig, a crag crammin, filling

crap, a crop, to creep, to

top cravin, craving

craw, the crow of a cock, A a rook

criesh, or creesh, grease crieshy, greasy

crouse, cheerful, courage,

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Daffin, merriment, foolish- dinna, or dinna't, do not


ding, to worst, to push

disturbit, disturbed

daft, merry, giddy, foolish dinlin, rattling

daintith, dainty

dander, to wander to and dockan, (an herb) the dock


dang, pushed, driven

danton, to discourage

darena, dare not

daub, a proficient

dautit, fondled, caressed

daut, to caress with ten


dawnin, dawning

deid, dead

delightfu' delightful

descendin', descending deval, to descend, fall, hurry dew-drap, a dew-drop

doggie, dimin. of dog doitet, stupified, hebetated dool, or dule, sorrow, pain dolefu', doleful

dools, sorrows

donnart, stupid

dorts, a proud pet

dorty, proud, not to be

spoke to, conceited, ap

pearing as disobliged dosin, dosing

douff, mournful, wanting doughtna, durst not dought, could, availed doughtier, stronger, abler

doughty, able, valiant, able, valiant,

strong douk, to put under water

douna, or downa, do not doup, the backside dour, sullen

dow, am or are able

dow'd, inclined

dowie, or dowy, worn with

grief, fatigue, &c.

drap, a drop

drappit, dropped

draunt, to speak slow, af

ter a sighing manner

dreamt, dreamed

dree, to suffer, endure dreech, slow, tedious

dree'd, suffered, endured

drib, a drop

dribble, to drizzle

droukil, drenched, wet drouth, thirst, drought

drowthy,ordrouthy, thirsty drucken, drunken drumly, muddy

dubs, small puddles of


duddies, rags

duddy, ragged

duds, rags, cloathes

dung, worsted, pushed,


dunt, a stroke or blow

dwaam, a sudden pain or

sickness dwall, dwell

dwynin, or dwinin, shrinking, losing bulk, decay



dribs, drops

dreep, to drop

Ear', early

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elshin, a shoemaker's awl fauld, a fold; to fold

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