The ch and gh have always the guttural sound. The sound of the English diphthong oo, is commonly spelled ou. The French u, a sound which often occurs in the Scottish language, is marked oo, or ui. The a in genuine Scottish words except when forming a diphthong or followed by an e mute after a single consonant, sounds generally like the broad English a in wall. The Scottish diphthong ae, always, and ea, very often sound like the French e masculine. The Scottish diphthong ey, sounds like the Latin ei.

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anes, once

anither, another

antrin, different

attour, out-over auld, old

quld farran, or auld farrant, sagacious, cunning, ingenious Auld Nick, one of the ma

ny names for the devil auld warld, old world.

auntie, dimin. of aunt

awa, away ayont, beyond

Ba', a ball


back-gaun, going back

bagnet, a bayonet

bailie, a magistrate

bairn, a child bairnies, children

bairnly, childish baith, both

ban, to swear bane, a bone

banefu', baneful

bang, an effort, a great number; to conquer

bannet, a bonnet

bannin, swearing bannocks, bread thicker

than cakes, and round bant'rin, bantering bardie, dimin. of bard barkent, when mire, blood, &c. hardens upon any thing like bark

barras, boroughs

baudrons, a cat

bauk, a cross beam bauld, bold

bauldly, boldly

bauthrin, bustling, fluttering

bawbee, a halfpenny beardly, stout-made, broad


beastie, dimin. of beast bedeckit, dressed

bedeen, immediately, in


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ben-by, into the spence or birks, birch trees


bendin, bending

benmost, inmost

beted, befel

bewitchin, bewitching

beyont, beyond

bicker, a kind of wooden

dish, a short race bide, to abide, to suffer bield, shelter

bien, wealthy, plentiful" bienly, wealthy, plentifully big, to build biggin, a house; building bike, or byke, a nest of bees billie, a brother, a young fellow bink, a shelf

birle, to drink ; common

people joining their bo

dles for purchasing liquor; they call it birling a bodle

birn, a burnt mark birsle, to bruise

birze, to bruise

bisket, a biscuit:
bis'ness, business
bizz, a bustle; to buzz-
bizz'd, buzzed
bizzin, buzzing

blate, bashful, sheepish
blaw, to blow, to boast
blawn, blown
bleer-e'ed, having the eyes

dim with water or rheum

bleerin, blearing

bleezin, blazing

blinkin, the flame rising

and falling, as of a lamp

when the oil is exhausted. blude, blood

blue-gown, one of those

beggars who get annually on the king's birth day, a blue cloak or gown, with a badge bluidy, bloody bodden, or bodin, or bow

den, provided, furnished bodle, one sixth of a penny English

bogles, spirits, hobgoblins bonnie, or bonny, beautiful, handsome borrows, borough bougil, the crow of a cock brae, a declivity, a precipice the slope of a hill

braid, broad brak, broke

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buik, or buke, a book, bulk cadie, a person, a young

buit, but

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