The ch and gh have always the guttural sound. The sound of the English diphthong oo, is commonly spelled ou. The French u, a sound which often occurs in the Scottish language, is marked 00, or ui. The a in genuine Scottish words except when forming a diphthong or followed by an e mute after a single consonant, sounds generally like the broad English a in wall. The Scottish diphthong ae, always, and ea, very often sound like the French e masculine. The Scottish diphthong ey, sounds like the Latin ei,

A. A' all abidin't, abiding is aboon, above Adie, Adam ae, one aff, off a-field, in the field aft, oft afien, often aflerhend, afterwards aft-limes, oftentimes ahint, behind aiblins, perhaps aik, an oak, pain

ails, or ailings, ills
ain, own
airin, airing
airths, ways
aiten, oaten
aith, an oath
aits, oats
alake, alas
alane, alone
alang, along
amang, among
amry, a cupboard
an', and, if
ance or aince, once

Vol. II.

ane, one, an Ff

auld, old...

awa', away

anes, once

banefu', baneful anither, another

bang, an effort, a great antrin, different

number; to conquer attour, out-over

bannet, a bonnet

bannin, swearing guld farran, or auld far- | bannocks, bread 'thicker

rant, sagacious, cun- than cakes, and round ning, ingenious

bant'rin, bantering Auld Nick, one of the ma- bardie, dimin. of bard ny names for the devil

barkent, when mire, blood, auld warld, old world

&c. hardens upon any auntie, dimin. of aunt thing like bark

barras, boroughs ayont, beyond

baudrons, a cat

bauk, a cross beam B.

bauld, bold Ba', a ball

bauldly, boldly back-gaun, going back bauthrin, bustling, flutterbagnet, a bayonet

ing bailie, a magistrate

banbee, a halfpenny bairn, a child

beardly, stout-made, broad bairnies, children

built bairnly, childish

beastie, dimin. of beast baith, both

bedeckit, dressed ban, to swear

bedeen, immediately, in bane, a bone


bedorn, down

binna, be not beek, to warm

bir, force, flying swiftly beekin, basking

with a noise beengin, cringing

birdie, dimin. of bird befa', befal

birken, birchen begude, begun

birkie, or birky, a cleves beguilin, beguiling

fellow ben-by, into the spence or birks, birch trees parlour

birle, to drink ; common bendin, bending

people joining their bobenmost, inmost

dles for purchasing libeted, befel

quor ; they call it birla bewitchin, bewitching

ing a bodle beyont, beyond

birn, a burnt mark bicker, a kind of wooden birsle, to bruise

dish, a short race birze, to bruise bide, to abide, to suffer bisket, a biseuit : bield, shelter

bis'ness; business bien, wealthy, plentiful bizz, a bustle; to buzz bienly, wealthy, plentifully bizz'd, buzzed big, to build

bizzin, buzzing biggin, a house ; building blate, bashful, sheepish bike, or byke, a nest of bees blaw, to blow, to boast billie, a brother, a young blawn, blown fellow

bleer-e'ed, having the eyes bink, a shelf

dim.with water or rheum


bleerin, blearing

braw, or brd', fine, hande zleezin, blazing blinkin, the flame rising brawest, finest in apparel, and falling, as of a lamp

handsomest when the oil is ex- brawly, finely, handsomely hausted

breedin, breeding blude, blood

breeks, breeches blue-gown, one of those brisket, or bisket, breast, beggars who get annu

bosom ally on the king's birth brither, brother day, a blue cloak or broachie, dimin. of broach gown, with a badge

brock, a badger bluidy, bloody

brodit, pricked bodden, or bodin, or bow- broggs, a kind of strong

den, provided, furnished shoes bodle, one sixth of a pen- broodit, brooded ny English

broom-thackit, overgrown bogles, spirits, hobgoblins with broom bonnie, or bonny, beauti- | brose, a composition of ful, handsome

oatmeal and boiled waborrows, borough

ter bougil, the crow of a cock browster, brewer brae, a declivity, a preci- bruik, to endure, to suffer pice the slope of a hill

brulzie, a broil, a com. braid, broad

bustion brak, broke

brunt, did burn

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buik, or buke, a book, bulk cadie, a person, a young buit, but

fellow bumbaz'd, confused, made caird, or card, à tinker

to look and stare like cairn, a loose heap of stones an idiot

callant, a boy bure, did bear

caller, cool, fresh, sound burn, water, a rivulet

cam, came burnie, dimin. of burn

canna, cannot burnin, burning

cannily, gently busk, dress

canny, cautious, gentle, buskit, dressed

lucky buss, a bush

cantily, merrily, cheerfully busses, bushes

cantrip, a charm, a spell but and ben, the country

canty, merry, cheerful kitchen and parlour

cap, a wooden drinking bygane, bypast

vessel byre, a cow-stable

capernoity, whimsical, ill.

natured C.

carefu', careful Ca', to call, to name, to

carena, care not drive

carle, an old man cabbage-fauld, a place in carlin, a stout old woman which cabbage grows

carline, an old woman ca'd, called, drove

carritch, catechism cadgie, cheerful

ca's, drives cadgily, cheerfully

cussen, cast

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