ner, between man and man, is all the religion which is necessary. Hence such a conduct is depended upon for a recommendation to God's mercy. “I have always been honest, and just in my dealings, and never done any body any harm,” is the language of many persons, "and therefore if I am not saved, I know not who will be.” Now, this is putting the doing justly, in the place of the Saviour. It is depending upon a good conduct towards men, instead of relying upon that “good”the sacrifice and atonement of Christ which God hath shewed us, as the only foundation of our hope. If, therefore, there are any such characters before me, I embrace this opportunity of informing you of your error ---of telling you that you are putting your moral duties in a wrong place; and of assuring you, that nothing can be trusted in with safety, for obtaining the favour of God, but the merit of the Saviour's sacrifice.

Lastly, I would apply the subject for the encouragement of those who have hitherto done unjustly, but who are sincerely determined to do so no more. You, my brethren, are reflecting with shame on your past conduct; and although your reputation may not be injured in the sight of man, your consciences remind you of many secret frauds, and occasional violations of the law of justice. Think, I beseech you, how much you have hereby offended your good and graci

ous God! Consider how he could have surprised you in the midst of your iniquity, and have called you to his tribunal with a falsehood in your mouth, and with a fraudulent design in your heart. But he has not done this. Mercy has rejoiced over judgment. You are spared. "Instead of being cut off

, you are still suffered to live. And for what purpose ? Not that you may continue in sin ; but that you may have space for repentance. And, lo! those hearts of yours, are filled with anxiety to break off your sins by righteousness, and in future to live to God. Oh, pleasing consideration ? And is it so, indeed, my brethren?. Let the heavens rejoice; and let saints take down their harps, and tune them to the riches of the Redeemer's grace.

We encourage you, ye convinced sinners, to return from the error of your ways. We encourage you to look by faith unto Jesus, for the

pardon of all that is past; for strength to preserve you from evil; and for wisdom to direct you through all your remaining pilgrimage. Your guilt indeed is great; but not too great to be atoned for, by the Saviour's sacrifice :-for, “ He suffered, the just for theunjust, that he might bring us unto God."




Wherefore I take you to Record this Day, that I am pure from the Blood of all Men. For I have not shunned to declare unto you all the Counsel of God.

THE minister of religion who is anxious to discharge his important office with fidelity, cannot propose to himself a better pattern for imitation than the conduct of the great apostle St. Paul. His eloquent, impressive, and spiritual farewell address, delivered to the elders of the church at Ephesus, is a most beautiful specimen of the superior excellency of his character, both as a private christian, and a minister of the Lord Jesus. It contains a most striking display of godly sorrow and deep humility in serving the Lord-of holy fortitude in encountering and antici. pating the severest trials-of unwearied and constant diligence in enforcing the most profitable instructions—of disinterestedness in the most labourious exertions and faithfulness in declaring all the counsel of God. That part of his address which relates to his faithfulness, it will be remembered, is chosen for our text. The circumstances which led the Apostle to make that declaration, are indeed widely different from those which have induced me to select it on the present occasion. But still, it is presumed, that it may without impropriety be accommodated to the concluding subject of this series of discourses. Mistake me not however. Let none suppose; that I have the presumption to compare my ministerial fidelity with that of St. Paul's. God forbid that such vanity should ever enter my heart! All that I have inview, is to render the text subservient to a profitable conclusion of the several subjects, which of late have been regularly discussed. In this accommodated sense I shall apply;

1. The Apostle's assertion of his ministerial fidelity

II. His appeal founded on that fidelity.

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In this application of the Apostle's fidelity, in not shunning to declare all the counsel of God, I shall be naturally led to refer to the several subjects illustrated, according to the order in which they have been preached. An attempt has been made, it will be recollected, to comprehend in them a brief system of religious doctrine, experience, and practice. In the doctrinal discourses I have given the scripture representations of God


and as


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rested andis lofG atesta

inestimably precious to the soul; enables the believer, to overcome the world in the love of it, the fear of it, and the temptations of it, and that it is accompanied with an inward witness of a saving interest in Jesus and his salvation. These discourses were followed by several others relating to our practice. In this part of our progress, I was led to declare the Divine counsel in reference to the duties of husbands and fathers-of masters

of a wife, mother, and mistress of a family of children and servantsmand lastly of tradesmen.

And thus we have been gradually led from one subject to another; until we have arrived at the conclusion of our plan. Those of you, my beloved brethren, who have impartially attended to these sermons will, I trusty bear testimony that I have not shunned, as much as my present plan will allow, to declare all the counsel of God. Indeed, my design in calling your attention to them, in this arranged manner, has been not only to deliver the fundamental points of the Divine coun1,b.

also to exhibit to your view, christi. anity in its various bearings and connexions, in order that the whole system of it, as far as it concerns our faith and practice, might be easily comprehended, and well understood, andappear tahang together like a regular and beautiful chain. A few months) induced to hope, that the importance of the subjects and the nature of the plan on which they had been delivered, would justify me

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