deportment, that you may adorn the doctrine of God our Saviour in all things. Command by the excellencies of this love, the silent approbation, even of the dissolute and ungodly. In short, “ let your light so shine before men, that you may always glorify your Father who is in heaven.”

A word of exhortation shall now be addressed relative to another subject. A most favourable opportunity is about be afforded us, to manifest that our faith worketh by love. The table of love is spread, and our affectionate and dying Lord invites his followers, there to exhibit their love to him. But alas! many, who in other respects bear the marks of his sincere disciples in their experience and conduct, are backward to approach this sacred banquet. Either an improper sense of unworthiness, or an incon. sideration respecting the importance of celebrating the Saviour's love in this ordinance, seems to induce a neglect. Aware not only that the soul by this conduct, is deprived of the benefit of an invaluable privilege; but also that the Saviour is greatly dishonoured, I am anxious to convince such characters of their error. Probably, my brethren, you have never seriously considered, that inattention to this ordinance in the followers of Christ, is a breach of his positive command. That gracious Redeemer, whom you profess to serve,

has left a command--a dying

command, and consequently a most binding one, that we should often celebrate his love in the symbols of bread and wine. With his dying lips he enjoined, “Do this in remembrance of me." “Do this in remembrance of that love I have displayed for your souls-in remembrance of my mangled body—my bitter sorrows and my dying groans.

And hast thou enjoined this upon us, thou blessed Lamb of God, and are any among us backward to remember thee? – backward to remember thy dying love thy bleeding wounds and thy expiring agonies ? Ah, disgraceful deportment! Oh, my dear friends, lay your inconsistency much to heart! And never hereafter, neglect meeting your adoreable Saviour at his table. When indeed you think his love deserve, does not to be commemorated, then, but not till then, may you turn your backs upon him. Come, therefore, all and humble followers of Jesus, and be guests around his board. I invite not, indeed, those who would come without the wedding garment, the Saviour's righteousness, and inward sanctification. The approach of such would be intrusive, and expose their souls to danger. It is such as bewail their manifold offences and corruptions_such as wish to testify their obligations to a dying Redeemer such as place all their hopes of salvation in his obedience and blood, and are anxious to enjoy the manifestations of his love who are encouraged and invited to come. I say therefore again to all such, approach with holy boldness the table of the Lord, in the full exercise of that faith which worketh by love.

ye sincere


I cannot dismiss the subject, without adding a short address to those whose faith is not of the

description illustrated in this dis

I have many fears that some such individuals are present. Do not the consciences of several among you, my brethren, second those fears ? Are you not convinced, that your faith is not of that kind which has been described in this sermon? The faith which you have, leads you to believe that God is very merciful; and on that account you hope that you shall be saved. But what sort of a faith is this? It is true it works, and it works by love ; but by what love does it work? Alas! it is by the love of sin—the love of the world, and the love of forbidden pleasures, and not by love to God, to holiness, to the saints, and to enemies. This, therefore, is a faith which represents God as countenancing you in sin, and which emboldens you to do evil that good may come.

Ah, what a soul-destroying

faith is this! And can it be, that any of my dear hearers are really under its influence? Oh, my brethren, your sound reason and good sense must convince you, that such a faith cannot save you! No, in, deed it cannot. It is the faith of devils. If persisted in, it will lead the immortal spirit down to regions of sorrow, and consign it to a state of black despair.

As therefore you love your never dying souls, renounce from the present moment so destructive a principle. And on your bended knees, direct the fervent breathings of your hearts to the throne of grace, that henceforward you may become partakers of that faith, which brings the soul into a state of salvation ;-that faith i which is the gift of God, and works by love to him, and all mankind.



Renders the Saviour Precious,



Unto you therefore which believe he is precious.

THE blessed effects which result from a saving belief in the Redeemer claim peculiar attention. It is by them alone that the scriptural nature of faith is exhibited. As the nature of a tree is best known by the fruit which it produces, so the effects which spring from faith are the grand criterion of its being genuine. It is therefore of great importance to give a just and explicit description of these effects, in order that we may be able to form a proper judgment of our own state. Hence I proceed, in addition to what was said in the preceding discourse, to illustrate another fruit of saving faith. And I earnestly solicit you, my brethren, to embrace this favourable opportunity for examining closely whether your faith be of the right kind. Feeling the Saviour precious through believing on him, is the expe

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