Travels in the Interior Districts of Africa: Performed in the Years 1795, 1796, and 1797, 1. kötet

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J. Murray, 1816

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294. oldal - the rains fell.— The poor white man, faint " and weary, came and sat under our tree. — " He has no mother to bring him milk; no
440. oldal - I could learn, is never found in any matrix or vein, but always in small grains, nearly in a pure state, from the size of a pin's head, to that of a pea; scattered through a large body of sand or clay; and in this state, it is called by the Mandingoes sanoo munko,
290. oldal - Korro, and Sego See Korro. They are all surrounded with high mud walls; the houses are built of clay, of a square form, with flat roofs ; some of them have two stories, and many of them are whitewashed. Besides these buildings, Moorish mosques are seen in every quarter ; and the streets, though narrow, are broad enough for every useful purpose, in a country where wheel carriages are entirely unknown.
301. oldal - ... in water, has somewhat the appearance of a Spanish olive. The kernel is enveloped in a sweet pulp, under a thin green rind ; and the butter produced from it, besides the advantage of its keeping the whole year without salt, is whiter, firmer, and to my palate of a richer flavour than the best butter I ever tasted made of cow's milk.
389. oldal - I never addressed myself in the language of decency and friendship, without receiving a decent and friendly answer; with man it has often been otherwise.
359. oldal - I reflected that no human prudence or foresight, could possibly have averted my present sufferings. I was indeed a stranger in a strange land, yet I was still under the protecting eye of that Providence who has condescended to call himself the stranger's friend.
226. oldal - Moors have singular ideas of feminine perfection.' The gracefulness of figure and motion, and a countenance enlivened by expression, are by no means essential points in their standard ; with them, corpulence and beauty appear to be terms nearly synonymous. A woman, of even moderate pretensions, must be one who cannot walk without a slave under each arm to support her, and a perfect beauty is a load for a camel.
290. oldal - The circumstance of the Niger's flowing towards the east, and its collateral points, did not, however, excite my surprise; for although I had left Europe in great hesitation on this subject, and rather believed that it ran in the contrary direction,. I had made such frequent inquiries during my progress, concerning this river; and received from Negroes of different nations, such clear and decisive assurances that its general course was towards the rising sun, as scarce left any doubt on my mind ;...
181. oldal - My arrival was no sooner observed, than the people who drew water at the wells threw down their buckets ; those in the tents mounted their horses, and men, women, and children, came running or galloping towards me. I soon found myself surrounded by such a crowd, that I could scarcely move ; one pulled my clothes, another took off my hat, a third stopped me to examine my waistcoat buttons, and a fourth called out, la illah el allah Mahamet rasowl allahi,* and signified, in a threatening manner, that...
264. oldal - The same dismal uniformity of shrubs and sand every where presented itself, and the horizon was as level and uninterrupted as that of the sea. Descending from the tree, I found my horse devouring the stubble and brushwood with great avidity ; and as I was now too faint...

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