The Parent's Assistant, Or Stories for Children, 2. kötet

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Munroe & Francis, 1834

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206. oldal - Piedro's rnind was completely ruined by the associates, with whom- he became connected, during what he called his prosperity. When his money was at an end, these unprincipled friends began to look cold upon him, and at last plainly told him, " If you mean to live with us, you must live as we do.
143. oldal - ... old magpie and they tried him — they put a shilling upon the table, and he ran away with it and hid it ; so I thought that he might do so again, you know, this time. Just. Right, right. It's a pity, child, you are not upon the Bench — ha ! ha ! ha ! Lucy. And when I went to his old hiding-place, there it was ; but you see, papa, he did not take the box. Just. No, no, no ! because the thief was a magpie. No man would have taken the money and left the box. You see I was right ; no man would...
138. oldal - Old M. Oh, please your worship, quite sure ; for I took it out and looked at it just before I said my prayers. Just. You did — did ye so ? — hum ! Pray, my good friend, where might you put your money when you went to bed ? Old M. Please, your worship, where I always put it — always — in my tobacco-box. Just. Your tobacco-box ! I never heard of such a thing — to make a strong box of a tobacco-box. Ha! ha! ha! hum ! — and you say the box and all were gone in the morning?
129. oldal - I'll see him presently. Lucy. While you are drinking your chocolate, papa? Just. No, no, no; I never see any body till I have done my chocolate, darling. (He tastes his chocolate.) There's no sugar in this, child. Lucy. Yes, indeed, papa. Just. No, child; there's no sugar, I tell you — that's poz.* Lucy. Oh, but, papa, I assure you I put in two lumps myself. Just. There's no sugar, I say.

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