Landlord and Tenant.


CLAYDON'S (C. B.) Treatise on the Law of Landlord and Tenant;
with Statutes and Index. 12mo. 1847


£ 8. d.

0 10 0


WOODFALL'S (W.) Treatise on the Law of Landlord and Tenant, by
S. B. HARRISON. Sixth Edition, by F. L. WOLLASTON, Esq.
Royal 8vo.

1 11 6

Land Car.

MILLER (S.) On the Laws relating to the Land Tax, its Assessment,
Collection, Redemption and Sale. 8vo.



0 12 0

ROPER'S (R. S. D.) Treatise on the Law of Legacies. Fourth
Edition, by H. H. WHITE, Esq. Two Vols. Royal 8vo. 1847 3 3 0

Legal Time.

Woolrych's (H. W.) Treatise on Legal Time, with its Computations and Reckonings. 8vo. 1851. Published at 7s. 6d. Reduced to



PARRY'S (J. H.) Lord Campbell's Libel Act (6 & 7 Vict. cap. 96);
with Introduction on Oral Slander, Notes, Forms, &c. 12mo.


Loan Sarieties.

GREENWOOD on Loan Societies. 12mo. 1846



ASTON'S (J. J.) Law of Pauper Lunacy and Pauper Lunatic Asy-
lums; with Appendix of Rules and Forms. 12mo. 1849...... 0 5 0
SHELFORD'S (L.) Treatise on the Law concerning Lunatics, Idiots
and Persons of Unsound Mind. Second Edition.

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Published at £1:11s. 6d. Reduced to STOCK'S (J. S.) Treatise on the Law of Non Compotes Mentis. 8vo. 1838


TAPPING'S (T.) Treatise on the High Prerogative Writ of Manda-
mus as it obtains in England and Ireland. Royal 8vo. 1848 .. 1 1 0


SHELFORD'S (L.) Law of Marriage, Divorce and Registration.


Master and Servant.


Published at £1: 10s. Reduced to 0 12 0

SMITH'S (C. M.) Treatise on Master and Servant, including Masters
and Workmen of every Description. 12mo. 1852.....

Mercantile Law.

SMITH'S (J. W.) Compendium of Mercantile Law.
By G. M. DOWDESWELL, Esq. Royal 8vo.

Mines and Minerals.

Fifth Edition.

In preparation.

COLLIER'S (R. P.) Treatise on the Law relating to Mines and
Minerals. 12mo. 1849.


0 12 0


[blocks in formation]


£ s. d.

BYTHEWOOD and JARMAN'S Conveyancing, by SWEET. Title, Mort-
gage. Vols. V. and VI. sold separately


2 10 0

COOTE'S (R. H.) Treatise on the Law of Mortgage; with an Appen-
dix of Precedents. Third Edition. Royal 8vo. 1850


1 0 0


SHELFORD'S (L.) Treatise on Mortmain and Charitable Uses and
Trusts. With Statutes and Forms. 8vo. 1836

Parish Law.

[blocks in formation]

STEER'S (J.) Parish Law; being a Digest of the Law relating to
Parishes. THIRD Edition. By G. CLIVE, Esq. In preparation.

Parties to Actions.

WALFORD'S (F.) Treatise on Parties to Actions. Two Vols. 12mo.
Published at 11. 10s. Reduced to 05 0


Parties to Suits.

CALVERT'S (F.) Treatise on Parties to Suits in Equity. Second
Edition. Royal 8vo. 1847

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BISSETT'S (A.) Law of Partnership and Joint Stock Companies.
8vo. 1847


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COLLYER'S (J.) Treatise on the Law of Partnership, with Forms.
Royal 8vo.

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WOOLRYCH'S (H. W.) Law of Party Walls and Fences, including the new Metropolitan Building Act; with Notes. 8vo. 1845. Published at 12s. Reduced to 060


GODSON'S (R.) Treatise on Patents. With Supplements by Burke.
8vo. 1840-51.
Published at 11. 9s. Reduced to
HINDMARSH'S (W. M.) Treatise on Patents for Inventions. 8vo.

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LUND'S (H.) Treatise on the Substantive Law of Letters-Patents for Inventions. 12mo. 1851

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LUND'S (H.) Treatise on the Law of Procedure relating to Letters-
Patent for Inventions under the recent Act.


In preparation.

From the

The Jurist. A Legal Periodical published weekly at 1s. commencement in 1837 to 1851-15 years, half bound in 25 vols. Published at 471. 18s. 6d. Reduced to 10 10 0

Personal Property.

WILLIAMS'S (J.) Principles of the Law of Personal Property. Intended for Students in Conveyancing. Second Edition. 8vo.

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£ s. d.

BILLING'S (S.) Laws relating to Pews in Churches, Chapels, &c. 12mo. 1845. Published at 8s. Reduced to 0 4 0 OLIPHANT'S (G. H. H.) Law of Pews in Churches and Chapels; with a Chapter on Prohibitions. Post 8vo. 1850-3


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[ocr errors]


CHITTY'S (J.) Treatise on Pleading and Parties to Actions. Seventh
Edition. By H. GREENING, Esq. Three Vols. Royal 8vo. 1844.
Published at 41. 10s. Reduced to 0 15 0
SAUNDERS (J. S.) on Pleading and Evidence in Civil Actions.
Second Edition. By R. LUSH, Esq. Two Vols. 8vo. 1851.
Published at 31. 13s. 6d.

Reduced to 200

TYRWHITT'S (R. P.) Summary of the Law of Modern Pleading.
12mo. 1846.
Published at 11. 5s. Reduced to 0 5 0


SAVIGNY'S Treatise on Possession, or the Jus Possessionis of the
Civil Law. Sixth Edition. Translated by Sir E. PERRY. 8vo.
Published at 18s. Reduced to 0 10 0


SUGDEN'S (Lord St. Leonards) Practical Treatise of Powers.
Seventh Edition. Two Vols. Royal 8vo. 1845.


BEST'S (W. M.) Treatise on Presumptions of Law and Fact, with
the Theory and Rules of Circumstantial Proof in Criminal Cases.
8vo. 1844

Principal and Agent.



0 15 0

PALEY'S Law of Principal and Agent. Third Edition. By J. H.
LLOYD. 8vo. 1833.

Principal and Surety.

Published at 12s. Reduced to 0 5 0

THEOBALD'S (W.) Practical Treatise on Principal and Surety. 8vo.
Published at 10s. 6d. Reduced to 0 4 0



GWYNNE'S (T.) Law of Duties on Probates and Letters of Admi-
nistration, with the Rules and Practice of the Legacy Duty Office.
Third Edition.

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LLOYD'S (M.) Treatise on the Law of Prohibition. 12mo. 1849.. 050

Public Bealth.

SCOTT's (J.) Act for promoting the Public Health, adapted for
general use, with Index, Notes, &c. 12mo. 1848

SMITH (J. T.) on Sanatory Legislation. 12mo. 1848
WOOLRYCH'S (H. W.) Public Health Act, and the Nuisances Re-
moval Act; with Notes and Index. 12mo. 1848.

0 5 0


Published at 5s. Reduced to 026


Quarter Sessions.


DICKINSON'S (W.) Guide to the Quarter and Other Sessions of the
Peace, by Mr. Serjeant TALFOURD. The Sixth Edition, by
R. P. TYRWHITT, Esq. 8vo. 1845


CHAMBERS and PETERSON'S Law relating to Railways. 8vo. 1847
COLLIER'S (R. P.) Railway Clauses, Land Clauses, and Companies
Clauses Consolidation Acts, with Notes. Second Edition. By
MACNAMARA. 12mo. 1847

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HODGES'S (W.) Law of Railways and Railway Companies. Second
In preparation.


Real Property.

SHELFORD'S (L.) Real Property Statutes, passed in the Reigns of
William IV. and Victoria. Fifth Edition. Royal 12mo. 1850
SUGDEN'S (Lord St. Leonards) Essay on the Real Property Statutes.
8vo. 1852
WILLIAMS'S (J.) Principles of the Law of Real Property, intended
as a First Book for Students in Conveyancing. Third Edition.



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FEARNE'S (C.) Essay on the Learning of Contingent Remainders

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and Executory Devises. Tenth Edition.
Two Vols. Royal 8vo.

Roman Law.

PHILLIMORE'S (J. G.) Introduction to the Study and History of the
Roman Law. 8vo. 1848

0 15 0

Rules and Orders.

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BANKRUPTCY. Rules and Orders, with the Schedules, Notes and
Index. 1853
CHANCERY. BY SHELFORD, as a Supplement to his Chancery Acts.
COMMON LAW. By WISE, as a Supplement to his Common Law
Procedure Act. 1853

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New Rules under 13 & 14 Vict., with Notes and

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DITTO, under Charitable Trusts Act, made by Lord Chancellor,
Dec. 8, 1853


WOOLRYCH'S (H. W.) Treatise on the Law of Sewers, including the
Drainage Acts. Second Edition. 8vo. 1849.


Published at 10s. Reduced to 076

WATSON'S (W. H.) Treatise on the Office and Duty of Sheriff.
Second Edition. By W. N. WELSBY, Esq. 8vo. 1848

1 4 0

MAUDE (F. P.) and POLLOCK'S (E. E.) Treatise on the Law relating to Shipping and Seamen. In One Vol. Svo. 1853






£ 8.



CHITTY'S (J.) Stamp Laws. Third Edition. By S. ATKINSON.
12mo. 1850.
Published at 14s. Reduced to
SWEET'S (G.) Supplement to Vol. IX. BYTHEWOOD and JARMAN,
containing a Summary of the Stamp Laws and Tables of Stamp
Duties. Royal 8vo. 1850


CHITTY'S (J.) Collection of Statutes alphabetically. Second Edition. Vols. I. II. and III. Royal 8vo.

of Practical Utility, arranged

The remainder of the Work will be published shortly.

DWARRIS'S (Sir F.) Treatise on Statutes, their Rules of Construction, &c. Second Edition. 8vo. 1848



0 18 0

6 16 6

1 0 0

LYTTLETON, His Treatise of Tenures, in French and English. By
T. E. TOMLINS. 8vo. 1841. Published at 11. 4s. Reduced to 06 0


SHELFORD'S (L.) Acts for the Commutation of Tithes in England and Wales. The Third Edition. 12mo.

Vendors and Purchasers.

1848 ..

SUGDEN'S (Lord St. Leonards) Concise View of the Law of Vendors
and Purchasers of Estates.

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HAWKINS (H.), Treatise on Warrants of Attorney, Cognovits and
Judges' Orders for Judgment. 12mo. 1844.


0 18 0

. 1 1 0

Published at 5s. Reduced to 0 2 6

WOOLRYCH'S (H. W.) Treatise on the Law of Waters, Rights on
the Sea, Rights on Rivers, Canals, Docks, Fisheries, Mills,
Watercourses, &c. Second Edition. 8vo. 1851.


Published at 18s. Reduced to 0 10 0

WOOLRYCH'S (H. W.) Law of Ways, including Highways, Turnpike
Roads, Private Rights of Way, Bridges and Ferries. Second
Edition. Svo. 1847.
Published at 11. 1s. Reduced to 0 10 0


BYTHEWOOD and JARMAN'S Conveyancing. By SWEET. Vol. XI.,
title Wills, sold separately. 1849

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HAYES and JARMAN'S Concise Forms of Wills, with Practical Notes.
Fourth Edition, enlarged. Royal 12mo. 1849
JARMAN'S (T.) Treatise on the Law of Wills.
Two Vols.

The Second Edition.
In preparation.

WORTHINGTON'S (G.) General Precedent for Wills, with Notes.
Fourth Edition. 12mo. 1842. Published at 15s. Reduced to



ABBOTT'S (F. G.) Forms of Writs and other Proceedings on the
Common Law Side of the Court of Chancery. 1849

[blocks in formation]
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