The Elements of Dramatic Criticism: Containing an Analysis of the Stage Under the Following Heads, Tragedy, Tragi-comedy, Comedy, Pantomime, and Farce. With a Sketch of the Education of the Greek and Roman Actors; Concluding with Some General Instructions for Succeeding in the Art of Acting

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G. Kearsly, 1775 - 216 oldal

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73. oldal - Think you saw what pass'd at our last parting; Think you beheld him like a raging lion, Pacing the earth and tearing up his steps, Fate in his eyes, and roaring with the pain Of burning fury; think you saw his one hand...
64. oldal - Tis not the treasure of all kings in one, The wealth of Tagus, nor the rocks of pearl That pave the court of Neptune, can weigh down That virtue. It was I that hurt the princess. Place me, some god, upon a pyramis* Higher than hills of earth, and lend a voice Loud as your thunder to me, that from thence I may discourse to all the under-world The worth that dwells in him ! PHA.
66. oldal - I'll henceforth be indeed a father; never, Never more thus expose, but cherish thee, Dear as the vital warmth that feeds my life, Dear as these eyes that weep in fondness o'er thee. Peace to thy heart! Farewell.
65. oldal - Had they or hearts or eyes, that did this deed ! Could eyes endure to guide such cruel hands? Are not my eyes guilty alike with theirs, That thus can gaze, and yet not turn to stone ? I do not weep ! The springs of tears are...
78. oldal - Now, what news, my Charmion? Will he be kind? and will he not forsake me? Am I to live, or die? — nay, do I live? Or am I dead? for when he gave his answer, Fate took the word, and then I lived or died.
59. oldal - Behold thou also, and attend my vow. If ever I do yield, or give consent, By any action, word, or thought, to wed Another lord, may then just...
64. oldal - Which are diffused through the revolving year, Come, heavy-laden with the oppressing weight, To me ; with me, successively, they leave The sighs, the tears, the groans, the restless cares, And all the damps of grief, that did retard their flight; They shake their downy wings, and scatter all The dire collected dews on my poor head ; Then fly with joy and swiftness from me.
59. oldal - I'll not ask, nor answer, how or why We both have backward trod the paths of fate, To meet again in life ; to know I...
59. oldal - Can you raise the dead, Pursue and overtake the wings of time, And bring about again the hours, the days, The years that made me happy ? Blan.

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