The Tale of the Four Durwesh: Translated from the Oordoo Tongue of Meer Ummun, of Dhailee

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Newul Kishore Press, 1884 - 256 oldal

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148. oldal - In short, she used to sit all night with me alone ; sometimes the nurse likewise stayed with her and heard my stories, and related others herself. When the princess used to go away and I remained alone, I used to perform my ablutions, and concealing myself in a corner, I used to say my prayers. " Once it so happened, that the princess had gone to her father, and I was repeating my prayers in perfect security, after having performed my ablutions, when suddenly the princess entered, saying to her nurse,...
231. oldal - ... their invincible courage ; the sight was very affecting ; he still breathed, and breathed without a groan ; he rolled his eyes with anguish on the surrounding crowd, and making a last effort to rise, expired with a sigh.
88. oldal - ... made them all sit in his company, partook of the feast [which had been prepared]. "As long as the king lived, the time passed in this manner; sometimes the king came [to visit the princess], and sometimes carried the princess with him to his own palaces. When the king died, the government of the kingdom descended to this princess; for, except herself, no other person [of her family] was fit for this office. O, youth, the history [of the princess] is what you have heard. Finally...
100. oldal - Bring him with you.' After delivering his prescriptions of cure to all, he went into his private apartment and opened a little of the young lunatic's skull; he attempted to seize with his forceps the centipede which was curled on his brain. An idea struck me, and I spoke out, saying, 'If you will heat the forceps in the fire, and then apply it to the centipede's back, it will be better, as it will then come out of its own accord; but if you thus attempt to pull it off, it will not quit...
238. oldal - ... every entertainment of the kind beheld in this country. The affable nabob rightly observed, with a little Asiatic vanity, that such a spectacle was never , before seen in India, and never would be seen again. The whole expense of this marriage- feast, ' which was repeated for three successive nights in the same manner, cost upwards of 300,000^. sterling.
164. oldal - ... mischief. For this reason, I have confined them in a cage, that they may be always under my own eye, then my mind will be at rest; lest being absent from my sight, they may hatch further wickedness. The honour and esteem which I evince towards this dog, are on account of his loyalty and fidelity.
152. oldal - ... and a dog; if you could give me a little room to stay in and fix its price, I shall then be at ease in my mind, and embark likewise.' "The merchants allotted me a cabin, and I paid the money for the hire of it. Having set my heart at ease, I went to the nurse's house under some pretext, and said, 'O mother, I am come to take leave of thee, and am now returning to my country; if I could through your kindness see the princess for a moment, it would be a great satisfaction to me.' At last, the nurse...
166. oldal - This journey was likewise performed in safety; there also we sold and bought goods, and embarked on board a ship, to return the quicker to our country. One day, about a month after, we were overtaken by a storm and hurricane, and the rain began to fall in torrents; the whole earth and sky became dark as a mass of smoke, and the rudder broke; the pilot and master began to beat their heads; for ten days the winds and waves carried us where they pleased...
67. oldal - ... excluded from this good fortune. It is certain that in this world no quality is greater than generosity and liberality; for whatever a man bestows in this world, he receives its return in the next. If any one sows a single seed, then how much does he reap from its produce! With these ideas impressed upon my mind, I called for the lord of the buildings, and ordered him to erect, as speedily as possible, a grand palace without the city, with forty high and wide...
212. oldal - ... and these dreadful sounds issued, which even the king himself heard in his palace; What misfortune impels thee! what demon possesses thee! if thou desirest thy welfare, molest not that fair one, or else the fate that thy son met with by marrying her, thou shalt experience the like doom by being her foe; if thou now molestest her, thou wilt rue its consequences.

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