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" they will come to seek me ;" and, for the first time, a movement of restless impatience began to agitate him. About this time the villagers, being collected together, were proceeding to the fall. Angus in vain endeavoured to maintain his wonted steadiness... "
Fidelle, and Other Tales - 109. oldal
szerző: Fidelle ( - 1837 - 200 oldal
Teljes nézet - Információ erről a könyvről

The Union, Number Five: Containing Lessons for Reading and ..., 5. kötet

Oliver Angell - 1840 - 296 oldal
...were proceeding to the fall. Angus in vain endeavored to maintain his wonted steadiness of demeanor. At one time he hurried on, as if impelled see the very spot of Kenneth's fall, than from an expectation of finding his remains, which they doubted not the stream had, by that time, carried...

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