Strabo of Amasia: A Greek Man of Letters in Augustan Rome

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Routledge, 2002 - 240 oldal
Strabo of Amasia offers an intellectual biography of Strabo, a Greek man of letters, set against the political and cultural background of Augustan Rome. It offers the first full-scale interpretation of the man and his life in English. It emphasises the place and importance of Strabo's Geography and of geography itself within these intellectual circles. It argues for a deeper understanding of the fusion of Greek and Roman elements in the culture of the Roman Empire. Though he wrote in Greek, Strabo must be regarded as an 'Augustan' writer like Virgil or Livy.

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1 Strabos background and antecedents
2 Strabo and the Greek tradition
3 Strabo and the world of Augustan Rome
4 Geography politics and empire
5 Greek scholars in Augustan Rome
6 The Geographya colossal work

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A szerzőről (2002)

Dr. Daniela Dueck is an instructor in the departments of Classical Studies and history at Bar Ilan University, Israel. She studied at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem where she researched and wrote her PhD dissertation on Strabo's Geography.

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