plicitly declared in the Holy Scriptures,

351, el seg.
Human Happiness, Stevens's Treatise
on. 545, ei seg.;

Hooker's Dre nition
of H.ppiness,' 546; happiness a state
of me and not a transient feeling, 5+7;
design of the work, 548; specum:n of
the author's molle f reisoring, 519;
an of his we of the scriplu es in support
of it. 550.1; and of the liturgy, ib.;
his puu on conias! eil with Jeremy
Tavlor's,' 552; Irue hippiness is
found in the practice of the Christian
religion, 553-4 ; its supervorily vuer
Other systums, 555; general remarks
upon the work, 557-8

[blocks in formation]

Krusenstern's Voyage round the World,

577, el seq.; origin of the expedition,
580.1 ; aidour of the Russins to
emlark in it. 582; rema:kable pheno-
me on, 583; anxiety of the c ptain,
58+; misery of the people of Santa Iruz,
585; island of St. Catharine's, 586;
remedy for the bit of a snake, (note)
537; in conduct of the Japanese un
board, 587-8; dreadful aluri, ib. ;
arrival at the Marqresas, 590, moet
with two Europeans-popula:ion. &c,
of the isi?!!d. 592 ; characier of the
natives, 594; unode or providing for
their children, in case o a divorce,
594, the Tahoo, 595; Tauns. 596;
drea ful extent of their cannibalism,
3.97-8; Cabrı leaves the island, 601

L-ipzig, Shoberl's narrative of the

most remarkable events that occurred
near I, 313 rt sag.; EIUtrons of the
soldiery, and suffe in of ik pe séatra,
ib, et seq.; arrival of Bonaparte, 315;
field of but'e', 315; extract from the

• Memur a', 316
Life Anna jes tud Assurances, Baly's

appeolix ote doctr de of, 309. et
seg.; some aroui ot Mr. Barret's
work; msuccessful attempt to print
it, 310; inucntry or the plan, patro-

nised by Mr. Morgin, 311
Lucretius his qualifications as a poet,

with exiracis, 285, «t seq.

Mansion helse, expenses of its erec-

tion parily defrayed by fin purpose

ly im osed on Disse nters, 385
Mantire, 247, et seq.; fossil maoure,

Marcus Aurelius, reviews of his character,

an' the sufferings of the Christians xeder

him, 232, el .
Mar:101t': scrmon preached at Coved-

try at the Archdeacon's visitation,

Mathematical principles of natural

philospot, Bridge's introduci on to,
52, pl seq.; synop is of the work, it,
et s+q; ulemis es pointed out and

oinissions statei, 60), t seg.
Matthias, bis appointment to the Apos.

ile-slip, 221
Marquesas population, &c. of, 392, e!

5.9.; p evalence of caunibalisın. 597
Mine, see Sweden
Missio antes

ut Serampore, Mr. Wilber-
force's panegyric of them, 5:37
Mootasu's (Mio. E izabeih) Lettres,

Vol. i. anil v., 404, es sog.. ea
det er writing. ib.; on cousersation, ib.;

exikls, 405, els g.
Moni 11:r's world b-fore the food,

Miral Government as it relates to the

Supreme Gor: rnor, 46; to man 47;
to the rule by which he is goser ned,
49; in ret rence to the design of the
gospel, 239
Moravians their mode of worship described

Mosaic dispensativn founded on favour,

Mosheim's Commentaries, translated by

Vidal, 217, rt seg.; obstach s oppos
ing av inquiry into the more parti.
cuiar concerns o: the early Christus,
16.; origin o the commentaries, 218;
immorality of the soul, nu part u the
popular belief of the Romans, 219;

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

character and principles of the Saddu-
cees, ib. et seq.; the Essenes, 220 ;
veneruli npaid to the early ma:lyrs, 222;
worship as conducted in the church
of Jerusalem, 223 ; Pentænus, some
account of him, 224 ; proportion of the
Christians to the Pagans in this age,
224, et seq. and nole; artifice some-
times employed in propagating Caris.
tionity, 229, et seg.; sufferings of the
Christians under Vareu Aurelius, 232,
el seg ; miracle of the thundering
legion controverted, 234; early cor-
rup:ion of Christianity, and its causes,

Mythology, on, in relation to poetry,

372, et seq.

Ode to Buonaparte, by Lord Byron,

516, el seq.; general reinarks and

extracts, ib. el seq.
Omens at the coronation of James II.,


Pantænus, a missionary of the second

century, the field of his labours

unceriain, 294
Pasley's course of instruction for the

royal eng neer department, 520, et
seq.; corps of roval sappers and
mwers, 521; geometry, 8c., laught
by Lancaster's and Bell's modes, 523,

et seg.

Nelson, Southey's Life of, 606, et seq.;

his c'alins to the most exalted rank,
607; arduous nature of an admiral's
duties, 607-9; sketch Of Nelson's
lie, 609 ; declares fo: the sent, 610); his
altuch iont lo Mrs. Nishi, 612; first
inle view with Si W. and Lady Hamil-
ton, ib. ; inves ed with one order of
the Bath aur! receives a persion, 613;
his memorial of ervices, ib.; his re-
flections on the effects of a storm, in a
leller to his wife, 614; battle of the
Nile and his wint of Srigales, ib.; L dy
Hami'ton 6.5 p.ssage of the Sound
described, 616, et seq; the admiral's
conclucl a' Copenhugin, 618, his denth,
621, sl ght sketch of his character,

New Drictory for the Non-conformist

chur her, 249, et eq.; anthority of
the work, 250 ; de eptive nature of
the author's remarks on the extem-
porary mode o prayer, 252, 1 sq.;
general observations on ext. mporary
pra er, 255;

** uses of its ;'rvailing
facil ties among lissent ng ministars,
257, ertert of its proposeil refour , 259 ;
exposure of the we ker brelhren's fanlls
and follies, 260, et 9.; its appaiently
intended trnilenry, 263; proposed

remedy defect:"e in itsell, 264-5
Nile, tie battle of, 614
Norris's prictical expos tion of the

tendency of th Bible Society, 64, et
seq.; tis qna itications, ibi rise of
the rorrespondence, 66 ; in ianres of
gross mis atent nts and pervers ons,
68, et seq.; and of inalignant absur-
dity, 75; on the charge of acting

Pestilence, a striking personification of it in

scritture, 375
Philosophy and human learning, a

taste for ir ranked by Dr. Mosheim,
among the innovations deir mental to

Christianity, 235
Philosophy of nature, 457, el seq.; a great

proportion o human happiness in-
tended to come to the mind through
the work of creation, 457; captiva-
tion of nature felt by few but higbly
cultiratel minds 458; eff-et of
graud scenery op savages aod balf
civilize nat ons, 458; on the natives
of Sw sserland, ib.; onthe Italian, Eu-
ropean Turks, and Highlanders, 459,
on the uncu t vat d population of
Souh Britain, ib.; hints towards a
work hat might be ju-tly called the

philosophy wf nature,' 462, el seg.;
cantion against identifying elevated
wish devotional feelings, 464 ; sketch
of the work and its exeriit.00, 465 ;
extravagant enthusiasm, 458
Plan", inat my of, 240
Please s arising from a love of books,

429, el sig
Pleasures of religion, iu letters, from

Joseph Felton to his son Charles, 316,

et sro

Poe'ns, by three Friends, 195
Poetics, by Georg Dyer, 366, et seq.;

its origin, 36%; repleclions on human
life, 568 ; relation of poetry to the
arts, &c, 368; ta te for po try uni.
dorsal, 370); ' genius, the eff ct of
some electrical principle,' 371; ulti-
mate end of poetry, 371 ; topography

poor, 90

in poetry, 372; mythology, 372, et professors' gloomy and engracioss
seq.; personification, 374-5; an er. manners, 599; parallel between the re-
anple from scripture, ib.; on medals, viewer's modern Christian, and an antusi
ib.; pamting, &c. 376; on music heaiken, 400; spirit of disspot un:a.
and its relation to poetry, ib.; physics,

vourable to literature, 401; facts
&c., 377; choice poelicul performances, tending to negative this asstrtion, ib.;
ib. ; general estimate of the work, periect toleration compatible with en-
378; and of the author's powers, tire safety to a national establishment,
379; extracı, 380

Punderer, a series of Essays, 493, et seq.;

Rames's Memoirs of the late Rer. Thos.
cpinion of friends not a prudent' Spencer, 312
sanction for publishing, 493, subjects Repori ot the Association formed in
of the essays, 494 ; John Henderson, Loudon for the relief of the labouring
495; Chatterton, ib.; heathenish
apostrophe to him, 496; pleasing Revelation, to be first appealed to on
character of Mrs. Donville and her sacreu subjects, 28
son, 496, et sell. ; on the essays by Rousseau, his dream of the happy indo-
correspoudents, 498, et seq.

cence of the state of nature, itlus-
Power of working miracles, not ranked trated in the manners of the Nuka-
by Mosheimi among the extraordinary

h wans, 600
endowments of the Apostles, 221 Kuminatur, or seatiinental Essays, by
Trayer, see Extemporary Prayer

Brudges, 602, ei seg. ; specimens of his
Preparatory prayers, and a companion bau taste in wriling, 603 ;

ource of
to the altar, 311; a prayer, 512

pleası, e in a peasant, 604 ; false esti.
Pretended anthorities in religious mat- mat of the writings of Hume and

ters, their nature and origin exposed Voltaire, 604 ; difficulty of kuowing

what is true in history, 605
Protestant Dissenters, sketch of the Russian cumpaign, horrors of it, 173

history and proceedings of the depu-
ties appointed to protect the r civil Sacrioce of Christ, 99, et seq. ; sacri.
rights, 381, el seq.; origin of the up- tices the distinguishing fealure of tbe
pointment of deputies, 382-3; consti- Jewish religion, ib.
tutiou of the committee, 383; plan Sadducees, their principles and charac-
of the work, 384 , the 'sheriff's cause,' ter, 219; rich man, supposed by Dr.
385 ; speech of Lord Mansfield, 386, Mosheim to have been a Saddnicae,
et seq.; on the liability of dissenling 220
places to be assessed for buses, 390 ; Scenery, effects of, on the mind and
speech of Judge Builler, 390; of the character, 458, el seg.
Archbishop of Canterbury on Lord Sid. Schism, on, 567, t seg.
mouth's Bill, 392; on the term licenses as Science, its utulty in repelling the at-
appledd to dissenter's qualifying, ib.; tacks of sceptics, and establising
on the worid conventicle, 393-4

expositions of scripture, 28, et seg.
Pryce's Approved Ministry the Church's Semple's Tjur from Hamburg, 170, et

Shield and Glory, a visitation ser- seg. ; remarkable events at which be
mou, 84

was present, ib.; fatal policy ia de-
Pulpit, by Onesimus, Vol. II. charac- stroying his recommendato'y letter

iers, churchmen, 305 ; dissenleis, 306; to Lord Cathcart, ib. ; confined as a
specimen of his style, in the sketch of J. spy, 171; German passion for music,
Sheppard, B. A. 306-7.

172; Cossacks, 173; horrors of the

Russian campu_n, ib.
Quarteriy Review, Art. History of the Sermon by alayman, preached at St. Mary's,

Dissenters, 395, et seq. ; reviewer's il- Og ford, 1645
liberal strictures upou conscientious Sir, and Dan, ucudemical lilles, 166
dissent, 395, ground of the dis- Sotheby's song of Triumph, 2012, el seg.
pute, and the Act of Uniformity, 396; Sovereignty, considered as a divine pre-
consequences of ciergy men's supplying jugative, 335; sovereignty of grace,
more than one church, 398 ; ou sec- 342, see Williams's Essay
tarianism's starving its own cause, ib.;

Spain delivered, a Poem, by P. Fitz-

gerald, 504
Spiritral Blessings, a sermon by Joseph

Fletcher, 37
Stereus on Happiness, see Human Hap-

Siewirt's history of Bengal, 140
Sweden, Thomson's Travels in, 198;

fuiís of Trollhätte, 200; vireilla!ing cha-
racter of Gustavus IV. 202; bad state
of the enemy, ib. ; revolution and sei-
zure of the King, 203, el seg: ; form of
government, 205; Bernadotte chosen
Crown Prince, 206; Swedes go to
drill and battle, singing a hymn,
207; Cathedral of Upsala, ib. ;

mines, 208
Sybilline verses, 229, and note

Tannin, Sir H. Davy's account of it,

Tales of the Poor, by Mary Davis, 195
Taylor's (Mrs.) maternal solicitude for

a daughter's best interests, 295, et seq.
analysis of the work, with extracts,
ib.; reverie on the soul's connexion with
the borly, fc. 300
Time's Telescope, see Brady's Clavis

Calendaria, 180, et seq.
Toleration, a perfect one compatible

with entire safety to a national esta.

blishment, 402-3
Toller's sermon occasioned by the death

of the Rev. Samuel Palmer, 307, et
srg.; significancy and weight of a minis.
ler's character derived from the doctrine

of inmortality, 308
Tracts, mode adopted by a Scotch wo.

man, to disperse them among child en,

True hanpiness is lo be found in the pructice

of the Christian religion, 553-4

Watts (Dr.) no Socinian, by Samuel

Palmer, 185, el seg.
Wheat, proportion of its nutritive mat-

ter, 212, potatoes, ib. ; turnips, ib.
Wheaten bread more digestible than

barley or oat bread, and its cause,

Wilberforce (Wm ) substance of his

speeches on the East India Bill, in re-
gard to the moral improvement of the
vatives of British India, 520, el seq. ;
remarks on the relative proportion of
guilt, ib. el seq.; on the strain of com-
plaisance towards opponents on points
involving the best interests and just
rights of mankind, 528; the case
stated, 529, an i examined, 530; mo-
tives of such opponents determined,
ib. et seq. and 534 ; futility of any pre-
tended plea of ignorance, 533; and
extract; slight remarks on the speech,
535; just anımadrersion of Mr. W. in
the house, 536; his panegyric of the
fanatics and anabaptists of Serampore

Williams's (Dr.) Essay on the Equity

of Divine Government and the Sove-
reignty of Divine Grace, 28, et seq. ;
utility of science in repelling sceptical
attacks, and establ shing controverted
expositions scripture, ib. et seq. ;
qualifications of Dr. W. 32; his ob-
ject in writing, 33; on difficulties to
be suimounted, 39; pious reflection of
the author previous to the investigation,
40; on scriptural authority and evi-
dence, 41; its foundation, influence,
and application, 43 ; on the meaning
of words, ib. et seq. ; moral govern.
ment as it relates to the Supreme
Governor, 46; to man, 47; to the
rule by which he is governed, 49 ; on
revealed religion from Adam to Moses,
50; remarks on an unprofitable question,
ib. ; moral government in reference
to the design of the gospel, 329 ; vni-
versal claims of the gospel, 332; uni-
versal restoration considered, 33+;
sovereignty considered as a Divine
prerogative, 335; as it relates to ends
and means, 338, et seq.; in the ap-
pointment of a general Mediator, &c.
341; sovereignty of grace, 342; on sub-
jective grace, 343; in what it consists,
ib, and 344 ; illustrative erlraci, 351,
el seg.; equity and sovereignty in re-
ference to the works of creation and
provideuce, 356; to personal religion,
338; theological controversies, 359;

Upsala cathedral and university, 207
Unitarianism, cautions against it, 195
Universal restoration considered, 33+
Vaughan on an uncommon appearance

in the Flesh of a Sheep, 197
Vegetable system has nothing analogous to

the irritable action of the animal system,

Virginians, character of the, 410
Visits of Mercy, by the Rev. E. S. Ely,

of Nw York, 505 ; occasion of its being
written, 506; warmth of his zeal, 567;
a visit described, 508 ; a Scotck woman's
mode of dispersing tracts, 508; another
visit, 509

to moral science, 361; general esti

mate of the work, 362, el seg. Momen in France, remarks on the state of,

24 World before the Flood, a

Montgomery, 442, et seq.; difficuity

o? treating the subject, ib. et seq. ; le gitimate design of fiction, 443 ; porta decidedly religious, 444, et seq. ; atalysis of the work, and illustrative estracts, 445, et seq.

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