Irish antiquarian researches, 1. kötet

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W. Curry, jun. and co., 1826

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115. oldal - I shall call the tabernacle, is a chrystal setting, surrounded by ten gems, a pearl, three small shells, a sapphire, and amethysts, all in the rough. — Affixed to the right side of the box at the top, is a silver censer, suspended to a curious flexible chain.
113. oldal - Passion, with the glory round the head, and, as is usually represented, the two Marys, one on each side of the cross. Over the arms of the cross are engraved two birds, apparently doves ; these figures are chased in relief.
54. oldal - Christus resurrexit a mortuis primitiae dormientium; quoniam quidem per hominem mors, et per hominem resurrectio mortuorum. Et, sicut in Adam omnes moriuntur, ita et in Christo omnes vivificabuntur.
138. oldal - ... was fitted out, and stowed with Spanish wine, and directed to sail to one of the harbours of Donegal. The vessel put into Lough Swilly, and cast anchor off the castle of Dundonald, near Rathmillan. The captain, disguised as a Spaniard, proposed to traffic with the people of the fortress, who bought and drank until they became intoxicated. The people of the adjoining district did the same, and all the surrounding septs of O'Donnel, Me Swiney, and O'Dogherty, entered into dealings with the crafty...
113. oldal - ... what is called a wyvern in heraldry. Over the left arch is a similar figure, of an angel with a censer, above which is a figure like a wyvern, but with a human face, and below a griffin. Round the whole box is a chased border of about three quarters of an inch wide, on the top and bottom of which are grotesque figures of wyverns, or cockatrices, and lions; and on the sides, oak leaves and acorns ; in each of the corners is a setting of rock chrystal ; in the centre, at the top, over that part...
136. oldal - O'Dogherty of the day, chief of his tribe, who, in common with the O'Donells, and several other illustrious northern families, was descended from Conall Gulban, son of Niall of the nine hostages, monarch of Ireland. In the early infancy of Red Hugh, he displayed considerable signs of genius and independent spirit, which increased with his years.
109. oldal - IHS richly gilt. On the right of the tabernaculum are four, and on the left six oblong compartments, divided in pairs, one above the other, and surrounded by silver borders. The centre being richly inlaid with pure gold and chased ; the back is also divided into fourteen similar compartments, the ten interior were also richly inlaid with gold and chased, the gold in-laying of two is gone, and in four others much injured; the four other compartments were plated with silver and chased in leaves and...
55. oldal - De resurrectione autem mortuorum non legistis, quod dictum est a Deo dicente vobis: Ego sum Deus Abraham et Deus Isaac et Deus lacob? Non est Deus mortuorum, sed viventium.
32. oldal - From that period to the present day it has remained in England ; and ever since the reign of James I. has continued to serve the purpose for which it was so long used in Ireland and Scotland ; the kings of England from his time, down to the present sovereign, having been crowned on it.
120. oldal - Vll. is an exact representation (except as to size) of the top, which consists of a plate of silver, richly gilt and chased, rivetted to one of brass. It is divided into three compartments, or rather arches, supported and separated by clustered columns. in the centre is a sitting figure- of St. Columba, with his hair flowing over his should.ers, holding up his right hand, of which the third and fourth fingers are folded down; in his left he has a book. The arms of the chair, on which he sits, are...

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