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tiers of boxes, besides gallery and slips; it is well contrived both for seeing and hearing, and is decorated in the Louis-Quartorze style by Messrs. Crace. Open for the performance of French plays, under the management of Mr. Mitchell, from January to July Admission : Stalls, 10s. 6d.; Pit, 3s.; Gallery, 2s.


Oxford Street. A small yet elegant theatre, erected on the site ef the Queen's Bazaar, devoted to the production of English operas and farces, under the management of Mr. Maddox. Doors open at half-past six; performance commence at seven o'clock. Adniission : Boxes, 4s. Pit, 2s. ; Gallery 1s.


Strand. Built by Mr. Rayner, the comedian, on the site of Baker's Panorama. It is a small yet neat theatre, and is principally confined to the production of vaudevilles and other light comic pieces. Lessee, Mr. W. Farren. Doors open at half-past six ; performance commence at seven o'clock. Admission : Stalls, 4s. ; Boxes, 3s. ; Pit, 1s. 6d. ; Gallery, 6d.

SADLER'S WELLS THEATRE, New River Head, Islington. So called from the wells formerly situated here, and from the name of a person by whom a summer theatre was first opened on this spot in 1683. The present building was constructed

in 1765, but the interior has been since rebuilt. This theatre was formerly celebrated for the production of nautical pieces, its proximity to the New River enabling the manager to introduce real water into the most striking scenes. It has been for the last three or foar seasons equally remarkable as the refuge of the Shakspearian drama, banished from the larger temples, which, under the judicious management of Mr. Phelps, have proved eminently successful. Doors open at half-past six; performance commence at seven o'clock. Admission: Boxes, 28.; Pit, 1s.; Gallery, 6d.; half-price to the Boxes, 1s.


Blackfriars Road. Originally opened as a circus by Mr Hughes the riding-master; but having been destroyed by fire in 1805, it was rebuilt from the designs of Signor Cabanel, an Italian artist of great knowledge in theatrical buildings, under the direction and immediate superintendence of Mr. James Donaldson, and opened by Mr. Elliston; it was afterwards under the management of Mr. Thomas Dibdin, who here produced many of his most favourite pieces, and more recently under that of his brother, Mr. Charles Dibdin, and the late Mr. Davidge. The present lessee is Mr. Shepherd. Doors open at six; performance commence at half-past six o'clock. Admission : Boxes, 2s. ; Pit, 1s. ; Gallery, 6d.

VICTORIA THEATRE, New Cut, Lambeth, was commenced in 1816; the first stone having been laid by Alderman Goodbehere, as prox for the Prince and Princess of Saxe Cobourg ; it

was opened in 1818, and originally called the Cobourg Theatre. It is a large and commodious edifice without any architectural display. Lessee, Mr. Osbaldiston. Doors open at six ; performance commence at half-past six o'clock. Admission: Boxes, 18.; Pit, 6d.; Gallery, 3d.'

CITY OF LONDON THEATRE, Norton Folgate, Erected in 1837, from designs by Mr. Samuel Beazley. Lessees, Mr. Johnson and Mr. Nelson Lee. Admission : Boxes, 2s.; Pit, 1s.; Gallery, 3d.

ASTLEY'S ROYAL AMPHITHEATRE, Westminster Bridge Road. First established about 1767, as an open riding-school, but in 1780 was covered in, and formed into a regular theatre. It has been since thrice destroyed by fire-in 1794, 1803, and 1841-but has been rebuilt, and is now one of the best frequented theatres in London. Manager, Mr. Batty Doors open at half-past six; performance commence at seven o'clock. Admission : Boxes, 4s.; Pit, 2s. ; Gallery, 1s.; Upper, Gallery, 6d. .

MARYLEBONE THEATRE, Church Street, Paddington. A small but neat house, tastefully decorated, devoted to the representation of the Shakspearian drama. Doors open at half-past six; performance commence at seven o'clock. Admission : Boxes, 28. 6d. ; Pit, 1s. ; Gallery, 6d.


QUEEN'S THEATRE Tottenham Street, Tottenham Court Road. A small neat theatre, at one time under the management of that charming actress Mrs. Nisbett. Open occasionally. Admission : Boxes, 28.; Pit, 1s ; Gallery, 6d.

ROYAL STANDARD THEATRE, Shoreditch. Lessee, Mr. John Douglas. Doors open at a quarter past six; performance commence at a quarter before seven o'clock. Admission : Boxes, 18.; Pit, 6d.; Gallery, 4d.

ROYAL PAVILION THEATRE Whitechápel Road. A commodious edifice, devoted to melodramatic performances. Admission: Boxes, : 6d.; Pit, 4d.; Gallery, 2d.

· ROYAL ACADEMY OF MUSIC, Tenterdon Street, Hanover Square. Instituted by charter of George IV.; its object being to train up youth of both sexes for the musical profession, which is taught by the first professors at a trifling charge. Occasional concerts are given by the pupils of this institution, at which they evince uncommon proofs of proficiency.

THE MUSIC HALL, Wilson Street, leading from Endell Street to Drary

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