- the, his

Post, Boston, 192 — shaken visibly, 193

- bad guide-post, ib. - too swift, ib. edited by a colonel, ib. - who is presumed officially in Mexico, ib. — re

ferred to, 199, Pot-hooks, death in, 210. Power, a first-class, elements of, 285. Preacher, an ornamental symbol, 204 —

a breeder of dogmas, ib. — earnest

ness of, important, 221. Present, considered as an annalist, 204

- not long wonderful, 206. President, slaveholding natural to, 205

– must be a Southern resident, 213
– must own a nigger, ib. --
policy, 321 — his resemblance to Jack-

son, 322.
Princes mix cocktails, 285.
Principle, exposure spoils it, 195.
Principles, bad, when less harmful, 190.

- when useless, 294. Professor, Latin, in - College, 308

- Scaliger, ib. Prophecies, fulfilment of, 288. Prophecy, a notable one, 199. Prospect Hill, 267. Providence has a natural life-preserver,

272. Proviso, bitterly spoken of, 208. Prudence, sister, her idiosyncratic tea

pot, 212. Psammeticus, an experiment of, 186. Psyche, poor, 314. Public opinion, a blind and drunken guide, 190 —

nudges Mr. Wilbur's elbow, ib.

- ticklers of, 197: Punkin Falls “Weekly Parallel,” 303. Putnam, General Israel, his lines, 267. Pythagoras a bean-hater, why, 209. Pythagoreans, fish reverenced by, why,

Recruiting sergeant, Devil supposed

the first, 185. Religion, Southern, its commercial ad

vantages, 278. Representatives' Chamber, 200. Rhinothism, society for promoting, 206. Rhyme, whether natural not conside

ered, 185. Rib, an infrangible one, 211. Richard the First of England, his

Christian fervor, 189, Riches conjectured to have legs as well

as wings, 203. Ricos Hombres, 276. Ringtail Rangers, 260. Roanoke Island, 287. Robinson, Mr. John P., his opinious

fully stated, 191, 192. Rocks, pocket full of, 211. Roosters in rainy weather, their misRotation insures mediocrity and inex

perience, 282. Rough and ready, 217— a wig, 218 —

a kind of scratch, ib. Royal Society, American fellows of,

303. Rum and water combine kindly, 292. Runes resemble bird-tracks, 290. Runic inscriptions, their different grades

of unintelligibility and consequent

value, 289. Russell, Earl, is good enough to ex

pound our Constitution for us, 263. Russian eagle turns Prussian blue, 199 Ryeus, Bacchi epitheton, 310.

ery, 256.



Quid, ingens nicotianum, 310. Quixote, Don, 201.

S. Sabbath, breach of, 186. Sabellianism, one accused of, 209. Sailors, their rights how won, 309. Saltillo, unfavorable view of, 187. Salt-river, in Mexican, what, 187. Samuel, avunculus, 309. Samuel, Uncle, 257 -riotous, 198— yet

has qualities demanding reverence, 204 — a good provider for his family, 205 - an exorbitant bill of, 215 — makes some shrewd guesses, 273,

274 – expects his boots, 280. Sansculottes, draw their wine before

drinking, 202. Santa Anna, his expensive leg, 213.


Rafn, Professor, 289.
Rag, one of sacred college, 190.
Rantoul, Mr., talks loudly, 187 — pious

reason for not enlisting, ib.

Sappho, some liuman nature in, 313. Sassy Cus, an impudent Indian, 266. Satan, never wants attorneys, 189-an

expert talker by signs, ib. -a successful fisherman with little or no bait, ib. - cunning fetch of, 190 - dislikes ridicule, 192 — ought not to have credit of ancient oracles, 199, note

his worst pitfall, 278. Satirist, incident to certain dangers,

190. Savages, Canadian, chance of redemp

tion offered to, 221. Sawin, B., Esquire, his letter not writ

ten in verse, 185 - a native of Jaalam, 186 — not regular attendant on Rev. Mr Wilbur's preaching, ib. — a fool, ib. — his statements trustworthy, ib. -- his ornithological tastes, ib letter from, 186, 210, 216 — his curious discovery in regard to bayonets, 187 displays proper family pride, ib. – modestly confesses himself less wise than the Queen of Sheba, 188

the old Adam in, peeps out, 189 - a miles emeritus, 210 — is made text for a sermon, ib. --- loses a leg, ib. - an eye, 211 -- left hand, ib. four fingers of right hand, ib. — has six or more ribs broken, ib. - a rib of his infrangible, ib. - allows a certain amount of preterite greenness in himself, ib. — his share of spoil limited, ib. -- his opinion of Mexican climate, 212 — acquires property of a certain sort, ib. — his experience of glory, ib. — stands sentry, and puns thereupon, ib. — undergoes martyrdom in some of its most painful forms, ib. - enters the candidating business, 213 - modestly states the (avail) abilities which qualify him for high political station, 213, 214 —

has no principles, 213 – a peaceman, ib. — unpledged, ib. - has no objections to owning peculiar property, but would not like to monopolize the truth, ib. - his account with glory, 214 - a selfish motive hinted in, ib. - sails for Eldorado, ib. - shipwrecked on a metaphorical promontory, ib. -- parallel between, and Rev. Mr. Wilbur (not Plutarchian), 215 — conjectured to have bathed in river Selem

nus, 216 — loves plough wisely, but not too well, ib. - a foreign mission probably expected by, ib. – unanimously nominated for presidency, ib. - his country's father-in-law, 217 nobly emulates Cincinnatus, ib. — is not a crooked stick, ib. --- advises his adherents, ib. views of, on present state of politics, 217 - 219 — popular enthusiasm for, at Bellers's, and its disagreeable consequences, 218 — inhuman treatment of, by Bellers, ib. his opinion of the two parties, ib. agrees with Mr. Webster, ib. — his antislavery zeal, 219- his proper self-respect, ib.-- his unaffected piety, ib. — his not intemperate temperance, ib. - a thrilling adventure of, 219221 — his prudence and economy, 219- bound to Captain Jakes, but regains his freedom, 220 — is taken prisoner, ib. — ignominiously treated, 220, 221 — his consequent resolu

tion, 221. Sawin, Honorable B. O'F., a vein of

humor suspected in, 255— gets into an enchanted castle, 256 --- finds a wooden leg better in some respects than a living one, ib.

takes something hot, 257 — his experience of Southern hospitality, ib. — waterproof internally, ib. — sentenced to ten years' imprisonment, 258 - his liberal-handedness, ib:- gets his arrears of pension, 259 marries the Widow Shannon, ib. — confiscated, 260 - finds in himself a natural ne. cessity of income, 261 — his missionary zeal, ib. — never a stated attendant on Mr. Wilbur's preaching, 274 - sang bass in choir, ib. prudently avoided contribution toward bell, ib. - abhors a covenant of works, 277 — if saved at all, must be saved genteelly, ib. — reports a sermon, 278 — experiences religion, ib. — would consent to a dukedom, 279- converted to unanimity, 280 — sound views of, 282 - makes himself an extempore marquis, 283 - extract of letter from, 324, 325 – his opinion of Paddies,

325 - of Johnson, ib Sayres, a martyr, 220. Scaliger, saying of, 191.

Scarabæus pilularius, 188.
Scott, General, his claims to the presi-

dency, 193, 194. Scrimgour, Rev. Shearjashub, 312. Scythians, their diplomacy commend

ed, 209. Sea, the worny, 290, Seamen, colored, sold, 185. Secessia, licta, 309. Secession, its legal nature defined, 260. Secret, a great military, 297. Selemnus, a sort of Lethean river, 216. Senate, debate in, made readable, 200. Seneca, saying of, 190 -- another, 199,

note - overrated by a saint (but see Lord Bolingbroke's opinion of, in a letter to Dean Swift), 207 -- his letters not commended, ib. — a son of

Rev. Mr. Wilbur, 215 — quoted, 304. Serbonian bog of literature, 200. Sermons, some pitched too high, 275. Seward, Mister, the late, his gift of prophecy, 267 — needs stiffening, 321

misunderstands parable of fatted calf, ib. Sextons, demand for, 187- heroic offi

cial devotion of one, 221. Seymour, Governor, 305. Shakespeare, 314 – a good reporter,

194 Shaking fever, considered as an em

ployer, 212. Sham, President, honest, 196. Shannon, Mrs., a widow, 258 — her

family and accomplishments, 260 — has tantrums, ib. — her religious views, 277, 278 – her notions of a moral and intellectual being, 279– her maiden name, ib. - her blue

blood, ib. Sheba, Queen of, 188. Sheep, none of Rev. Mr. Wilbur's

turned wolves, 186. Shem, Scriptural curse of, 221. Shiraz Centre, lead-inine at, 280. Shirley, Governor, 266. Shoddy, poor covering for outer or in

ner man, 301. Shot at sight, privilege of being, 280. Show, natural to love it, 187, note. Silver spoon born in Democracy's

mouth, what, 197. Sinai suffers outrages, 204. Sin, wilderness of, modern, what, 204.

Skim-milk has its own opinions, 301. Skin, hole in, strange iaste of some

for, 212. Skippers, Yankee, busy in the slave

trade, 278. Simms, an intellectual giant, twin-birth

with Maury (which see), 280. Slaughter, whether God strengthen us

for, 189. Slaughterers and soldiers compared, 216, Slaughtering nowadays is slaughtering,

216. Slavery, of no color, 184 - corner-stone

of liberty, 199 — also keystone, 201 - last crumb of Eden, 203 - a Jonah, ib. - an institution, 208 -- a pri

vate State concern, 219. Slidell, New York trash, 288. Smith, Joe, used as a translation, 204. Smith, John, an interesting character,

206. Smith, Mr., fears entertained for, 203

dined with, 207. Smith, N. B., his magnanimity, 205. Smithius, dux, 308. Sloanshure, Habakkuk, Esquire, Presi

dent of Jaalam Bank, 283. Soandso, Mr., the great, defines his

position, 205. Soft-heartedness, misplaced, is soft

headedness, 306. Sol, the fisherman, 188 — soundness of

respiratory organs hypothetically at

tributed to, ib Soldiers, British, ghosts of, insubordi

nate, 268. Solomon, Song of, portions of it done

into Latin verse by Mr. Wilbur, 307. Solon, a saying of, 190. Soul, injurious properties of, 282. South, the, its natural eloquence, 295-

facts have a mean spite against, 288. South Carolina, futile attempt to arr

chor, 201 - her pedigrees, 276. Southern men, their imperfect notions of labor, 257 — of subscriptions, 258

too high-pressure, 261 - prima facie noble, 279. Spanish, to walk, what, 188. Speech-making, an abuse of gift of

speech, 200. Spirit-rapping does not repay the spir

'its engaged in it, 301. Split-Foot, Old, made to squirm, 261.

Spring, described, 297, 298.
Siar, north, subject to indictment,

whether, 203.
Statesman, a genuine, defined, 294.
Stearns, Othniel, fable by, 323.
Stone Spike, the, 267.
Store, cheap cash, a wicked fraud, 215.
Strong, Governor Caleb, a patriot, 192.
Style, the catalogue, 298.
Sumter, shame of, 27!.
Sunday should mind its own business,

294. Swearing commended as a figure of

speech, 186, note. Swett, Jethro C., his fall, 317. Swift, Dean, threadbare saying of, 193.

Tibullus, 304.
Time, an innocent personage to swear

by, 186 — a scene-shifter, 206. Tinkham, Deacon Pelatiah, story con.

cerning, not told, 255 — alluded to,

262 — does a very sensible thing, 277. Toms, peeping, 206. Toombs, a doleful sound from, 288. Trees, various kinds of extraordinary

ones, 214. Trowbridge, William, mariner, adven

ture of, 189. Truth and falsehood start from same

point, 190 — truth invulnerable to satire, ib. — compared to a river, 194 - of fiction sometimes truer than fact,

ib. – told plainly, passim. Tuileries, exciting scene at, 199—

— frontparlor of, 285. Tully, a saying of, 195, note. Tunnel, northwest-passage, a poor in

vestment, 283. Turkey-Buzzard Roost, 260. Tuscaloosa, 260. Tutchel, Rev. Jonas, a Sadducee, 291. Tweedledee, gospel according to, 204. Tweedledum, great principles of, 204. Tylerus, juvenis insignis, 308 -por

phyrogenitus, 309 - Johannides, flito celeris, 310- bene titus, ib. Tyrants, European, how made to trem

ble, 258.



Tag, elevated to the Cardinalate, 190.
Taney, C. J., 282.
Tarandfeather, Rev. Mr., 280.
Tarbox Shearjashub, first white child

born in Jaalam, 263.
Tartars, Mongrel, 257.
Taxes, direct, advantages of, 215.
Taylor, General, greased by Mr. Choate,

218. Taylor zeal, its origin, 218. Teapots, how made dangerous, 305. Ten, the upper, 280. Tesephone, banished for long winded

ness, 200. Thacker, Rev. Preserved, D.D., 302. Thanks get lodged, 212. Thanksgiving, Feejee, 257. Thaumaturgus, Saint Gregory, letter of,

to the Devil, 207. Theleme, Abbey of, 283. Theocritus, the inventor of idyllic poe

try, 262. Theory, defined, 292. Thermopyles, too many, 287. " They 'li


"a notable bully, 270. Thirty-nine articles might be made

serviceable, 190. Thor, a foolish attempt of 201. Thoreau, 262. Thoughts, live ones characterized, 315. Thumb, General Thomas, a valuable

member of society, 198. Thunder, supposed in easy circum

stances, 211. Thynne, Mr., murdered, 185.

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Vattel, as likely to fall on your toes as

on mine, 273. Venetians invented something once,

215. Vices, cardinal, sacred conclave of, Victoria, Queen, her natural terror, 198

- her best carpets, 285. Vinland, 290, 291. Virgin, the, letter of, to Magistrates of

Messina, 207. Virginia, descripta, 308, 309. Virginians, their false heraldry, 275. Voltaire, esprit de, 308. Vratz, Captain, a Pomeranian, singular

views of, 185.


- a

W. Wachuset Mountain, 270. Wait, General, 266. Wales, Prince of, calls Brother Jona

than consanguineus noster, 265 but had not, apparently, consulted

the Garter King at Arms, ib. Walpole, Horace, classed, 206 his

letters praised, 207. Waltham Plain, Cornwallis at, 186. Walton, punctilious in his intercourse

with fishes, 190. War, abstract, horrid, 208-itshoppers,

grist of, what, 212. Warren, Fort, 305. Warton, Thomas, a story of, 194. Washington, charge brought against,

217. Washington, city of, climatic influence

of, on coats, 196— mentioned, 200 — grand jury of, 203. Washingtons, two hatched at a time by

improved machine, 217. Watchmanus, noctivagus, 310. Water, Taunton, proverbially weak,

219. Water-trees, 214. Weakwash, a name fatally typical, 266. Webster, his unabridged quarto, its

deleteriousness, 308. Webster, some sentiments of, com

mended by Mr. Sawin, 218. Westcott, Mr., his horror, 202. Whig party has a large throat, 193–

but query as to swallowing spurs, 218.

White-house, 208.
Wickliffe, Robert, consequences of his

bursting, 305. Wife-trees, 214. Wilbur, Mrs Dorcas (Pilcox), an invariable rule of, 193–

- her profile, 194 tribute to, 303. Wilbur, Rev. Homer, A. M., consulted,

183 - his instructions to his flock, 186 - a proposition of his for Protestant bomb-shells, 190 — his elbow nudged, ib. - his notions of satire, ib. — some opinions of his quoted with apparent approval by Mr. Biglow, 191 — geographical speculations of 192 — a justice of the peace, ib. letter of, ib. — a Latin pun of, ib. runs against a post without injury. 193 -- does not seek notoriety (whatever some malignants may affirm), ib. - fits youths for college, ib. chaplain during late war with England, 194 — a shrewd observation of, 195 — some curious speculations of, 199, 200 — his martello-tower, 200 — forgets he is not in pulpit, 203, 210– extracts from sermon of, 203, 205 interested in John Smith, 206 — his views concerning present state of letters, 206, 207-a stratagem of, 209,ventures two hundred and fourth in terpretation of Beast in Apocalypse, ib. - christens Hon. B. Sawin, then an infant, 210- an addition to our sylva proposed by, 214 – curious and instructive adventure of, 215 – his account with an unnatural uncle, 215

- his uncomfortable imagination, 216 - speculations concerning Cincinnatus, ib. — confesses digressive tendency of mind, 221 — goes to work on sermon, (not without fear that his readers will dub him with a reproachful epithet like that with which Isaac Allerton, a Mayflower man, revenges himself on a delinquent debtor of his, calling him in his will, and thus holding him up to posterity, as “ John Peterson, THE BORE,'') 222 — his modesty, 253 - disclaims sole authorship of Mr. Biglow's writings, ib. his low opinion of prepensive autographs, 254 - a chaplain in 1812, 255 - cites a heathen comedian, ib.

We, 299

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