Fuller, Dr. Thomas, a wise saying of,

Funnel, Old, hurraing in, 187.


Gabriel, his last trump, its pressing na-

ture, 292.
Gardiner, Lieutenant Lion, 266.
Gawain, Sir, his amusements, 201.
Gay, S. H., Esquire, editor of National

Antislavery Standard, letter to, 206.
Geese, how infallibly to make swans

of, 268.
Gentleman, high-toned Southern, scien-

tifically classed, 277.
Getting up early, 184, 188.
Ghosts, some, presumed fidgety, (but

see Stilling's Pneumatology,) 207.
Giants formerly stupid, 201.
Gideon, his sword needed, 272.
Gift of tongues, distressing case of, 200.
Gilbert, Sir Humphrey, 290.
Globe Theatre, cheap season-ticket to,

Glory, a perquisite of officers, 212–

her account with B. Sawin, Esq., 214.
Goatsnose, the celebrated, interview

with, 209.
God, the only honest dealer, 274.
Goings, Mehetable, unfounded claim

of, disproved, 263.
Gomara has a vision, 189 – his rela-

tionship to the Scarlet Woman, ib.
Governor, our excellent, 254.
Grandfather, Mr. Biglow's, safe advice

of, 267
Grandfathers, the, knew something,

Grand jurors, Southern, their way of

finding a true bill, 258.
Grantus, Dux, 309.
Gravestones, the evidence of Dissent-

ing ones held doubtful, 291.
Gray's letters are letters, 207.
Great horn spoon, sworn by, 201.
Greeks, ancient, whether they ques-

tioned candidates, 209.
Green Man, sign of, 193.

Hail Columbia, raised, 257,
Ham, sandwich, an orthodox (but pe-

culiar) one, 203 - his seed, 278 –
their privilege in the Bible, ib. -im-
moral justification of, ib.
Hamlets, machine for making, 210.
Hammon, 199, note, 209.
Hampton Roads, disaster in, 284.
Hannegan, Mr., something said by,
Harrison, General, how preserved, 208.
Hat, a leaky one, 258.
Hat-trees, in full bearing, 214.
Hawkins, his whetstone, 261.
Hawkins, Sir John, stout, something

he saw, 214.
Hawthorne, 262.
Hay-rick, electrical experiments with,

Headlong, General, 266.
Hell, the opinion of some concerning,

300 — breaks loose, 305.
Henry the Fourth of England, a Par-

liament of, how named, 194, 195.
Hens, self-respect attributed to, 256.
Herb, the Circean, 291.
Herbert, George, next to David, 275.
Hercules, his secor labor probably

what, 221.
Hermon, fourth-proof dew of, 278.
Herodotus, story from, 186
Hesperides, an inference from, 214.
Hessians, native American soldiers,

Hickory, Old, his method, 305.
Higgses, their natural aristocracy of

feeling, 279;
Hitchcock, the Rev. Jeduthun, col-

league of Mr. Wilbur, 254 — letter
from, containing notices of Mr. Wil-
bur, 302 — ditto, enclosing macaronic
verses, 307 -- teacher of high-school,

Hitchcock, Doctor, 290.
Hogs, their dreams, 256.
Holden, Mr. Shearjashub, Preceptor

of Jaalam Academy, 209– his knowl-
edge of Greek limited, ib. — a heresy
of his, ib. — leaves a fund to propa.

gate it, 209.
Holiday, blind man's, 326.
Hollis, Ezra, goes to a Cornwallis, 186.
Hollow, why men providentially so cor-

structed, 195.

Nabeas corpus, new mode of suspend-

ing it, 286.


Holmes, Dr., author of “Annals of

America,” 254
Homer, a phrase of, cited, 204.
Homer, eldest son of Mr. Wilbur, 313.
Horners, democratic ones, plums left

for, 197:
Hotels, big ones, humbugs, 272.
House, a strange one described, 256.
Howell, James, Esq., story told by, 195

- letters of, commended, 207.
Huldah, her bonnet, 301.
H nan rights out of order on the floor

of Congress, 201.
Humbug, ascription of praise to, 205

- generally believed in, ib.
Husbandry, instance of bad, 191.

James the Fourth, of Scots, expert-

ment by, 186.
Jaragin, Mr., his opinion of the com-

pleteness of Northern education,
Jefferson, Thomas, well-meaning, but

injudicious, 294.
Jerusha, ex-Mrs. Sawin, 260.
Jeremiah, hardly the best guide in mod-

ern politics, 296.
Jerome, Saint, his list of sacred writ-

ers, 207.
Job, Book of, 185– Chappelow on,

Johnson, Andrew, as he used to be,

294 - as he is : see Arnold, Bene-

Johnson, Mr., communicates some in-

telligence, 202.
Jonah, the inevitable destiny of, 203

- probably studied internal econ-
omy of the cetacea, 207 — his gourd,
278 — his unanimity in the whale.

Jonathan to John, 273.
Jortin, Dr., cited, 194, 199, note.
Journals, British, their brutal tone, 263.
Juanito, 289.
Judea, everything not known there,

191 - not identical with A. D., 301.
Judge, the, his garden, 263 — his hat

covers many things, ib.
Juvenal, a saying of, 198, note.


Icarius, Penelope's father, 192.
Icelander, a certain uncertain, 290.
Idea, the Southern, its natural foes, 287

-- the true American, 321.
Ideas, friction ones unsafe, 295.
Idyl, defined, 262.
Indecision, mole-blind, 320.
Infants, prattlings of, curious observa-

tion concerning, 186.
Information wanted (universally, but

especially at page) 207.
Ishmael, young, 272.


[blocks in formation]

Jaalam, unjustly neglected by great

events, 291.
Jaalam Centre, Anglo-Saxons unjustly
suspected by the young ladies there,
188 — “Independent Blunderbuss,”
strange conduct of editor of, 203 --
public meeting at, 207 --- meeting-
house ornamented with imaginary

clock, 215.
Jaalam, East Parish of, 254.
Jaalam Point, light-house on, charge

of, prospectively offered to Mr. H.
Biglow, 208.
Jacobus, rex, 309.
Takes, Captain, 220 - reproved for

avarice, ib.
Jamaica, 320.


Lablache surpassed, 284.
Lacedæmonians banish a great talke
Lamb. Charles, his epistolary excel

lence, 207.


Latimer, Bishop, episcopizes Satan, 185.
Latin tongue, curious information con-

cerning, 192.
Launcelot, Sir, a trusser of giants for-

merly, perhaps would find less sport

therein now, 201.
Laura, exploited, 313.
Learning, three-story, 299.
Letcher, de la vieille roche, 279.
Letcherus, nebulo, 309.
Letters classed, 209 — their shape, 207

- of candidates, 208 — often fatal,

Lettres Cabalistiques, quoted, 264.
Lewis Philip, a scourger of young na-

tive Americans, 199 - commiserated

(though not deserving it), ib. note.
Lexington, 267.
Liberator, a newspaper, condemned by

implication, 193.
Liberty, unwholesome for men of cer-

tain complexions, 204:
Licking, when constitutional, 282.
Lignum vitæ, a gift of this valuable

wood proposed, 189.
Lincoln, too shrewd to hang Mason

and Slidell, 288.
Literature, Southern, its abundance,

Little Big Boosy River, 260.
Longinus recommends' swearing, 186

note (Fuseli did same thing).
Long sweetening recommended, 211.
Lord, inexpensive way of lending to,

Lords, Southern, prove pur sang by

ablution, 279.
Lost arts, one sorrowfully added to list

of, 221.
Louis the Eleventh of France, some

odd trees of his, 214.
Lowell, Mr. J. R., unaccountable si-

lence of, 192
Luther, Martin, his first appearance as

Europa, 188.
Lyæus, 310
Lyttelton, Lord, his letters an imposi-
tion, 207.

Mahomet, got nearer Sinai than some

Mahound, his filthy gobbets, 189.
Mandeville, Sir John, quoted, 264.
Mangum, Mr., speaks to the point, 201,
Manichæan, excellently confuted, 200.
Man-trees, grew where, 214.
Maori chieftains, 264.
Mapes, Walter, quoted, 265 — para:

phrased, ib.
Mares'-nests, finders of, benevolent

Marius, quoted, 276.
Marshfield, 216, 218.
Martin, Mr. Sawin used to vote for

him, 219,
Mason and Dixon's line, slaves north

of, 201.
Mason an F. F. V., 288.
Mason and Slidell, how they might

have been made at once useful and
ornamental, 288.
Mass, the, its duty defined, 201.
Massachusetts on her knees, 185–

something mentioned in connection
with, worthy the attention of tailors,
196 - citizen of, baked, boiled, aud
roasted (nefandum !), 212.
Masses, the, used as butter by some,

Maury, an intellectual giant, twin birth

with Simms (which see), 280.
Mayday a humbug, 297.
M. C., an invertebrate animal, 198.
Me, Mister, a queer creature, 299.
Mechanics' Fair, reflections suggested

at, 210.
Medium, ardentispirituale, 308.
Mediums, spiritual, dreadful liars, 301.
Memminger, old, 259.
Mentor, letters of, dreary, 207.
Mephistopheles at a nonplus, 203.
Mexican blood, its effect in raising

price of cloth, 215.
Mexican polka, 189.,
Mexicans charged with various breach-

es of etiquette, 188 — kind feelings

beaten into them, 205.
Mexico, no glory in overcoming, 196.
Middleton, Thomas, quoted, 276.
Military glory spoken disrespectfully

of, 187, note - militia treated stiú
Milk-trees, growing still, 214.


Macrobii, their diplomacy, 209.,
Magoffin, a name naturally noble, 279.

worse, ib.

her exp

Mill, Stuart, his low ideas, 287.
Millenniums, apt to miscarry, 306.
Millspring, 2872
Mills for manufacturing gabble, how

driven, 200. Mills, Josialı’s, 299., Milton, an unconscious plagiary, 195,

note – a Latin verse of, cited, 204 – an English poet, 290 — his “ Hymn

of the Nativity,” 303. Missionaries, user 1 to alligators, 256

- culinary liabilities of, 278. Missions, a profitable kind of, 204. Monarch, a pagan, probably not favored

in philosophical experiments, 186. Money-trees, desirable, 214 — that they

once existed shown to be variously probable, ib. Montaigne, a communicative old GasMonterey, battle of, its singular chro

matic effect on a species of two

headed eagle, 199. Montezuma, licked, 257. Montaigne, 314 Moody, Seth, his remarkable gun, 260

- his brother Asaph, ib. Moquis Indians, praiseworthy custom Moses, held up vainly as an example, 204 —

construed by Joe Smith, ib. (not, A. J. Moses) prudent way of

following, 291. Muse invoked, 308. Myths, how to interpret readily, 209.

done brown by whom, ib.

rience in beans beyond Cicero's, 206 Newspaper, the, wonderful, 205–

strolling theatre, ib. — thoughts sug gested by tearing wrapper of, 206 a vacant sheet, ib. - a sheet in which a vision was let down, ib. — wrappes to a bar of soap, ib. - a cheap im. promptu platter, ib. New World, apostrophe to, 272. New York, letters from, commended.

207. Next life, what, 204. Nicotiana Tabacum, a weed, 290. Niggers, 184 - area of abusing extend

ed, 196 - Mr. Sawin's opinions of,

Ninepence a day low for murder, 186.
No, a monosyllable, 190 — hard to ut-
Noah enclosed letter in bottle, proba-

bly, 207.
Noblemen, Nature's, 280.
Nornas, Lapland, what, 215.
North, the, has no business, 202 —

- bris tling, crowded off roost, 208 — its

mind naturally unprincipled, 295. North Bend, geese inhumanly treated

at, 209 — mentioned, 216. North star, a proposition to indict,

Northern Dagon, 260.
Northmen, gens inclytissima, 289.
Nôtre Dame de la Haine, 277.
Nowhere, march to, 300.
Now, its merits, 299.

ter, ib.

con, 206.

of, 290.


[ocr errors]

Naboths, Popish ones, how distin

guished, 189. Nana Sahib, 264. Nancy, presumably Mrs. Biglow, 266. Napoleon III., his new chairs, 285.. Nation, rights of, proportionate to size,

188 — young, its first needs, 286. National pudding, its effect on the or

gans of speech, a curious physiologiNegroes, their double usefulness, 259

getting too current, 286. Nephelim, not yet extinct, 221. New England overpoweringly honored,

198 - wants no more speakers, ib.

O'Brien, Smith, 264.
Off ox, 208.
Officers, miraculous transformation in

character of, 189 – Anglo-Saxon, come very near being anathematized.

ib. Old age, an advantage of, 262. Old One, invoked, 283. Onesimus made to serve the cause of

impiety, 278. O’Phace, Increase D., Esq., speech of Opinion, British, its worth to us, 265.

cal fact, 190.


Opinions, certain ones compared to

winter flies, 275. Oracle of Fools, still respectfully con

sulted, 195. Orion becomes commonplace, 206. Orrery, Lord, his letters, (lord !) 207. Ostracism, curious species of, 195. Ovidii Nasonis, carmen supposititium, 308.

P. Palestine, 189 Paley, his Evidences, 324. Palfrey, Hon. J. G., 195, 198 (a worthy

representative of Massachusetts). Pantagruel recommends a popular ora

cle, 195. Panurge, 265 - his interview with

Goatsnose, 209. Paper, plausible-looking, wanted, 286. Papists, female, slain by zealous Prot

estant bomb-shell, 215. Paralipomenon, a man suspected of be

ing, 209. Paris, liberal principles safe as far away

as, 204. Parliamentum Indoctorum sitting in

permanence, 194. Past, the, a good nurse, 201. Patience, sister, quoted, 187. Patriarchs, the, illiterate, 261. Patricius, brogipotens, 308. Faynims, their throats propagandisti

cally cut, 189. Penelope, her wise choice, 192. People, soft enough, 205 — want cor

rect ideas, 213 – the, decline to be

Mexicanized, 292. F'epin, King, 207. Pepperell, General, quoted, 266. Pequash Junction, 314. Periwig, 208. Perley, Mr. Asaph, has charge of bassPerseus, King, his avarice, 266. Persius, a pithy saying of, 197, note. Pescara, Marquis, saying of, 185. Peter, Saint, a letter of (post-mortem),

207. Petrarch, exploited Laura, 313. Petronius, 265. Pettibone, Jabez, bursts up, 280. Pettus came over with Wilhelmus Con

quistor, 279.

Phaon, 313:
Pharaoh, his lean kine, 272.
Pharisees, opprobriously referred to,

204. Philippe, Louis, in pea-jacket, 205. Phillips, Wendell, catches a Tartar,

295 Phlegyas quoted, 203. Phrygian language, whether Adam

spoke it, 186. Pickens, a Norman name, 279. Pilcoxes, genealogy of, 254. Pilgrim Father, apparition of, 300. Pilgrims, the, 196. Pillows, constitutional, 198. Pine-trees, their sympathy, 299. Pinto, Mr., some letters of his com.

mended, 207. Pisgah, an impromptu one, 215. Platform, party, a convenient one, 213. Plato, supped with, 207 — his man,

209. Pleiades, the, not enough esteemed,

206. Pliny, his letters not admired, 207. Plotinus, a story of, 201. Plymouth Rock, Old, a Convention

wrecked on, 196. Poets apt to become sophisticated, 297. Point Tribulation, Mr. Sawin wrecked

on, 214: Poles, exile, whether crop of beans de

pends on, 188, note. Polk, nomen gentile, 279. Polk, President, synonymous with our

country, 191 - censured, 196 — in

danger of being crushed, 197. Polka, Mexican, 189. Pomp, a runaway slave, his nest, 219

hypocritically groans like white man, 219, 220 — blind to Christian privileges, 220 - his society valued at fifty dollars, ib. — his treachery, ib. takes Mr. Sawin prisoner, ib. elly makes him work, ib. self illegally under his tuition, ib. dismisses him with contumelious epi

thets, ib. - a negro, 256. Pontifical bull a tamed one, 189. Pope, his verse excellent, 186. Pork, refractory in boiling, 189. Portico, the, 312. Portugal, Alphonso the Sixth of, a

monster, 221.

viol, 274;.

- cru

puts him

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