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And feel the wondrous meaning of today;

He had a deeper faith in holy sorrow Than the world's seeming loss could take away.

To know the heart of all things was his duty,

All things did sing to him to make him wise,

And, with a sorrowful and conquering beauty,

The soul of all looked grandly from his eyes.

He gazed on all within him and without him,

He watched the flowing of Time's steady tide,

And shapes of glory floated all about him And whispered to him, and he prophesied.

Than all men he more fearless was and freer,

And all his brethren cried with one accord,

"Behold the holy man! Behold the Seer!

Him who hath spoken with the unseen

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One who hath dwelt with Nature well attended,

Who hath learnt wisdom from her mystic books, Whose soul with all her countless lives hath blended,

So that all beauty awes us in his looks; Who not with body's waste his soul hath pampered,

Who as the clear northwestern wind is free, Who walks with Form's observances unhampered,

And follows the One Will obediently; Whose eyes, like windows on a breezy summit,

Control a lovely prospect every way; Who doth not sound God's sea with earthly plummet, And find a bottom still of worthless clay;

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Around the centre fixed of Destiny, Where the encircling soul serene o'erarches

The moving globe of being like a sky; Who feels that God and Heaven's great deeps are nearer

Him to whose heart his fellow-man is nigh,

Who doth not hold his soul's own freedom dearer

Than that of all his brethren, low or high;

Who to the Right can feel himself the


For being gently patient with the wrong,

Who sees a brother in the evildoer, And finds in Love the heart's-blood of his song;~.

This, this is he for whom the world is waiting

Tosing the beatings ofits mighty heart, Too long hath it been patient with the grating

Of scrannel-pipes, and heard it misnained Art.

To him the smiling soul of man shall listen

Laying awhile its crown of thorns aside, And once again in every eye shall glisten The glory of a nature satisfied. His verse shall have a great commanding motion,

Heaving and swelling with a melody Learntofthesky, the river, and the ocean, And all the pure, majestic things that be.

Awake, then, thou! we pine for thy great presence

To make us feel the soul once more sublime,

We are of far too infinite an essence Torestcontented with the lies of Tima

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