The Out-of-door Life of the Rev. John Russell: A Memoir

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79. oldal - Compound for sins they are inclined to By damning those they have no mind to.
397. oldal - Heaven ('twas all he wished) a friend. No farther seek his merits to disclose, Or draw his frailties from their dread abode (There they alike in trembling hope repose), The bosom of his Father and his God.
74. oldal - Hooker boasted 01 with much joy and gratitude, when he saw his mother and friends: and at the bishop's parting with him, the bishop gave him good counsel, and his benediction, but forgot to give him money; which when the bishop had considered, he sent a servant in all haste to call Richard back to him; and at Richard's return, the bishop said to him, ' Richard, I sent for ' you back to lend you a horse which hath carried me many a mile, and ' 1 thank GOD, with much ease...
217. oldal - His house was known to all the vagrant train ; He chid their wanderings, but relieved their pain.
75. oldal - GOD, with much ease ;' and presently delivered into his hand a walking-staff; with which he professed he had travelled through many parts of Germany.
58. oldal - Cambria's towering hills proclaim their lord, Deign thou to hear my bold, instructive song. While grateful citizens with pompous show, Rear the triumphal arch, rich with th...
279. oldal - He that complies against his will, Is of his own opinion still...
101. oldal - And warmed himself in Court or College, He had not gained an honest friend And twenty curious scraps of knowledge, — If he departed as he came, With no new light on love or liquor, — Good sooth, the traveller was to blame, And not the Vicarage, nor the Vicar.

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