Bell's Edition, 7-8. kötet

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J. Bell, 1782

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20. oldal - And emeraudes, more than two unces. But all before full subtilly A fine carbuncle set saw I, The stone so cleare was and so bright, That all so soone as it was night, Menne might seene to go for nede A mile or two. in length and brede. Such light ysprang out of the stone, That Richesse wonder bright yshone Bothe her hedde, and all her face, And eke about her all the place.
196. oldal - And all th'assiege of Thebes, and the care, For hereof ben there maked bookes twelve : But let be this, and tell me how ye fare, Do way your barbe, and shew your face bare, Do way your book, rise up and let us daunce, And let us done to May some observaunce.
197. oldal - I trowe, is this; And but your-selven telle us what it is My wit is for to arede it al to lene; As help me god, I noot nat what ye mene.' 'And I your borow, ne never shal, for me, This thing be told to yow, as mote I thryve!' 'And why so, uncle myn? why so?
167. oldal - That in that booke written is. " Now wote I nat, ne I can nat see What manner end that there shall bee Of all this that they hide, But yet algate they shall abide, Till that they may it bette defend, This trow I best woll be hir end. " Thus Antichrist abiden we, For we ben all of his meine, And what man that woll not be so, Right soone he shall his life forgo. We woll a people...
201. oldal - Tull lightly founden, and ye conne it take : And for the love of God, and eke of me, Catch it anone, least aventure slake : What should I lenger processe of it make, Yeve me your bond, for in this world is noo, If that you list, a wight so well begon.
19. oldal - To been avised by your rede the better," And found (as hap was) at his bedes hedde The copie of a treatise, and a letter That Hector had him sent, to asken rede If such a man was worthy to ben dede, Wote I naught who, but in a grisly wise He prayed hem anone on it avise. Deiphebus gan this letter for to...
3. oldal - ... thing it frette and shall, The time eke that chaungeth all, And all doth waxe, and fostred be, And all thing destroyeth he. The time that eldeth our auncestours And eldeth kinges and emperours, And that us all shall overcommen Er that death us shall have nomen, The time that hath all in welde To elden folke, had made her elde So inly, that to my weting She might helpe her selfe nothing, But tourned ayen unto childhede ; She had nothing her selfe to lede Ne wit ne pithe in her hold More than a...
119. oldal - The Poetical Works of Geoff. Chaucer. In Fourteen Volumes. The Miscellaneous Pieces from Urry's Edition 1721, the Canterbury Tales from Tyrwhitt's Edition 1775. Edinburg: At the Apollo Press, by the Martins, Anno 1782.

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