Poems Selected and Original for the Use of Schools

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Ford, 1870 - 109 oldal

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67. oldal - ... day, But now, I often wish the night Had borne my breath away! I remember, I remember, The roses, red and white, The violets, and the lily-cups, Those flowers made of light! The lilacs where the robin built, And where my brother set The laburnum on his birth-day,— The tree is living yet! I remember, I remember, Where I was used to swing, And thought the air must rush as fresh To swallows on the wing...
65. oldal - HOW happy is he born and taught That serveth not another's will; Whose armour is his honest thought, And simple truth his utmost skill ! Whose passions not his masters are; Whose soul is still prepared for death, Untied unto the world by care Of public fame or private breath; Who envies none that chance doth raise...
56. oldal - I saw her bright reflection In the waters under me, Like a golden goblet falling And sinking into the sea. And far in the hazy distance Of that lovely night in June, The blaze of the flaming furnace Gleamed redder than the moon. Among the long, black rafters The wavering shadows lay, And the current that came from the ocean Seemed to lift and bear them away ; As, sweeping and eddying through them, Rose the belated tide, And, streaming into the moonlight, The seaweed floated wide.
68. oldal - Those joyous hours are past away ; And many a heart, that then was gay, Within the tomb now darkly dwells, And hears no more those evening bells. And so 'twill be when I am gone ; That tuneful peal will still ring on, While other bards shall walk these dells, And sing your praise, sweet...
11. oldal - Is there a thing beneath the sun That strives with Thee my heart to share ? Ah, tear it thence, and reign alone, The Lord of every motion there ! Then shall my heart from earth be free, When it hath found repose in Thee.
105. oldal - And it made them bow without more ado, Or it cracked their great branches through and through. Then it rushed like a monster on cottage and farm, Striking their dwellers with sudden alarm; And they ran out like bees in a midsummer swarm. There were dames with their 'kerchiefs tied over their caps, To see if their poultry were free from mishaps; The turkeys they gobbled, the geese screamed aloud, And the hens crept to roost in a terrified crowd; There was rearing of ladders, and logs laying on Where...
6. oldal - There is a home for weary souls, By sin and sorrow driven ; When tossed on life's tempestuous shoals, Where storms arise, and ocean rolls. And all is drear but heaven ! There faith lifts up her cheerful eye...
97. oldal - When night, with wings of starry gloom, O'ershadows all the earth and skies, Like some dark, beauteous bird, whose plume Is sparkling with unnumbered eyes, That sacred gloom, those fires divine, So grand, so countless, Lord, are Thine.
17. oldal - Look up to Heaven! the industrious Sun Already half his race hath run ; He cannot halt nor go astray, But our immortal Spirits may. Lord ! since his rising in the East, If we have faltered or transgressed, Guide, from thy love's abundant source, What yet remains of this day's course : Help with thy grace, through life's short day, Our upward and our downward way ; And glorify for us the west, When we shall sink to final rest.
65. oldal - Who God doth late and early pray More of his grace than gifts to lend ; And entertains the harmless day With a religious book or friend — This man is freed from servile bands Of hope to rise or fear to fall: Lord of himself, though not of lands, And, having nothing, yet hath all.

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