The garden farmer: profitable market gardening

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10. oldal - Handwriting, Character Indicated by. With Illustrations in Support of the Theories advanced, taken from Autograph Letters, of Statesmen, Lawyers, Soldiers, Ecclesiastics, Authors, Poets, Musicians, Actors, and other persons. Second Edition. By R. BAUGHAN. In cloth gilt, price 2s. bd., by post 2s. 9d. Hardy Perennials and Old-fashioned Garden Flowers.
7. oldal - Fancy Work Series, Artistic. A Series of Illustrated Manuals on Artistic and Popular Fancy Work of various kinds. Each number is complete in itself, and issued at the uniform price of 6d., by post Id.
8. oldal - IN SHEET METAL: Being Practical Instructions for Making and Mending small Articles in Tin. Copper, Iron, Zinc, and Brass. Illustrated. Third Edition. By the Author of " Turning for Amateurs,
9. oldal - TRAPPING, PRACTICAL: Being some Papers on Traps and Trapping for Vermin, with a Chapter on General Bird Trapping and Snaring. By W. CARNEGIE. In paper, price Is., by post Is.
10. oldal - Church Festival Decorations: Comprising Directions and Designs for the Suitable Decoration of Churches for Christmas, Easter, Whitsuntide, and Harvest. Illustrated. In paper, price Is. ; by post, Is. Id.
4. oldal - VINE CULTURE FOR AMATEURS: Being Plain Directions for the successful growing of Grapes, with the means and appliances usually at the command of amateurs. Illustrated. By WJ MAT. In paper, price Is., by post, Is. Id. PRUNING, GRAFTING, AND BUDDING FRUIT TREES: Illustrated with ninety-three Diagrams.
5. oldal - Illustrated Descriptions of the most suitable Plants, with general and Special Cultural Directions, and all necessary information for the Guidance of the Amateur.

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