Literary Value/cultural Power: Verbal Arts in the Twenty-first Century

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Manchester University Press, 2001 - 156 oldal
So many of us use words in ways we want others to value. We write letters, emails and poems. We tell stories to our children or our friends. Human beings have done this as far back as history can record, and the verbal arts are an intrinsic part of all societies. Indeed, they have become a defining element in national cultures. Today we have education systems, the commercial arena of publishing and bookselling, and increasingly the world of electronic media, all laying claim to the knowledge of literary value in the name of cultural power. At the same time more and more of us are writing, reading, speaking and listening, and making up different communities that value the verbal arts in ways rewarding to ourselves. As the separation between what used to be called 'high art' and 'popular culture' dissolves, there is a real problem for many of us in deciding what to read, or to whom we want to listen.

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