Proceedings of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 26. kötet

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Vol. 12 (from May 1876 to May 1877) includes: Researches in telephony / by A. Graham Bell.

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362. oldal - A Plea for the Constitution of the United States of America, wounded in the House of its Guardians.
116. oldal - ... employed by him, have very little influence on the result. The rate of propagation of an electrical disturbance along a conductor depends mainly on its capacity and coefficient of self-induction, and only to a small extent on its resistance. Hertz concludes that, owing to the great rapidity of the alternations, the magnetism of the iron is unable to follow them, and therefore has no effect on the selfinduction. When a portion of the micrometer circuit...
351. oldal - He inherited a distinguished name, and his labors have rendered it memorable aud illustrious, — one of the brightest in the annals of American surgery, — not to claim for it a still higher place in the history of the healing art.
365. oldal - Its style is lofty and eloquent, written with candour, neither exaggerating vices of character, nor reviving national animosities, but rendering a just tribute to virtue, wherever found.
368. oldal - Nothing was refuse*! him in the English State Paper Office. nor at the Treasury. The manuscripts of the British Museum and the Royal Institution, such of the Chatham Papers as had not been printed, the Shelburne Papers, including the letters of Shelburne and the King, an autobiography of the third Duke of Grafton, a journal of the Earl of Dartmouth, the letters which passed from the King to Lord North, not to mention others of lesser importance, were placed at his disposal.
360. oldal - I met him everywhere," says Robert C. Winthrop, "and witnessed the high estimation in which he was held by literary men like Rogers, and Hallam, and Alison, and Milman, and Lord Mahon, and by statesmen like Peel, Palmerston, and Russell.
360. oldal - The fourth and fifth volumes were published in 1852, the sixth in 1854, the seventh in 1858, the eighth in 1860, the ninth in 1866, the tenth in 1874. Bancroft wrote two other volumes upon the "History of the Formation of the Constitution of the United States," virtually a continuation of his larger work.
11. oldal - ... it from other tribes inhabiting, or occasionally visiting, the tropical regions. [In the Philadelphia museum are many Indian pipes of that red indurated clay, found only (as far as hitherto known) on the Pipe Stone branch of the little Sioux river of the Missouri; one of these, however, was found on the banks of the Rio de la Plata, in South America: several were found in the territory now called New England, and in the northeastern part of the continent. On the 26th we passed the mouth of the...
115. oldal - But in the case of a discharge of a leyden-jar iron is of no advantage. The current oscillates so quickly that any iron introduced into the circuit, however subdivided into thin wires it may be, is protected from magnetism by inverse currents induced in its outer skin, and accordingly does not get magnetized, and, so far from increasing the inductance of the discharge circuit, it positively diminishes it by the reaction effect of these induced currents; it acts, in fact, much as a mass of copper...
333. oldal - That the sum of two hundred dollars be appropriated to defray the expenses of the social meetings of the Academy for the present year.

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