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Explaining the Sense, and Animating the Devotion.

Late Minister of the Gospel at Haddington.

-I will sing with the spirit, and I will sing with the
understanding also.

1 Cor. xiv. 15.





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Perhaps this Psalm was added by Ezra, or whoever else was the collector of the others into one book. We have represented to us in it, (1.) The character of the Godly; how holy they are, abstaining from every temptation to, or appearance of evil; and with pleasure meditating on, and endeavouring to fulfil, the whole law of God, ver. 1, 2. and how happy, planted in the nearest fellowship with Jesus, the River of life, they prosper in their lawful attempts:. They never fall from their grace or profession; and they shall stand with approbation at the judgment-seat of God, ver. 3. (2.) The sinfulness and misery of the wicked: How different from, and contrary to the godly; in their inclination, companions, exercises and ends! How light and unsubstantial, as chaff, and ready to be hurled by the storms of infinite wrath, into the depths of hell, as cast and condemned in the righteous judgment of God! ver. 4, 5. (3.) The great reason of the happiness of saints, and of the misery of sinners. The Lord loveth the righteous, and observes and approves their inclinations and behaviour; but, as an enemy, he brings destructive vengeance upon the wicked, ver. 6. While I sing these important lines, let my soul lift up her eyes to hat great pattern of perfection, Jesus, the man of God's *ight hand, who was holy, harmless, undefiled, and separate (from sinners; and who fulfilled all righteousness, magnified

the law, and made it honourable for men, for ME. United to his person, clothed with his righteousness, and all inflamed and animated with his redeeming love, shed abroad in my heart, let me examine myself as in his sight; let me walk in him as my way, and follow him as my Pattern and Guide; Let me, with solemn awe, look to, and prepare for his last, his eternal judgment!

And over Sion, my holy hill,

Į have him King anointed.
ny The sure decree I will declare:

the Lord hath said to me,
Thou art mine only Son, this day

I have begotten thee.
8 Ask of me, and for heritage

the heathen, I'll make thine; And, for possession, I to thee

will give earth's utmost line.
9 Thou shalt, as with a weighty rod

of iron, break them all;
And as a potter's sherd thou shalt

them dash in pieces small. 10 Now therefore, kings, be wise; be taught,

ye judges of the earth : 11 Serve God in fear, and see that ye join trembling with


mirth. 12 Kiss the Son, lest in his ire

ye perish from the way,
If once his wrath begin to burn;

bless'd all that on nim stay.



Having beheld the royal dignity of my Redeemer, let me here behold the joy, the peace, the safety of the redeemed amidst their distresses innumerable. Here David, driven from his holy capital and high throne, by his rebellious son Absalom, (i.) Complains to his God of the number and malice of his enemies, ver. 1, 2. (2.) He encourageth bimself in his God, as the source and subject.matter of his safety, joy, and honour, ver. 3. (3.) He recollects how, on former

occasions, his troubles had driven him to his prayers;

how he had always found God ready to hear and grant his requests; how safe and easy he bad lived under his protection; and how effectually he had broken the power, and restrained the malice of bis enemies, ver. 4, 5. 7. (4.) Triumphantly trusting in God, as the salvation and blesser of his people, he silenceth all his fears, and puurs forth his prayers for new protection and deliverance, ver. 6. 8. I Think, my soul, of Jesus, who, when bulls of Bashan compassed him about, trusted in God, that he would deliver him. In all my distress, let me pour out my heart before him, believing in him, as God, even my God. Let me always rejoice in the great God my Saviour. Let me trust in him at all times, that as he hath delivered, and doth deliver, so he will deliver me.

A Psalm of David, when he fled from Absalom

his son.

1 O Lord, how are my foes increas'd ?

against me many rise. 2 Many say of my soul, For him

in God no succour lies. 8 Yet thou my shield and glory art,

th' uplifter of mine head. 4 I cry'd, and from his holy hill

the Lord me answer made, 5 I laid me down and slept, I wak'd,

for God sustained me.
! 6 I will not fear though thousands ten

set round against me be.
7 Arise, O Lord; save me my God,

for thou my foes hast stroke
All on the cheek-bone, and the teeth
of wicked men hast broke.

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