For love, which scarce collective man can fill ;
For patience, fov'reign o'er transmuted ill ;
For faith, that panting for a happier feat,
Counts death kind Nature's signal of retreat :
These goods for man the laws of heav'n ordain,
Thefe goods he grants, who grants the pow'r to gain ;
With these celestial Wisdom calms the mind,
And makes the happiness she does not find.

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Ye glitt’ring Train! whoin lace and velvet bless,
Suipend the soft solicitudes of dress;
From grov'ling business and fuperAuous care,
Ye fons of Avarice! a moment spare :
Vot'ries of Fame and worshippers of Pow'r !
Dismiss the pleasing phantoms for an hour.
Our daring Bard, with spirit unconfin'd,
Spreads wide the mighty moral of mankind.
Learn here how Heav'n supports the virtuous mind,
Daring, tho' calm; and vigorous, though resiga'd.
Learn here what anguish racks the guilty breait,
In pow'r dependent, in fuccess deprest.
Learn here that Peace from Innocence must flow;
All else is empty sound, and idle show.

If truths like the fe with pleasing language joia ;
Ennobled, yet unchang'd, if Nature Thine :
If no wild draught depart from Reason's rules,
Nor gode his heroes, nor his lovers fools :
Intriguing wits ! his artless plot forgive ;
And spare him, beauties! tho' his lovers live.

Be this at least his praise; be this his pride ; To force applause no modern arts are try'd. Shou'd partial cat-calls all his hopes confound, He bids no trumpet quell che fatal sound. Should welcome Alcep relieve the weary wit, He rolls no thunders o'er the drowsy pit,


No saares to captivate the judgment spreads ;
Nor bribes your eyes to prejudice your heads.
Unmov'd tho' witlings sneer and rivals rail;
Studious to please, yet not asham'd to fail.
He scorns the meek address, the suppliant strain,
With merit needless, and without it vain.
In Reason, Nature, Truth he dares to trust :
Ye Fops be filent! and ye Wits be just !

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