Yet still be fills affection's eye,

Obscurely wise and coarsely kind ; Nor letter'd arrogance deny

Thy praise to merit unrefin'd.

When fainting nature called for aid,

And hovering death prepar'd the blowing His vigorous remedy display'a

The power of art without the show.

In misery's darkest cavern known,

His useful care was ever nigh,
Where hopeless anguish pour’d his groang,

And lonely want retir'd to die.

No fummons mock'a by chill delay;

No petty gain disdain’d by pride ; The modest wants of every day

The toil of every day supply'd.

His virtues walk'd their narrow round,

Nor made a pause, nor left a void ; And sure th' Eternal master found

The single talent well employ'd.

The busy day—the peaceful night,

Unfelt, uncounted, glided by ;
His frame was firin-his powers were bright;

Tho' now his eightieth year was nigh.


Then with no fiery, teroobing pain,

No cold s'adations of decay, Death broke at once the vital chain,

And forc'd his soul the nearest way.

Ε Ρ Ι Τ Α Ρ Η - I U M


Honorabilis admodum THOMAS HANMER,

Baronettus, Wilhelmi Hanmer armigeri è Peregrina Henrici

North De Mildenhal in Com : Suffolciæ Baronetti sorore

et hærede,

Johannis Hanmer de Hanmer Baronetti

Hæres patruelis
Antiquo gentis suæ et titulo, et patrimonio fuccellit

Duas uxores fortitus est ;
Alteram liabellam, honore à patre derivato de

Arlington comitiffam Deinde celciffimi principis ducis de Grafton viduam dotariam


Alteram Elizabetham Thomæ Folks de Barton in

Com. Suff. armigeri.

Filiam et hæredem
Inter humanitates studia felicitèr enutritus
Omnes liberalium artium disciplinas avidè arripuit,
Quas morum suavitate haud leviter ornavit.

Poftquam exceflit et ephebis
Continuo inter populares suos fama eminens
Et comitatus fui legatus ad Parliamentum miffus
Ad ardua regni negotia per annos prope triginta

Si accinxit
Cumq; apud illos ampliffimorum virorum ordines

Solent nihil temerè effutire
Sed probe perpensa differtè expromere

Orator gravis et pressus
Non minus integritatis quam eloquentiæ laude

commendatus Æquè omnium utcunq; inter fe alioqui diffidentium

Aures atque animos attraxit
Annoque demum M.DCC.XI11. regnante Anna
Feliciffima, florentiffunæque memoriæ regina

Ad prolocutoris cathedram
Communi fenatûs universi voce defignatus eft :

Quod munus
Cum nullo tempore non difficile

Tum illo certè negotiis
Et varus et lubricis et implicatis difficillimum
Cum dignitate sustinuit.


Honores alios, et omnia, quæ fibi in lucrum cederent,

Sedulo detrectavit
Ut rei totus inferviret publicæ

Justi, rectique tenax
Et fide in patriam incorrupta notus.
Ubi omnibus, quæ virum, civimque bonum decent

officiis fatis feciffet, Paulatim fe à publicis confiliis in otium recipiens

Inter literarum amanitates,
Inter ante-actæ vitæ haud insuaves recordationes,
Inter amicorum convictus et amplexus

Honorificè contenuit,
Et bonis omnibus, quibus chariffimus vixit

Defideratiffimus obiit.




THOU who survey'st these walls with curious eye,
Pause at this tomb where Hanmer's alhes lie;
His various worth through varied life attend,
And learn his virtues while thou mourn'st his end.

His force of genius burn'd in early youth,
With thirst of knowledge, and with love of truth;


His learning, join'd with each endearing art,
Charm'd ev'ry ear, and gain'd on ev'ry heart.

Thus early wise, th’endanger'd realm to aid,
His country call'd him from the studiaus shade;
In life's first bloom his public toils began,
At once commenc'd the senator and man.

In business dextrous, weighty in debate,
Thrice teh-long years he labour'd for the state;
'In every speech persuasive wisdom flow'd,
In every act refulgent virtue glow'd ;
Suspended faction ceas'd from rage and strife,
"To hear his eloquence, and praise his life.

Resistless merit fix'd the Senate's choice, Who hail'd him Speaker with united voice. Illustrious age! how bright thy glories thone, When HANMER fill'd the chair-and Anne the

throne !
Then when dark arts obscur'd each fierce debate,
When niutual frauds perplex'd the maze of state,
The Moderator firmly mild appear’d
Beheld with love with veneration heard.

This talk perform’d-he fought no gainful post,
Nor wilh'd to glitter at his country's coft ;
Strict on the right he fix'd his stedfast eye,
With temperate zeal, and wise anxiety;
Nor e'er from Virtue's paths was lur'd aside,
To pluck the flow'rs of pleasure, or of pride.


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