admitted daily up to one o'clock. The Annual Exhibition opens in September.


THE CITY ART GALLERY, Mosley Street. -Curator, W. Stanfield. Open on all week-days from 10 to 9, on Sundays from 2.30 to 5, free. Annual Exhibition opens in September. Students are admitted daily on conditions which may be had on application.

QUEEN'S PARK MUSEUM AND ART GALLERY.-Curator, Charles G. Virgo. Open free on all week-days from 10 to dusk. Two

Exhibitions annually of specially invited works. Pictures in Oil (early in) July to (late in) October. Pictures in Water Colours (early in) January to (late in June.

THE MANCHESTER WHITWORTH INSTITUTE.-President, Sir Wm. Agnew, Bart. Hon. Sec., R. D. Darbishire, Esq., 1, St. James Square. Open every week-day, except Friday, from 10 to dusk; Friday is reserved as a Student day. Open on Sundays from 2 to 5. MANCHESTER ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS.-Hon. Sec., Elias Bancroft, R.C.A., 7, Buckingham Crescent, Victoria Park, Manchester. NOTTINGHAM.

CITY OF NOTTINGHAM MUSEUM AND ART GALLERY.--Director, G.H.Wallis, F.S.A. Collections of Pictorial and Decorative Art, Greek and Roman Antiquities, &c. Open on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays free, on Fridays 6d., and Saturdays id., 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.; on Saturdays to 9.30 p.m. In winter, closes at 4 p.m. on Fridays.


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the Department of Science and Art, and, whilst largely maintaining its technological character, it has now become a general museum of Science and Art. The Scottish collections of the Geological Survey are also exhibited here. Open free every week day from 10 to 4, and on Wednesdays from 10 to 4 and 6 to 10 p.m. On Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., and on Sundays from 3 to 5 p.m. Students and other qualified persons may obtain free tickets for the library on application to the Director of the Museum.

THE NATIONAL GALLERY.-Curator and Keeper, Robert Gibb, R.S.A. Open free on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays, from 10 to 4 (5 in summer). Thursdays and Fridays are Students' days, and a charge of 6d. is made. Open 10 to 4.


PORTRAIT GALLERY, Queen Street.-Curator, James L. Caw. Open daily under the same regulations as the National Gallery. Free daily, except Thursday and Friday, when admission is 6d.*

ROYAL SCOTTISHACADEMY.-Secretary, George Hay, R.S.A. The Annual Exhibition is open from middle of February to middle of May, the receiving day being 1st February. Members may not exhibit more than five works; non-members may also exhibit five works.

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National Gallery of Ireland, Merrion Sq., West, Dublin. Director, Sir Walter Armstrong. Registrar, W. G. Strickland. Contains collection of Pictures and Drawings by Masters of the Continental and British Schools, and includes a National Historical and Portrait Gallery. Open free on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays from 10 to 6 or dusk, and on Sundays from 2 to 5 or dusk. Students' days are Thursdays and Fridays from 10 to 4, and the public are then admitted on payment of 6d.

THE ROYAL HIBERNIAN ACADEMY OF ARTS, Lower Abbey Street.-Secretary, S. C. Smith, R.H.A. Annual Exhibition opens in March, and closes end of May. Admission IS.; evening 2d.

WATER COLOUR SOCIETY OF IRELAND.-Exhibition every spring in Dublin, at 35, Molesworth Street. Admission Is.-Secretary, Robert Clayton Browne, Browne's Hill, Carlow. BELFAST.

FREE PUBLIC LIBRARY.-The Lending and Reference Libraries contain 40,776 volumes. Open daily from 10 to 9, Wednesday to 3. Chief Librarian, George H. Elliott.

CORPORATION ART GALLERY AND MUSEUM, Royal Avenue.-Curator, Charles Elcock. Open free daily from 11 to 4, and on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays from 6 to 9 p.m. Belfast Art Society's Exhibition held in the autumn,


Abbey, Edwin A., R.A., Chelsea Lodge, Tite Street, S.W.; b. 1852; painter; exhibited "A May-Day Morning" at R.A., 1890: commissioned to paint Coronation Scene of H.M. King Edward VII.

Abel, Sir Frederick A., Bart., 2, Whitehall Court, S. W. b. 1826; Director of the Imperial Institute; Chemist to the War Department, 1854-88.

Aberdeen, Earl of (7th), G.C.M.G., Haddo House, Aberdeen; b. 1847; extensive landowner; Governor-General of Canada, 1893-98; Viceroy of Ireland, January to July, 1886.

Acland, Rear-Admiral Sir Wm. A. D., Bart., United Service Club, S.W.; b. 1847; Second in Command of the Channel Squadron, 1901; Captain of the Dockyard Reserve, Devonport, 1897-99.

Adler, Hermann, D.D., LL.D., 22, Finsbury Square, E.C.; b. 1839; oriental scholar; Chief Rabbi of the British Empire since 1891.

Ainger, Rev. Alfred, LL.D., Master's House, Temple, E.C.; b. 1837; Canon of Bristol and Master of the Temple; littérateur and critic; an eloquent speaker and preacher.

Albani, Madame, Park House, Earl's Court Road, S.W.; b. 1852, in Canada; prima-donna; made her debut in Messina in 1871.

Alexander, George, 57, Pont Street, S.W.; b. 1858; actor; began theatrical career at Nottingham; joined Mr. Irving at the Lyceum, 1881; manager and proprietor of St. James' Theatre since 1891.

Alma Tadema, Sir Lawrence, R.A., 17, Grove End Road, St. John's Wood, N.W.; b. 1836; painter, of Dutch parentage; exhibited "Clothilde at the Tomb of her Grandchildren," 1858, "Under the Roof of Blue Ionian Weather," 1901.

Alverstone, Baron (1st), G.C.M.G., Hornton Lodge, Kensington, W.; b. 1842; formerly Sir Richard Webster; Lord Chief Justice, 1900; Master of the Rolls, 1900; Attorney-General, 1885-86, 1886-92, 1895-1900.

Arch, Joseph, The Cottage, Barford, Warwickshire; b. 1826; was M.P. for N.W. Norfolk, 1885-86, 1892, 1895-1900; founded the National Agricultural Union, 1872; in his younger days an agricultural labourer.

Armagh, William Alex., D.D., Palace, Armagh; Archb. (1896) and Primate of All Ireland; b. 1824; Bishop of Derry and Raphoe, 1867-96; eloquent preacher.

Armstead, Henry H., R.A., 52, Circus Road, N.W.; sculptor; b. 1828; chief works: The Outram Shield, carved oak panels in H.M. Robing Room, Palace of Westminster, S. and E. sides of the podium of the Albert Memorial.

Armstrong, Sir Walter, Ceanchor House, Howth, Co. Dublin; b. 1850; Director National Gallery of Ireland since 1892.

Ashbourne, Baron (1st), 12, Merrion Square, Dublin; b. 1837; Lord Chancellor of Ireland, 1885-86, 86-92, and since 1895; Attorney-General for Ireland, 1877-80.

Austin, Alfred, Swinford Old Manor, Ashford, Kent; b. 1835; Poet Laureate, 1896; for many years connected with the Daily Telegraph.

Avebury, Baron (1st). High Elms, Down, Kent; b. 1834; formerly Sir John Lubbock; entomologist; head of the banking firm, Robarts, Lubbock & Co.; M.P. for London University, 1880-1900; originator of "bank holidays' chairman of the committee on compulsory early closing of shops,

Baden-Powell, Major-General Robert Stephenson Smyth, 8, St. George's Place, S.W.; b. 1857; defended Mafeking, 1899-1900; Chief of Transvaal Police, 1900; has published accounts of most of the campaigns in which he has taken part.

Baker, Sir Benjamin, K.C.M.G., 2, Queen's Square Place, Queen Anne's Gate, S.W.; b. 1840; one of the engineers of the Forth Bridge; engineer of the South London and Central London Electric Railways.

Balfour of Burleigh, Baron (6th), 47, Cadogan Square, S.W.; b. 1849; Secretary for Scotland since 1895; Parliamentary Secretary to Board of Trade, 1889-92.

Balfour, Isaac Bayley, M.D., Inverleith House, Edinburgh; b. 1857; Regius Keeper of Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh; King's Botanist in Scotland; editor of "The Annals of Botany," author of numerous works on botany.

Balfour, Rt. Hon. John (Lord Blair Balfour), 6, Rothesay Terrace, Edinburgh; b. 1837; Lord Justice General of Scotland and Lord President of the Court of Session, 1899; Solicitor-General for Scotland, 1880-81; Lord Advocate, 1881-85, 1886, 1892-95.

Ball, Sir Robert S., Observatory, Cambridge; b. 1840; Director of the Cambridge Observatory and Lowndean Professor of Astronomy, Cambridge; has published numerous works on astronomy which have attained great popularity; is an entertaining and instructive lecturer.

Ball, Wilfrid, Shackleford, Godalming; b. 1853; etcher and painter in water colours.

Barlow, Sir Thomas, M.D., 10, Wimpole Street, W.; physician; consulting physician to Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormond Street.

Barnes, Hon. Sir. J. Gorell, 14, Kensington Park Gardens, W.; b. 1848; Judge of the Probate, Divorce, and Admiralty division of the High Court of Justice, since 1892.

Barnett, Rev. Samuel A., Toynbee Hall, Whitechapel, E.; b. 1844; Canon of Bristol; Warden of Toynbee Hall, Whitechapel, which he founded in 1884.

Barrett, Wilson, Lyric Theatre, W.C.; b. 1853; actor, dramatist, and theatrical manager; has written several plays: "The Sign of the Cross" and "Quo Vadis," produced by him, proved great financial successes.

Barrie, James M., LL.D., 133, Gloucester Road, S.W.; b. 1860; novelist and dramatist; chief works: "A Window in Thrums," "The Little Minister"; "Walker, London,' first play.

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Barry, Sir J. Wolfe, 23, Delahay Street, S.W.; b. 1836; engineer of the Tower Bridge, Kew Bridge, Barry Dock and Railways, &c.

Barton, Rt. Hon. Edmund, K.C., Sydney, N.S.W.; b. 1849; 1st Prime Minister of the Australian Commonwealth, 1901; AttorneyGeneral, N.S. W., 1889, 1891; Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, N.S.W., 1883-87; Member of the Federal Convention, Sydney, 1891; Senior Representative, N.S.W., to Federal Convention, 1897; &c.

Bateman, Sir Alfred E., K.C.M.G., Woodhouse, Wimbledon Park; b. 1844; ComptrollerGeneral for Commerce, Labour and Statistics at the Board of Trade; has acted as secretary to numerous government commissions and conferences,

Bayliss, Sir Wyke, F.S.A., 7, North Road, Clapham Park; b. 1835; artist; President of the Royal Society of British Artists; is an exponent of sacred art, amongst his paintings being "La Sainte Chapelle " and "St. Peter's, Rome."

Beresford, Vice-Admiral Lord Charles, C.B., Carlton Club, Pall Mall; b. 1846; Second in Command of the Mediterranean Squadron, 1900; was M.P. for Co. Waterford, 1874-80, E. Marylebone, 1885-9, and York City, 1898-9; distinguished himself at the Bombardment of Alexandria, and at the battles of Abu Klea, Abu Kru, and Metemmeh; is an ardent reformer of naval shortcomings.

Bigham, Hon. Sir J. C., 19, Palace Gate, W.; b. 1840; one of the Judges of the King's Bench Division of the High Court since 1891; a member of the South Africa Enquiry Committee.

Binnie, Sir Alexander R., 77, Ladbroke Drive, W.; b. 1839; engineer; late Chief Engineer to the L.C.C.; constructed Blackwall Tunnel, Nagpur Waterworks, Bradford Waterworks, &c.

Birch, Ernest W., C.M.G., Victoria, Labuan; b. 1853; Governor of British North Borneo, 1901; British Resident at Negri Sembilan, 1897-1900.

Blake, Sir Henry A., Victoria, Hong Kong; b. 1840; Governor of Hong Kong since 1897; Governor of Jamaica, 1889-97; of Bahamas, 1884-87; of Newfoundland, 1887-8.

Booth, Rev. Wm., 101, Queen Victoria Street, E.C.; b. 1829; General of the Salvation Army, which he founded in 1865, and Commander-inChief and Director of its Social Work.

Boothby, Guy, Kenton Court, Sunbury-onThames; b. 1867 in S. Australia; novelist.

Boughton, George H., R.A., West House, Campden Hill, W.; b. 1839; artist; his landscapes are chiefly of New England and Dutch


Bourchier, Arthur, 190, Earl's Court Road, S.W.; b. 1864; actor and theatrical manager; founded the University Dramatic Society at Oxford, where he built a theatre.

Bowden-Smith, Sir Nathaniel, 16, Queen's Gate Terrace, S.W.; b. 1838; Vice-Admiral; was Commander-in-Chief at the Nore, 1899-1900; served in the Crimean, Chinese war, 1856-9, and Burma war of 1852.

Boyd, Hon. Walter, 66, Merrion Square, Dublin; b. 1833; one of the Justices of the High Court of Justice, Ireland; Queen's Advocate for Ireland, 1878; Judge of the High Court of Bankruptcy, Ireland, 1885-97.

Boyle, Sir Cavendish, St. John's, Newfoundland; b. 1849; Governor of Newfoundland, 1901; Government Secretary British Guiana, 1894-1900. Brabrook, Edward Wm., C.B., 28, Abingdon Street, S.W.; b. 1839; Chief Registrar of Friendly Societies.


Bradford, Colonel Sir Edward, South Audley Street, W.; b. 1836; Commissioner of Metropolitan Police; formerly for many years in the Madras Army.

Bradley, Very Rev. George G., Deanery, Westminster; b. 1821; Dean of Westminster; formerly Master of University College, Oxford, and in his younger days a schoolmaster.

Bradley. Henry, North House, Clarendon Press, Oxford; b. 1845; one of the Editors of the Oxford English Dictionary; has published many works on early English.

Bramley, Frank, A.R.A.; Grasmere, R.S.O., Westmoreland; b. 1857; artist; has painted many portraits.

Bramwell, Sir Frederick J., Bart., 1a, Hyde Park Gate, S.W.; b. 1818; engineer.

Bridge, Vice-Admiral Sir Cyprian, 22, Wilton Street, S.W.; b. 1839; Commander-in-Chief on the China Station, 19 1; has been a member of various naval committees; was Director of Naval Intelligence, 1889-94; Commander-in-Chief on Australian Station, 1895-98.

Bridge, Sir Frederick, The Cloisters, Westminster Abbey; b. 1844; Organist, Westminster Abbey; Gresham Professor of Music; has published several cantatas and oratorios, and much Church music.

Bristol, Bishop of (Right Rev, G. F. Browne), Redland Green, Bristol; b. 1833; Church Historian and Archeologist; takes great interest in educational work; is a good after-dinner speaker.

Broadbent, Sir William H., Bart., K.C.V.O., 84, Brook Street, W.; b. 1835; Physician in Ordinary to H.M. the King.

Brooke, Rev. Stopford A., 1, Manchester Square, W.; b. 1832; seceded from the Church of England, 1880; poet and man of letters; eloquent preacher.

Brough, Lionel, Percy Villa, South Lambeth ; b. 1836; comic actor; began life as a journalist, and published first number of the Daily Telegraph; introduced the system of selling newspapers in the streets; left journalism for the theatre, 1863.

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Broughton, Rhoda; b. 1840; novelist; made a hit with her first two books, "Cometh up as a Flower" and Not Wisely, but too Well," published in 1867; has since published several novels.

Brown, John McLeavy, C.M.G., Korea; b. 1840; Head of the Customs and Controller of Finance, Korea; formerly held various administrative posts in China.

Browne, Sir James Crichton, 61, Carlisle Mansions, S.W.; b. 1840; is an authority on mental and nervous diseases, on which he has published works; has been Lord Chancellor's Visitor in Lunacy since 1875, and is Vice-President and Treasurer of the Royal Institution.

Bruce, Sir Charles, K.C.M.G., Le Réduit, Mauritius; b. 1837; a Sanskrit scholar; is Governor of the Mauritius; was Governor of Windward Isles, 1893-97; Lieut.-Governor of British Guiana, 1885-93; Colonial Secretary Mauritius, 1882.

Bruce, Hon. Sir Gainsford, Yewhurst, Bromley, Kent; b. 1834; a Judge of the King's Bench Division of the High Court of Justice; SolicitorGeneral, 1879; Attorney-General, 1886; Chancellor of the Co. Palatine of Durham, 1887; editor of "Williams and Bruce on Admiralty Practice and of "Maude and Pollock on Shipping."

Bruce-Joy, Albert, R.H.A., Chase Lodge, near Haslemere; b. 1842; sculptor; received the only award to busts in the Salon, 1896; has produced numerous statues,among them" Matthew Arnold" and "Adams," the astronomer, in Westminster Abbey.

Brunton, Sir T. Lauder, M.D., 10, Stafford Place, Oxford Street, W.; b. 1844; Physician to St. Bartholomew's Hospital; an authority on disorders of the digestion.

Buckley, Hon. Sir Henry B., 7, Melbury Road, Kensington, W.; b. 1845; a Judge of the Chancery Division of the High Court; an authority on law under the Companies Acts.

Bucknill, Hon. Sir Thomas T., Hylands House, Epsom; b. 1845; a Judge of the King's Bench Division of the High Court; was in Parliament for seven years.

Budge, E. A. W., 18, Marlboro' Hill, N.W.; Keeper of the Egyptian and Assyrian Antiquities,

British Museum; an Assyrian and Hebrew Scholar; has published numerous books and monographs on Egyptian antiquities, &c.

Buller, Genl. Rt. Hon. Sir Redvers, G.C.B., &c., Downes, Crediton: b. 1839; in command at Aldershot; commanded the forces in Natal 1899 to November, 1900, effecting relief of Lady. smith; has seen much service in China and Africa; Under-Secretary for Ireland, 1887; Adjutant-General 1890-97.

Burnand, F. C., 27, The Boltons, S. W.; b. 1837: editor of Punch; the witty author of "Happy Thoughts," which first appeared in Punch, June, 1866; amongst the most successful of his burlesque and light comedies are Black Eyed Susan" and "The Colonel."

Burnett, Mrs. F. Hodgson, Maytham Hall, Rolveden, Kent; b. 1849; author and dramatist; first made a name by the publication of "That Lass o' Lowrie's," 1877; her book "Little Lord Fauntleroy" had a very large circulation, and in its dramatised form met with great success.

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Butler, Lady, Devonport; artist; painter of the "Roll Call," "Quatre Bras," and numerous other military pictures which have been very popular; is wife of Sir Wm. Butler, in command of the Western District.

Butler, Rev. Montagu, Trinity Lodge, Cambridge; b. 1833; Master of Trinity College, Cambridge; previously Dean of Gloucester and Head Master of Harrow; before his health broke down he was a brilliant after - dinner speaker.

Byrne, Hon. Sir E. W., 33, Lancaster Gate, W.; b. 1844; a Judge of the Chancery Division of the High Court; was in the House of Commons for five years.

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Caine, T. Hall, Greeba Castle, Isle of Man ; b. 1853; novelist and dramatist; his books, "The Deemster," Manxman," Christian," and "The Eternal City," were great financial successes; represented the Society of Authors during negotiations with the Canadian Government over Canadian copyright.

Calderon, Frank, Headley Mill Farm, Liphook, Hants; painter of animals; has a school for animal painting near Liphook; painter of "The Crest of the Hill" and "The Flood."

Cameron, Hugh, R.S.A., Merchiston Road, Edinburgh; b. 1835; Scottish painter of portraits and figure subjects; painted Haymakers Resting," "The Timid Bather," &c.

Campbell, Mrs. Patrick; actress; first went on tour in 1888; on the Adelphi stage 1891; her fame is chiefly connected with her acting in the "Second Mrs. Tanqueray," and subsequent plays, in which she has shown marked individuality.

Canterbury, Archbishop of (Fredk. Temple); 1896; Lambeth Palace, S.W.; b. 1821; formerly Bishop of London (1885); Bishop of Exeter (1869); Head Master of Rugby (1858); an enthusiastic supporter of the temperance movement.

Cardew, Col. Sir Frederick, K.C.M.G., Government House, Singapore; b. 1839; Governor of Straits Settlements; was in the Bengal Army, and saw service in India, the Zulu War, and Transvaal (1880-81).

Carew, M.-Genl. Sir R. Pole, K.C.B., Antony, Devonshire; b. 1849; commanded the 11th Division in South Africa in 1900, with conspicuous success; was A.D.C. to Sir Frederick Roberts in the Afghan War in 1879-80, and afterwards Military Secretary to Sir F. Roberts when Commander-in-Chief in India; one of the most popular officers in the Army.

Carlisle, Rev. Wilson, St. Mary-at-Hill

Rectory, E.C.; b. 1847; Hon. Chief Secretary Church Army, which he founded in Westminster, 1882; subsequently organised the Social System of the Church Army in Marylebone, 1890.

Carr, J. W. Comyns, Lyceum Theatre, W.C.; b. 1849; author and dramatist; one of the founders of the New Gallery.

Carrington, Lt.-Gen. Sir Frederick, K.C.M.G., Naval and Military Club; b. 1844; commanded a force in South Africa, 1900, where he previously saw service against Sekukuni in the Transvaal, in the Zulu Rebellion, the Basuto and Matabele Wars,

Carter, Sir Gilbert F., K.C.M.G., Government House, Nassau, Bahamas; b. 1848; Governor of the Bahamas; formerly Governor of Lagos.

Chambers, C. Haddon, Westgate; b. 1860, in Australia; dramatist; author of "Captain Swift," "The Idler," &c.

Channell, Hon. Sir A. M., 1, Bramham Gardens, S.W.; b. 1838; a Judge of the King's Bench 'Division of the High Court; in his younger days a distinguished oarsman, winning the Colquhoun Sculls and University Pair Oars.

Cheyne, Wm. Watson, M.B., 75, Harley Street, W.; Consulting Surgeon to the Army in South Africa; an authority on antisepsis and the treatment of wounds.

Cholmondeley, Miss Mary; novelist ; a descendant of Bishop Heber, the hymn writer; Red Pottage" and "Diana Tempest are her

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Christie, W. H. M., Greenwich Observatory, S.E.; b. 1845; Astronomer Royal, 1881.

Clarke, Lieut.-Genl. Sir Andrew, G.C.M.G., 42, Portland Place, W.; b. 1824; State-Agent for Victoria; was in the Colonies in the early fifties; designed and supervised the construction of the chief naval arsenals of the Empire, and completed the defences of our coaling stations.

Clarke, Sir C. Mansfield, K.C.B., 20, Lennox Gardens, S.W.; b. 1839 QuartermasterGeneral, 1899; Commander-in-Chief of the Madras Army, 1893-98; saw service in New Zealand, Basuto and Zulu Wars.

Clarke, Sir Edward, K.C., 37, Russell Square, W.C.; b. 1841; one of the most, if not the most, successful advocates of the day; first came to public notice in the Penge Case and Detective Case, 1877; other celebrated cases in which he has appeared as Counsel are the Bartlett Case, Baccarat Case, and Jameson Case.

Clarke, Sir George S., K.C.M.G., Government House, Melbourne, Victoria; b. 1848; Governor of Victoria, 1901; formerly Superintendent Royal Carriage Department; has published a standard work on fortifications.

Cobbe, Frances Power, Hengwrt, Dolgelly, N. Wales; b. 1822; founder of the Society for Protection of Animals from Vivisection; has written much on vivisection and on the ethics of life.

Coffin, C. Hayden, Campden Hill Cottage, London, W.; b. 1862; singer and actor; began his career on the stage 1885.

Cole, Belle, The Chimes, Earl's Court, S.W.; b. in the United States; singer; began musical career as a soloist in a fashionable New York church; first appeared in England in the "Elijah"; has since sung in numerous festivals.

Coleridge, E. Hartley, 167, St. James' Road, Croydon; b. 1846; man of letters; grandson of S. Taylor Coleridge; editor of Lord Byron's works, S. T. Coleridge's Letters, &c., and has written some graceful poems.

Coleridge, Hon. Stephen, 7, Egerton Mansions, S.W., b. 1854; Clerk of Assize S. Wales Circuit;

artist and author; Hon. Sec. to the Anti-Vivisection Society.

Collcutt, T. E., Totteridge, Herts; b. 1840; architect; designed the Imperial Institute, Wakefield Town Hall, King's Hall (Holborn Restaurant), &c.

Collier, Hon. John, North House, Eton Avenue, N.W.; b. 1850; artist; has painted many portraits of social celebrities.

Collins, Rt. Hon. Sir R. Henn, 3, Bramham Gardens, S.W.; b. 1842; a Lord Justice of Appeal; was one of the Arbitrators on the Venezuelan boundary question.

Colquhoun, Archibald R., Royal Societies' Club; b. 1848: has explored a considerable portion of Burmah and S. W. China, and Siberia, and has published many works on the East.

Cooper, T. Sidney, R.A., C.V.O., Vernon Holme, Harbledown, Canterbury; b. 1803; artist, chiefly of rural life, especially of cattle and sheep; when in his 87th year he published his autobiography.

Cope, Arthur S., A.R.A., Little Campden House, Kensington, W.; b. 1857; portrait painter, amongst his pictures being the German Emperor, Lord Roberts, Sir Henry Fowler, &c.

Corelli, Marie, Stratford-on-Avon; novelist; "A Romance of Two Worlds," published in 1886, met with popular approval, and some of her subsequent books, notwithstanding adverse opinions of the reviewers, met with still wider circulation.

Cowen, Frederick H., 73, Hamilton Terrace, N.W.; b. 1852; musical conductor and composer; has conducted at most of the leading concerts in England, and published over 250 songs and piano pieces.

Cozens-Hardy, Hon. Sir Herbert H., 50, Ladbroke Grove, W.; b. 1838; a Judge of the Chancery Division of the High Court; Liberal M.P. for N. Norfolk, 1885-99.!


Craik, Sir Henry, 1, Green Street, Grosvenor Square, W.; b. 1846; Secretary Scottish Education Department; author of a Life of Swift, and a History of Scotland, &c.

Crane, Walter, Holland Street, Kensington, W.; b. 1845; artist, chiefly design and decorative work; he exhibited at the R. A. when only 16, and has published numerous picture books; is an ardent Socialist.

Crawford, F. Marion, 66, Fifth Avenue, New York; b. 1854, in Italy; novelist; since the publication of "Mr. Isaacs," in 1882, he has written many successful novels, the scenes of many being laid in Italy, where he resides the greater part of the year.

Crewe, The Earl (1st) of, 23, Hill Street, W.; b. 1858; a poet and son of a poet, who is fond of books and horses; possesses many interesting pictures, a valuable library, and collection of autograph letters; was Viceroy of Ireland, 18915; is President of the Royal Literary Fund.

Crofts, Ernest, R.A., Burlington House, W.; b. 1847; Keeper of the Royal Academy; painter of military pictures and historical subjects; first exhibited at R. A., 1874.

Cromer, Earl (1st), Cairo; b. 1841; British Agent and Consul-General in Egypt; great financier; was Financial Assistant at the conference on Egyptian finance, 1884; Financial Member of Gov.-General of India's Council, 1880; Controller-General in Egypt, 1879; and Commissioner of the Egyptian Public Debt,.1877-79.

Crookes, Sir Wm., 7, Kensington Park Gardens, W.; b. 1832; chemist and electrician, and editor of "Quarterly Journal of Science"; has published numerous scientific works.

Cummings, Wm. H., Sydcote, W. Dulwich,

S.E.; b. 1831; Principal Guildhall School of Music; has published a large number of orchestral cantata songs and prize glees.

Currie, Baron (1st), Rome; b. 1834; diplomatist; British Ambassador at Rome; previously Ambassador at Constantinople, and has served on numerous special embassies.

Currie, Sir Donald, 4, Hyde Park Place, W.; b. 1825; head of the great firm of shipowners, Donald Currie & Co., "the Castle Line.

Curzon of Kedleston, Baron (1st), Calcutta ; b. 1859; Viceroy of India, 1898; has travelled widely in the East, on which he has published some works; made his mark as Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and for India.

Cust, Lionel, Oliphant House, The Crescent, Windsor: b. 1859; Director of the National Portrait Gallery, 1895; has published several works on Art.

Dadd, Frank, R. I., Wilton House, Hyde Vale, Blackheath, S.E.; b. 1851; artist in black and white on the staff of the "Graphic."

Darling, Hon. Sir Charles J., 18, Prince's Gardens: Judge of the King's Bench Division of the High Court, 1897.

Darwin, George H., Newnham Grange, Cambridge; born 1845; Plumian Professor of Astronomy and Experimental Philosophy, Cambridge, 1883.

Davidson, John, St. Winifred's, Streatham, S.W.; b. 1857; poet and dramatist; author of "Fleet Street Eclogues," ""New Ballads," &c.

Davies, Mrs. Mary, 5, Douro Place, Kensington, W.; one of the most popular singers at London Ballad concerts, where she was the principal soprano; Examiner for Royal Academy and Royal College of Music.

Declé, Lionel, 12, Burleigh Mansions, Charing Cross Road, W.C.; b. 1859; explorer and author of" Trooper 3809"; has travelled much in Africa and the East.

Day, Hon. Sir John C., 25, Collingham Gardens, S.W.; b. 1826; Judge of the King's Bench Division of the High Court, 1882.

Devonshire, Duke of (8th), K.G., Devonshire House, Piccadilly, W.; b. 1833; Lord President of the Council; great landowner; possesses fine collections of pictures at Chatsworth, Hardwicke, and Devonshire House.

Dewar, James, 21, Albemarle Street, W.; b. 1842; chemist; Director of the Davy-Faraday Research Laboratory of the Royal Institution; by his experiments, liquid and solid hydrogen were obtained; was co-inventor, with Sir F. Abel, of cordite.

De Windt, Harry, Beefsteak Club; b. 1856; explorer; has travelled much in Siberia, where he has visited the prisons and mines; has published several books of travel.

Dicksee, Frank, R.A., Greville House, Greville Place, Maida Vale, W.; b. 1853; first exhibited at the R.A. in his 23rd year; painter of "Harmony, "Romeo and Juliet," "The Passing of Arthur," &c.

Digby, Sir Kenelm, 57, Eaton Place, S.W.; b. 1836; Permanent Under-Secretary at the Home Office, 1895.

Diósy, Arthur, Braemar House, Lancaster Gate, W.; b. 1856; lecturer on Japan and the East and founder of the Japan Society.

Dobson, Austin, 75, Eaton Rise, Ealing, W.; b. 1840; formerly Principal, Board of Trade; better known as the author of many dainty poems, e.g., "Vignettes in Rhyme," "At the Sign of the Lyre," and of Lives of Fielding, Goldsmith, &c. Dowden, Edward, Highfield House, Rathgar, co. Dublin; b. 1843; Professor of English lite

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