BISHOP (103rd),


..£5,000 1891
[Hartlebury Castle, near Kidderminster.]
Bishop Suffragan of Coventry, Rt. Rev.
E. A. Knox, D.D., St. Philip's Rectory,
Dean, Very Rev. R. W. Forrest, D.D...... 1891
Canons.-David Melville, D.D., 1881; W. J.
Knox-Little, M.A., 1881; T. L. Claughton,
M.A., 1886; T. Teignmouth Shore, M.A., 1890.

Archdeacons.-Ven. W. Walters, M.A., Worcester, 1889; Ven. W. Bree, D.D.,Coventry, 1887; Rt. Rev. Bishop Knox, D.D., Birmingham, 1894. Chancellor of the Diocese, Worshipful John Stratford Dugdale, M.A., K.C., 1886.

Registrar, J. H. Hooper, M.A., Worcester. Secretaries, J. H. Hooper, M.A., Worcester; H. W. Lee, London.

Diocesan Surveyors, Lewis Sheppard, Worcester; W. H. Lloyd, 38, Bennett's Hill, Birmingham.

Editor of Diocesan Kalendar, Rev. T. A. Blyth, D.D., Stoke, Coventry.

The Province of York (Ebor). A.D. 627.

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Right Hon. and Most Rev. WILLIAM DALRYMPLE MACLAGAN, D.D.......£10,000 1891 Primate of England, and Metropolitan. [Bishopthorpe, near York.]

Bishop Suffragan of Beverley, Rt. Rev. Robt. Jarratt Crosthwaite, D.D...

Bishop Suffragan of Hull, Rt. Rev. R. F. L. Blunt, D.D.

Bishop Suffragan of Sheffield, Rt. Rev. John N. Quirk, D.D.
Dean, Very Rev. A. P. Purey-Cust, D.D..




Precentor, James Fleming, B.D., 1883; Chancellor, Henry Temple, D.D., 1899; Sub-Dear Alfred Gatty, D.D., 1862; Succentor, T. P. Pemberton, M.A., 1883.

Canons Residentiary.-James Fleming, B.D.. 1877; Rt. Rev. R. F. L. Blurt, D.D., 1882;
Henry Temple, M.A., 1894; John Watson, M.A., 1896.

Archdeacons.-Rt. Rev. R. J. Crosthwaite, D.D., York, 1884; Ven. W. H Hutchings,
Cleveland, 1897; East Riding, Ven. C. C. Mackarness, 1898; Ven. J. R. Eyre, Sheffield, 1896.
Chap. Clerk and Reg. of Dean and Chapter of York, T. B. Whytehead.

Chancellor of the Diocese, C. A. Cripps, K.C., M.P.

Master of Archbishop Holgate's School, Rev. W. Johnson, B.A., 1896.

Examining Chaplains, Rt. Rev. R. J. Crosthwaite, D.D.; Canon A. H. Faber, M.A.; Rev. W. Lock, D.D., Keble College, Oxford; Rev. F. H. Chase, D.D.; Rev. Canon J. W. Stanbridge. Chaplains, Rev. E. de V. Bryans, M.A., Rev. Canon J. R. Keble, M.A., Rev. E. F. Noel Smith, and Rev. W. D. D. Maclagan. Domestic Chaplain, Rev C. E. Lambert.

Registrar, H. A. Hudson, York. Deputy, A. V. Hudson, York. Sec. to Archbishop, T. S. Noble, York.

Dio. Surveyors, R. Lofthouse, Middlesbrough; F. S. Brodrick, Hull; J. Demaine and W. H.
Brierley, York; J. D. Webster, Sheffield.

Secretary of Diocesan Conference, Rev. Canon Rowsell, Topcliffe Vicarage, Thirsk.
Inspectors of Schools, Rev. E. J. Barry. Beverley; Rev. Canon H. Toovey, Newton Kyme.

St. Peter's Cathedral, Services-Sundays: Holy Communion 8 a.m., Matins 10.30 a,m., Litany 4 p.m., Evensong 6.45 p.m. (from Trinity to Advent, Litany 3 p.m., Evensong 4 p.m.). Week-days: Matins 10 a.m., Evensong 4.30 p.m.

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CARLISLE-continued. Diocesan Surveyors, A. Ormiston, Wetheral: John Banks, Kendal; W. F. A. Wadham, Barrow. Dioc. Conf. Secs., Rev. Canon Bower, Carlisle; Rev. S. Falle, Barrow,

Editor of Diocesan Kalendar, Rev. T. W. Stephenson, Addingham Vicarage, Langwathby, R.S.G.

Cathedral Services Holy Communion 8.30 a.m., Matins II a.m. (with Holy Communion on ist and 3rd Sundays; Evensong 3 p.m. and 6.30 p.m. Week-days: Matins ro a.m., Evensong 4 p.m.

Holy Trinity Cathedral Services Sundays: Holy Communion, 1st and 3rd Sundays, 12; other Sundays 8.30 a.m. Matins, 11 a.m., Evensong 3 p.m. and 6.30 p.m. Week-days: Matins 10 a.m., Evensong, 4 p.m.

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[Palace, Chester.]

..£4,200 1889


Dean, Very Rev. J. L. Darby, D.D.
Canons Residentiary.-Ven. E. Barber, M.A.,
1886; A. J. Blencowe, M.A., 1886; G. R. Feilden,
M.A., 1888; Ven. Arthur Gore, D.D., 1893.

Archdeacons.-Ven. C. M. Woosnam, M.A., Macclesfield, 1893; Ven. Edward Barber, M.A., Chester, 1886.

Chancellor, T. E. Espin, D.D., D.C.L., 1873. Registrars, John Gamon, Richard Farmer, and John P. Gamon, Chester.

Secs., Gamon, Farmer and Co., Chester; H. W. Lee, Westminster.

Diocesan Surveyor, C. Russell Hall, Congleton, Cheshire.

Secs. of Diocesan Conf., C. H. Hylton-Stewart, Vic., New Brighton; J. G. Elstob, Vic., Capesthorne.

Inspector of Schools, Rev. J. F. Buckler, Bidston Vicarage, Birkenhead.

Editor Dioc.Kal.. Archdeacon Barber, Cheste. Cathedral Services - Sundays: Holy Communion 8 a.m., and after Matins on 1st and 3rd Sundays; Matins 10.30 a.m., Evensong 3.30 and 6.30 p.m. Week-days: Holy Communion 8 a.m., Matins (ch.) 10.15 a.m., Evensong (ch.) 4.15 p.m. Durham (Dunelm).

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A.D. 634.

County of

Population 1,017,047.

Benefices 244.

Clergy 491.

[blocks in formation]

Canons Residentiary.-H. B. Tristram, D.D., LL.D., 1874; A. S. Farrar, D.D., 1878; Archdeacon Watkins, D.D., 1880; Archdeacon Hamilton, D.D., 1882; G. Body, D.D., 1883; Herbert Kynaston, D.D., 1889.

Archdeacons.-Ven. H. W. Watkins, D.D., Durham, 1882; Ven. R. Long, M.A., Auckland, 1882.

Chancellor of the Diocese, Worshipful Lewis T. Dibdin, K.C., D.C.L., M.A., 1891, 15, Old Square, W.C.

Registrar, J. B. Lazenby, Durham.

Secretaries to Bishop, J. G. Wilson, Durham; H. W. Lee, 1, The Sanctuary, Westminster. Dio. Surveyors, J. Potts, Sunderland; W. J. Moscrop, Darlington.

Diocesan Conf. Secretary, Ven. H. W. Watkins, D.D., The College, Durham.

Cathedral Services-Sundays: Holy Communion, 8 a.m. and midday, Matins 10.30 a.m., Evensong 4 p.m. Week-days: Matins 10 a.m. Evensong 4 p.m.

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[Palace, Liverpool.]

•£4,200 1900


Assistant Bishop, Rt. Rev. P. S. Royston, D.D., Childwall Vicarage......

Archdeacons.-Ven. W. F. Taylor, D.D., Liverpool, 1889; Ven. T. J. Madden, Warrington, 1895.

Chan. of Dio., Rev. T. E. Espin, D.D., D.C.L., Wolsingham, R.S.O., Durham. Registrars, John Gamon and R. Farmer, Church House, Liverpool.

Secs., Messrs. Gamon, Farmer & Co., 1, South John St., Liverpool.

Dio. Surv..G. Bradbury, 14, Cook St.,Liverpool. Secs. of Dio. Con., Ven. T. J. Madden, 108, Bedford Street; R. M. Ainslie, Falkner Square. Diocesan Inspector, Rev. F. F. Grensted, Blundellsands.

Editor Dio. Kalendar, J. A. Thompson, Church House, Liverpool.

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Part of Yorkshire and Lancashire.


[Bishop's Court, Manchester.]

Suffragan Bishop of Burnley, Right Rev. Edwyn Hoskins

Assist.Bishop,Right Rev. Samuel Thornton, D.D., Blackburn Vicarage....



Dean, Very Rev. Edward C. Maclure,
D.D., The Deanery, Manchester......
Canons Residentiary.-W. Crane, M.A., 1871
C. W. Woodhouse, M.A., 1874; J. D. Kelly,
M.A., 1884; E. L. Hicks, M.A., 1892.

Archdeacons. Ven. James Maurice Wilson, M.A., Manchester, 1890; Ven. A. F. Clarke, M.A., Lancaster, 1896; Ven. R. C. Fletcher, M.A., Blackburn, 1901;

Chancellor of the Diocese, Worshipful P. V. Smith, LL.D., 51, South King Street, Manchester.

Diocesan Registrar and Sec., E. P. Charlwood, M.A., 51, South King Street, Manchester. Deputy, E. S. Chesney, 51, South King Street, Manchester.

Diocesan Surveyor, R. K. Freeman, 51, South King Street, Manchester.

Secretaries of Diocesan Conference, Rev. J. M. Elvy, R. Fletcher, H. A. Heywood. Diocesan Inspectors, Rev. C. E. Gaul, Rev. A. T. Davidson.

Newcastle. A.D. 1882.

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Archdeaconries, Chancellorship,

Canonries. Benefices 68; alternately with the Crown 17.

IN DEAN AND CHAPTER. Minor Canonries, Benefices 11.

BISHOP (3rd),

Population, 1,021,795.

Benefices 361. Clergy 540.

[blocks in formation]

Canons Residentiary.-W. W. Gibbon, M.A., 1879; M. MacColl, D.D., 1884; Ven. A. T. Waugh,M.A.,1891; Ven. W. Danks, M.A., 1896.

Archdeacons.-Ven. William Danks, M.A., Richmond, 1894; Ven. Arthur T. Waugh, M.A., Ripon, 1894; Ven. F. C. Kilner, M.A., Craven, 1896.

Chancellor of the Diocese, Worshipful T. H. Tristram, K.C., D.C.L., King's Bench Walk,



Registrar of Diocese, F. D. Wise, Ripon.

Secs., H. W. Lee, London; F. D. Wise, Ripon. Diocesan Surveyors, Messrs. Chorley, Leeds; E. P. Peterson, Bradford; W. J. Mc scrop, Darlington; J. W. Broughton, Skipton.

Secs. of Diocesan Conference, Rev. Canon Nash, St. John's Vicarage, Bradford; E. Newsham, Leeds.

Diocesan Insps., Rev. R. P. Daniell-Bainbridge, M.A., Ainderby Vicarage; Rev. J. C. Watson, M.A.; Rev. H. Hedley, M.A.; Rev. H. A. Woodhouse.

Editor of Diocesan Kalendar, Rev. J. B Palmer, B.A., South Stainley Vicarage, Leeds.

Cathedral Services -Sundays: Holy Communion 8.15 a.m. and after Matins on 1st and 3rd Sundays, Matins 10.30 a.m., Evensong 3 and 6.30 p.m. Week-days: Matins 11.15 a.m., Evensong 5.15 p.m. (Weds. 7.30 p.m., Sats. 3 p.m.).

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£1,550 1892 [Bishop's Court, Isle of Man.] Archdeacon, Ven. Hugh S. Gill, M.A.

Vicar-General, S. Harris, Douglas. Examining Chaplains, Ven. H. S. GII, M.A.; Rev. G. Schneider, M.A.; Rev. Canon Chr. Hopkins, M.A,

Domestic Chaplain, Rev. Walter Isidore Moran, M.A.

Registrar and Secretary, Samuel Harris, London.

Diocesan Surveyor, James Cowle, Douglas. Secs. of Convocation, Rev. E. B. Savage, M.A., St. Thomas, Douglas; J. Kewley, Arbory Vicarage.


...£3,000 1899

[Bishopgarth, Wakefield.]

Vicar of Cathedral Church, Ven. W. Donne, M.A.

Archdeacons.-Ven. J. Ingham Brooke, M.A., Halifax, 1888; Ven. William Donne, M.A., Huddersfield, 1892.

Chancellor of the Diocese, Worshipful T. H. Tristram, K.C., D.C.L.

Sec., W. F. L. Horne, B.A., Wakefield. Registrar, W. F. L. Horne, B.A., Wakefield; Diocesan Surveyors, B. W. Jackson, Halifax; W. Watson, Wakefield; J. H. Hanson, Huddersfield.

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Inspector of Schools, Rev. H. A. Kennedy, Wakefield.

Editor of Diocesan Kalendar, Rev. Canon Walsham How, Mirfield.

[blocks in formation]



The Cistercian Abbey of Bolton.

Beautifully situated on the river Wharfe about eighteen miles from Leeds and six from Ilkley. In the year 1120 William de Machines founded a house for the Augustinian order at Embsay, two miles east of Skipton. Thirty-three years later his daughter built the present abbey to perpetuate the memory of her son, who was accidentally drowned in the river at a place now known as "the Strid," and caused the establishment at Embsay to be removed here. The nave of

the church is still used for public worship. Admission free (Is. for carriages).


The Cistercian Abbey of Crowland.




One of the earliest built abbeys in England-at Glastonbury-about twenty-two miles from Bath, in Somersetshire. Joseph of Arimathea is said to have been the founder of the first church and the ruins of a chapel to his memory still remain. The abbot's kitchen was erected about the end of the fourteenth century. King Arthur was buried here, and in 1278 Edward I. and his Queen were present to witness the opening of his grave. Open daily, admission 6d.

This abbey is in Northamptonshire, about twelve miles from Spalding and four from Postland Station. The first building was erected in 716 and destroyed by the Danes some 150 years later; rebuilt in 950, and again destroyed in 1091; rebuilt in 1112 by Abbot Joffrid, parts of whose building may still be seen in the south aisle. The west aisle of the monastic church is still used for divine service. The architecture is Semi-Norman and Perpendicular. A charge of 6d. is made for admission.

The Benedictine Abbey of Glastonbury.

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