precious tokens of his grace in enabling us to commit to his patronage and blessing another Volume.

For ourselves, we have nothing to express but grateful emotions, for the honour our exalted Master has conferred upon us in calling us to the conduct of this Monthly periodical; and it is our fervent wish that the great end which we have sought, by the voice of prayer, may terminate in songs of everlasting praise.

We trust that we have not forgotten that the whole scope and design of God the Holy Ghost, revealed in his sacred record of truth, is to make known our ever blessed Jehovah Jesus, as the Christ of God; to whom all the prophets bare witness, and to whom all his favoured disciples, who have left behind them, for the benefit and instruction of the church, the fruits of their inspired and heavenly tuition, add their testimony.


In the course of our career, it has been our object uniformly to maintain the truths our sacred motto has so justly expressed, There are Three that bear record in heaven; the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost; and these Three are One," 1 John


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v. 7.; nor have we been less solicitous, in the spirit of love, to fulfil the remaining portion of it, by “contending earnestly for the faith delivered to the saints.”

With an ardent desire to promote the spiritual edification of our readers, we have excluded matter from our pages, which, in our judgment, was opposed to that end; and have invariably given the preference to such communications as possess intrinsic value, to those whose excellence consists, more particularly, of an extrinsic character.

The frequent testimonials we have received from our spiritual correspondents of the result of these endeavours, which, though in themselves not to be contemplated but with shame, have through the power of the same blessed influence much emboldened and encouraged us in the vindication of our immortal bulwarks against the base attacks of calumny, and the malevolence of slander. Whatever contumely may be cast upon us, or however our motives may be impugned, we deem it a sufficientan ample honour to be made useful, in any small degree, in the objects we aim at-the spiritual benefit

of the humble votaries of the cross of Jesus, and the development of the glories of his name.

With unfeigned sympathy would we commiserate the hapless condition of the present state of the church. Since our last address, what awful strides have sin and pride effected. The march of ignorance and pharisaism have been gradually opening up a breach of confusion in Zion's borders, pregnant with events the most portentous and overwhelming!

Christ and Belial cannot reign simultaneously predominant. There can be no coalition of spirits. If the man of sin usurp dominion, the Spirit of Jesus, in that measure, is dethroned. The apathy of Zion, in the general experience of her members, and the outward worldly grandeur she has attained unto, corroborate the voice of prophecy, and evince that the glory of the sanctuary is departing: and that its splendid candlestick which contains the holy unction of discriminating grace, is near removal from a land abounding with privileges and sin, to a foreign shore.

To those who have been co-workers with us in the sacred vineyard, we tender our humble acknowledg

ments for their aid; and congratulate them on the success, which, through rich grace, has accompanied their labours, in comforting those that mourn, and in establishing such in the faith of the gospel of our thrice glorious covenant Lord.

To you, beloved brethren, we need urge no further motive for a continued stimulus of action in the field

before us, than the hope that Jehovah the Spirit will still continue to diffuse a blessing on your means, and accomplish the end you so anxiously desire-the unfolding of the everlasting love of God in the choice of his church in Christ; the blessedness of election and redemption alone by Christ, as a finished salvation; and every other communicable glory of Jehovah's fulness, reserved in Christ, and flowing from him for the welfare of his every member. Suffer the word of exhortation; “ be instant in season, and out of season ;" and the more so, as the time is now evidently come that men “will not endure sound doctrine." Like Paul, we stand on an isthmus of time," ready to be offered :" Oh! that like him also, we may give proof of our armour, and be valiant for the truth as it is in Jesus.

" Must we be carried to the skies,

On flowery beds of ease;
“ While others fought to gain the prize,

“ And sail'd through bloody seas?"

Finally, brethren, we would affectionately remind you, in the emphatic language of holy writ, that "the end of all things is at hand: be ye

therefore sober, \and watch unto prayer. And, above all things, have fervent charity (or love) among yourselves: for charity shall cover the multitude of sins."

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