No more thy fancy can engage;
Closed now to thee is Life's last page ,

Rest thou in peace!
No more on thee the storms shall blow,
The summer's sun, the winter's snow,
Alike (1) to thee who sleep'st below :

Rest thou in peace!



Hush'd (2) is the battle's dreadful roar;
The trumpet's loud and angry strain,
From gory (3) field and hostile shore ,
Returns the joyful victor's train !

High wave the chieftain's lofty plumes,
And shining arms glance back (4) the ray;
Each eye proud conquest's fire illumes;
As bright the waving banners play,

But sweeter to the warrior's ear
Breathes the soft voice its welcome kind,
From lips by absence made more dear ,
Or friends, or hearts by kindred (5) join'd.

(1) Alike, égal.
(2) Hushed , apaisé.
(3) Gory, sanglant.
(4) To glance back, réfléchir.
(5) Kindred, parenté.



The lowly vással to his breast
Exulting clasps his faithful wife;
And to the sire's fond heart are press'd
The infant treasures of his life.

And many a lovely , graceful dame,
To hail her lord with joy appears;
Here noble boys their fathers claim ,
There daughters bloom (1), midst sighs and tears.

Affection pure! thy rapturous hour
Through every stage of life is known!
Is lowly state beneath thy power?
Can splendour chase thee from the throne ?



It was the night-and Lara's glassy stream
The stars are studding (2), each with imaged beam :
So calm, the waters scarcely seem to stray (3),
And yet they glide like happiness away;
Reflecting far and fairy-like (4) from high
The immortal lights that live along the sky :
Its banks are fringed with many a goodly tree,
And flowers the fairest that may feast the kee;

(1) To bloom , fleurir.
(2) To stud with, orner de , garnir de.
(3) To stray, courir, errer.
(4) Fairy-like, comme par féerie.

Such in her chaplet infant Dian wove (1),
And Innocence would offer to her love.
These deck the sore; the waves their channel make
In windings bright and mazy (2) like the snake.
All was so still, so soft in earth and air,
You scarce would start to meet a spirit there,
Secure that nought (3) of evil could delight
To walk in such a scene, on such a night.
It was a moment only for the good :
So Lara deemed, nor longer there he stood,
But turn’d in silence to his castle-gate;
Such scene his soul no more could contemplate :
Such scene reminded him of other days,
Of skies more cloudless, moons of purer blaze,
Of nights more soft and frequent, hearts that now-
No-no-lhe storm may beat upon his brow,
Unfelt-unsparing-but a night like this,
A night of beauty mock'd such breast as his.




When Music, heav'nly maid , was young,
While yet in early Greece she sung,
The Passions oft, to hear her shell (4),

(1) Wove, passé de to weave , tisser, tresser.,
(2) Mazy, serpentant.
(3) Nought, rien.

(4) Shell, écaille, instrument à musique, en allusion à l'écaille de tortue, premier instrument à cordes. Voyez. la prea mière partie , page 9,

[blocks in formation]

Till once,

Throng'd around her magic cell,
Exulting, trembling, raging, fainting, -
Possess'd beyond the muse's painting :
By turns they felt the glowing mind,
Disturb'd, delighted, rais'd, refined (1):

'tis said, when all were fired,
Fill'd with fury, rapt (2), inspired,
From the supporting myrtles round
They snatch'd her instruments of sound;
And, as they of thad heard apart (3)
Sweet lessons of her forceful art,
Each, for madness ruled the hour,
Would prove his own expressive power.


First Fear, his hand , his skill to try,
Amidst the chords bewilder'd (4) laid ,
And back recoil'd, he knew not why,
Ev'n at the sound himself had made.


Next Anger-rushed, his eyes on fire,
In lightnings own'd (5) his secret stings (6);

(1) Lefined , adouci , perfectionné.
(2) Rapt, en extase.
(3) A part, séparément.
(4) Bewildered , d'une manière timide, égarée.
(5) To own, avouer, confesser, démontrer.
(6) Slings, lourments, blessures.

In one rude clash (1) he struck the lyre,
And swept (2) with hurried hand the strings.


With woeful measures,

wan (3) Despair-
Low sullen sounds his grief beguiled (4):
A solemn, strange and mingled air ,-
'Twas sad by fits (8), by starts 'twas wild (6).


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But thou, o Hope! with eyes so fair,-
What was thy delighted measure !
Still it whisper'd promis'd pleasure,
And bade the lovely scenes at distance hail (7):
Still would her touch the scene prolong;
And from the rocks, the woods, the vale,
She calld on echo still through all the song;
And when her sweetest theme she chose,
A soft responsive voice was heard at every close;
And Hope enchanted smiled, and waved her golden hair.
And longer had she sung-but, with a frown,

(1) Clash, coup affreux, choc.
(2) To sweep, effleurer rapidement , balayer.
(3) Wan, pâle, blême.

(4) To beguile, tirer. (Au propre, ce mot signifie séduire, tromper.)

(5) By fits ou hy starts , par accès, par saillie.
(6) Wild , désordonné, enragé, farouche.
(7) To hail , saluer, contempler avec plaisir.

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