Queis tamen autem ferre medelam
Utile cunctis hoc opus esset ;
Nanique, ubi mensas onerant epulæ,
Quorsum dulcis luxuria soni ?
Sat lætitiâ, sine subsidiis,
Pectora molli mulcet dubiæ
Copia cænæ.
1 Τοιος Αρης βροτολουγος ενι πολεμοισι μιμηνε
Και τοιος, Παφιην πληξεν ερωτι Θεαν.


Prima parit terras atas, siccatque secunda, Evocat Abramum dein tertia ; quarta relinquit Ægyptum; templo Solomonis quinta supersit; Cyrum sexta timet; lætatur septima Christo.

His? Templemanni numeris descripseris orbem. Cum 3 sex centuriis Judæo millia septem.

The above is a version of a Latin epigram on the famous John, Duke of Marlborough, by the Abbe Salvini, which is as follows:

Haud alio valtu, fremuit Mars acer in armis ;

Hand alio, Cypriam perculit ore Deum. The Duke was, it seems, remarkably handsome in his person, to which the second line bas reference.

* To the above lines (which are unfinished, and can, therefore, be only offered as a fragment,) in Johnson's manuscript, are prefixed the words • Geographica Metrica.' As we are referred, in the first of the verses, lo Templeman,

Myrias Ægypto 4 cessit bis septima pingui.
Myrias adsciscit sibi monagesima septein
Imperium qua Turcas ferox exercet iniquum.

Undecies binas decades et millia septem
Sortitur Pelopis tellus quæ nomine gaudet.

Myriades decies septem numerare jubebit Pastor Arabs 6: decies octo sibi Persa o requirit.

Myriades sihi pulcra duas, duo millia poscit Parthenope 6. Novies vult tellus mille Sicana?. Papa & suo regit imperio ter millia quinque.

for having furnished the nunierical compatations that are the subject of them, his work bas been accordingly consulted, the title of which is, ' A new Survey of the Globe,' and which professes to give an accurate mensuration of all the empires, kingdoms, and other divisions thereof, in the square miles that they respectively contain. On comparison of the several numbers in these verses, with those set duwn by Templeman, it appears that nearly half of them are precisely the same; the rest are not so exactly done. For the convenience of the reader it has been thought right to subjoin each number, as it stands in Templeman's work, to that in Johnson's verses which refers to it.

3 Iu this first article that is versified, there is an accurate conformity in Johnson's number to Templeman's; who sets down the square miles of Palestine at 7,600.

4 The sqnare miles of Egypt are, in Templeman, 140,700.

5 The whole Turkish empire, in Templeman, is computed at 900,057 square miles.

6 In the four following articles, the numbers in Templeman and in Johnson's verses are alike. We find, accordingly, the Morea, in Templeman, to be set down at 7,920 square miles ; Arabia, at 700,000; Persia, at 800,000 ; and Naples, at 22,000.

7 Sicily, in Templeman, is put down at 9,400. * The Pope's dominions, at 19,868.

Cum sex centuriis numerat sex millia Tuscus'. Centuriâ Ligures "o augent duo millia quarta Centuriæ octavam decadem addit Lucca' secundæ

Ut dicas, spatiis quam latis imperit orbi Russia', myriadas ter denas adde trecentis : Sardiniam 13 cum sexcentis sex millia complent.

Cum sexagenis, dum plura recluserit ætas, Myriadas ter mille homini dat terra 14 colendas.

Vult sibi vicenas millesima myrias addi, Vicenis quinas, Asiam "metata celebrem.

Se quinquagenis octingentesima jungit Myrias, ut menti pateat tota Africa 16 doctæ.

Myriadas, septem decies Europa 'ducentis Et quadragenis quoque per tria millia jungit.

Myriadas denas dat, quinque et millia, sexque Centurias, et tres decades Europa Britannis 13

Ter tria myriadi conjungit millia quartæ, Centuriæ quartæ decades quinque Anglia '' nectit.

Millia myriadi septem fæcunda secundæ Et quadragenis decades quinque addit Ierne

9 Tuscany, at 6,640.

10 Genoa in Templeman, as in Johnson likewise, is set down at 2,400.

Il Lacea, at 286.

12 The Russian empire, in the 29th plate of Templeman, is set down at 3,303,485 square miles.

13 Sardinia, in Templeman, as likewise in Johnson, 6,600.

14 The habitable world, in Templeman, is computed, in square miles, at 30,606,806. 15 Asia, at 10,457,487. 16 Africa, at 8,506,208. 17 Europe, at 2,749,349. 18 The British dominions, at 105,634.

19 England, as likewise in Johnson's expression of the nonher, at 49,450.

20 Ireland, at 27,457.



Quingentis quadragenis socialis adauget Millia Belga

Ter sex centurias Hollandia jactat opima Undecimum Camber 21 vult septem millibus addi.



21 In the three remaining instances, which make the whole that Jobnson appears to have rendered into Latin verse, we find the numbers exactly agreeing with those of Templeman ; who makes the sqnare miles of the United Provinces, 9,540; of the Province of Holland, 1,800; and of Wales, 7,011.

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