Being 20 after BISSEXTILE or LEAP Year, and (until July 4) 86th of Am. Independence.

FITTED FOR Bostox, BUT WILL ANSWER FOR ALL THE NEW ENGLAND STATES. Containing, besides the large number of Astronomical Calculations, and the Farmer's Calendar for every month in the year,

as great a variety as any other Almanack of

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Sold by the Booksellers and Traders throughout New England. [Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1861, by SWAN, BREWER & TILESTON,

in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the District of Massachusetts.]


TO PATRONS AND CORRESPONDENTS. NUMBER SEVENTY! Three score and ten! Few, few indeed, who greeted us as we started into life in 1793, now live to welcome us to their familiar firesides. We have survived the friends who first knew us and took us cordially by the handnay, have even renewed our youth from year to year, and now feel younger, stronger and more vigorous than ever. A hale, hearty old age to you all! We chronicled faithfully the rolling years, and your fathers and grandfathers delighted to finger our leaves, as they sat in the old chimney-corner, wondering as the great miracles were renewed in the changing seasons, bringing life out of death, bringing a living green upon the face of the cold earth, bringing the golden and crimson blush upon the fruits of autumn; and we come to you now, as we came to them, with something new, something fresh, and something useful, from day to day through the whole year !

A prominent feature of this number will be found in the complete chronological record of events connected with the rise and progress of the rebellion against the

national government, commencing with November, 1860, and extending to July, 1861, in the calendar pages. This record will be continued, and hence the importance of preserving the number for future reference,

“ We are living, we are dwelling in a grand and awful time,

In an age on ages telling, to be living is sublime !" We are happy to present our acknowledgments for communications, solutions to problems, enigmas, etc., to D.C.H., Moretown, Vt., D.E.M., Thompson, Ct., A. L.T.. Roxbury, Ms., J.T.B., Brookfield, Ms., J. W.8., N. Andover, Ms., G. W. HI., Middleton, Ms., J.H.C., Newton Lower Falls, Ms., W. A. B., Florida, Ms., and to numerous others.

The list of the Agricultural Societies in New England, with the name and address of the secretary of each, is a valuable feature of the Almanac ; and we earnestly request information by which any inaccuracies or omissions may be corrected in future. The stanzas at the head of the calendar pages are selected from our own sweet New England poet, JOAN G. WHITTIER.

The editor is in want of the numbers of this work for 1794, 1795, and 1796. Please overhaul that package of old papers up in the garret, and if you find those numbers, we shall be glad to pay you well for them.

All communications should be directed to me, care of the publishers, and sent previous to July 1st, and we will promise "that no efforts shall be spared to make the Almanack useful, pleasing, and worthy the continued patronage of its numerous friends.


Aaro Phomas

MEETINGS OF FRIENDS IN NEW ENGLAND. Yearly, beginning with select, 7th day af-mo., N. Bedford ; 1st 5th d., 7th mo., Fal ter 2d 6th day, 6th mo., 9th hour, morn., mouth; lst 5th d., 10th mo., Sandwich. at Newport, R. I. Public for worship, 1st Falmouth: 5th d. before 1st 6th d. in ino., day following, at Newport and Portsmouth, at Windham, 2d and 9th mo. ; Westbrook, 10th hour, morn., and 4th, afternoon. For 6th ; Durham, 11th. Smithfield : 2d 5th d.. business, at Newport, 2d day following, 8th mo., Bolton; 2d 5th d., 11th mo., Smith9th hour, morning.

field ; 2d 5th d., 2d mo., Worcester"; 2d 5th This yearly meeting, comprises the quar- d., 5th mo., Northbridge. _Vassulboro': 2d terly meetingy of R. Island, Salem, Sand-6th d., 1st and 9th mo., Vassalboro'; 5th wich, Falmouth, Smithfield, Vassalboro', and 11th mo., East Vassalboro'. Dover, Dover and Fairfield, held as follows:-RN, H.: 4th 5th d. cf the mo. ; Dover, 4th; Island : 1st 5th d., 8th mo., Newport ; 1st North Berwick, 8th ; Sandwich, 10th 5th d., 11th mo., Somerset'; 1st 5th d., 20 Rochester, 1st. Fairfield : Hallowell, 4th mo., Providence; 1st 5th d., 5th mo., Éast d. before 2d 6th d., 2d and 9th mo. ; FairGreenwich. Salem : 4th 5th d., 5th' mo., field, 4th d. before last 6th d. of 5th mo., Amesbury ; 3d 5th d., 8th mo., Lynn ; 3d and 4th d. before 2d 6th d. of 11th mo. 5th d., 10th' mo., Weare ; 3d 5th d., 1st mo. (Currected 1861.) Salem. Sandwich : 1st 5th d., 4th and 12th

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In this year there will be three eclipses of the Sun, and two of the Moox.
I. - A Total Eclipse of the Moon, June 11th—12th, as follows:

Moon enters Shadow, 11th day, 11h. 58m., P. M.
Total Phase begins, 12th day, lh. þm., A. M.

Mean time
Middle of Total Phase,

lh. 36m.,

at Boston. Total Phase ends,

2h. 8m., Moon leaves Shadow,

3h. 15m., Digits eclipsed II. - A Partial Eclipse of the Sun, June 26th, visible in the Southern Ocean. III. - A Partial Eclipse of the Sun, November 21st, visible in a small district d

the Southern Ocean. IV.- A Total Eclipse of the Moon, December 6th, as follows: Moon enters Shadow,

1h. lm., A. M. Total Phase begins,

2h. 10m.,

Mean time
Middle of Total Phase,

2h. 56m.,

at Boston. Total Phase ends,

3h. 42m., Moon leaves Shadow,

4h. 50m., Digits eclipsed = 17. V.

.- A Partial Eclipse of the Sun, December 20th, visible in Asia. Tas longitudes of the following places are counted west from Greenwich, while the differences of time refer to Boston. (+) added to, (-) subtracted from, Boston time. Place. N. Lat. W. Lon. Diff.


N. Lat. W. Lon. Diff. Augusta, Me. 1440 1969° 50' + 5||Boston, Mass. 42° 21' 710 3 Eastport, 44 54 66 56 -17 Worcester,

42 16 71 48 3 Bangor,

44 48 68 47 9 Springfield, “ 42 672 36 Portland, " 43 40 79 15 3 Pittsfield,

42 27 73 16 Brunswick,“ 43 53 69 55 5 Hartford, Conn. 41 46 72

41 Concord, N. II.. 43 12 71 29 - 2 New Haven,“ 41 18 72 55 Dover,

43 13 70 54 + 1 Newport, R. I. 41 29 71 18 Montpelier, Vt... 44 17 72 36 6|New York, N.Y.

43 74 0
OO The Sun.

h Saturn.

CODO The Moon.

H Uranus.


The Earth.


Pallas. 9 Venus.

Conjunction, or in the same degree. 8 Opposition, or 180 degrees.
* Sextile, 60 degrees.

Dragon's Head, or Ascending Node. o Quartile, 90 degrees.

Dragon's Tail, or Descending Node. Trine, 120 degrees.


9 1 Sagittarius, thighs. 2 8 Taurus, neck. 6 i Virgo, belly.

10 V. Capricornus, knees. 3 0 Gemini, arms. 7 Libra, reins.

11 Aquarius, legs. 4 Cancer, breast. 8 m Scorpio, secrets. 12 # Pisces, feet.

CHRONOLOGICAL CYCLES FOR 1862. Golden Number, 1 Dominical Letter, E Roman Indiction,

5 Cycle of the Sun, 23 | Epact,

* Jalian Period, 0575 MOVABLE FEASTS AND FASTS FOR 1862. Septuagesima Sunday, Feb. 15 Good Friday, April 18 Holy Thursday, May 29 Shrove Sunday, Mar. 2 EASTER SUNDAY,

Whit Sunday,

June 8 Ash Wednesday,

5 Low Sunday,

27 Trinity Sunday, J5 First Sunday in Lent, 9 Rogation Sunday, May 25 Advent Sunday, Nov. 30

DEFINITIONS. APOGEE. - The point in the orbit of the moon at which that body is fartliest frio tee

earth. Opposed to PERIGEE, – the point in the moon's orbit which is nearest to the earth. SPRING-TIDE.-The highest tide of the month, occurring at the new and full mose.

Opposed to NEAP-TIDE,

- which is the lowest tide for the month. GOLDEN NUMBER. -The number, reckoned from 1 to 19, showing what year in the

lunar cycle any given year is. The lunar cycle is 19 years, or 6940 days, at the end of which the new and full moons again fall on the same days as at the beginning, or 19 years previous. Called Golden Number because formerly written in

the calendar in letters of gold. CYCLE OF THE SUN. - The solar cycle is a period of 28 years, after which the same days of the week recur on the same days of the year.

From Worcester's Quarto Dictionary of the English Language.




COMMENCEMENTS, ANNIVERSARIES, AND VACATIONS, OF COLLEGES AND THEOLOGICAL SCHOOLS, IN NEW ENGLAND. HARVARD, AT CAMBRIDGE, Mass.-Com., com. ; 4 w. from Thurs. before Christmas. 3d Wed. July. Vaca., 1st, from end of first WESLEYAN, AT MIDDLETOWN, Conn. term, 6 w. ; 2d, from end of second term Com., 4th Wed. in June. Vaca., 4 w. from (commencement week), 6 w. ; the academi.com. ; 8 w. from Dec. 1 ; 2 w. from May 4. cal year being divided into two terms of UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT, at BURLING20 weeks each, and beginning at com. TON.-Com., 1st Wed. in Aug. Vaca., com.

CAMBRIDGE THEO. SEM., AT CAMBRIDGE, 4 w. ; 1st Wed. in Dec. 8 W., and 1 w. Mass. - Vaca., same as Harvard College. from 20 Wed. in May.

TUFTS COLLEGE, MEDFORD, Ms. — Com., MIDDLEBURY, AT MIDDLEBURY, VT. 2d Wed. in July. Vaca.. 1st, from end of Com., 2d Wed. Aug. Vac., com. 4 w.; last 1st term, 6 w.; 2d, from end of 2d term, 6 Wed. Nov., 8 w.; 1 w. fr. 4th Wed. April. w. Col. year divided as at Harv. Col. DARTMOUTH, AT HANOVER, N. H.-Com.,

AMHERST, AT AMHERST, Mass. - Com., last Thurs. in July. Vaca., 4 w. from com. ; 20 Thurs. in Aug. Vaca., 4 w. from com. ; 7 w. beginning in Nov., and 2 w. in May. 6 w. from the Wed. before annual Thanks- BROWN, AT PROVIDENCE, R. I. - Com., giving ; 3 w. from the 3d Wed. in April. 1st Wed. in Sept. Vaca., from 2d Wed. in

WILLIAMS, AT WILLIAMSTOWN, MASS. - July to com., and from 3d Wed. in Jan, Com., 1st Wed. in Aug. Vaca., 5 w. after to 3d Wed. in Feb. com. į from 4th Tues. in Nov., 6 w. ; 30 BowDOIN, AT BRUNSWICK, ME. Tues. in Apr., 2 w.

1st Wed. in Aug. Vaca., at com., 3 w. ; ANDOVER THEOL. SEY., AT ANDOVER, from last Wed. in Nov., 8 w.; from 3d Mass. — Anniv., 1st Wed. in Sept. Vaca., Wed. in April, 2 w. 7 w., and 5 w. preceding last Wed. in May. WATERVILLE, AT WATERVILLE, ME.

Newton THEO. INST., At Newton, Ms.- Com., 2d Wed. in Aug. Vaca., at com., Anniv., last Wed. in June. Vac., 9 w. from 4 w.; from 2d Wed. in Dec., 8 W.; from anniv., and also 3 w. fr. last Wed. in Jan. 1st Wed. in May, 1 w.

YALE, AT New Haven, Conn. — Com., MAINE WESLEYAN SEM., AT READFIELD, last Thurs. in July. Vaca., 7 w. from com. | ME.— Two terms, of 15 weeks each. Fall 2 w. before 1st Wed. in Jan., and 3 w. before term com. 1st Wed. in Aug. Spring term 1st Wed. in May, when the terms com. com. 1st Wed. in March.

TRINITY, AT HARTFORD, Conn. - Com., BANGOR THEO. SEM., AT BANGOR, ME. Thurs. before July 4th. Vac., 9 w. from Anniv., last Wed. July. Vac., fr. do., 12 w.

EXECUTIVE GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES (JUNE, 1861). ABRAHAM LINCOLN, Ill., President, $25,000 Salmon P. Chase, Ohio, Sec. Trea., $8,000 Wm. H. Seward, N.Y., Sec. State, 8,000 Caleb B. Smith, Ia.,

Inter., 8,000 Gideon Welles, Conn., Navy, 8,000 Montgomery Blair, Md., Post. Gen., 8,000 Simon Cameron, Pa.,


8,000 Edward Bates. Mo., Att'y 8,000

Where Born. Date of Birth. Term of Office. term expired.

Died. Geo. Washington, Va., Feb, 22, 1732, 1789 to 1797, 66,

Dec. 14, 1799 John Adams Mass., Oct. 19, 1735, 1797 to 1801,

July 4, 1826 Thomas Jefferson, Apr. 2, 1743, 1801 to 1809,

July 4, 1826 James Madison, Mar. 5, 1751, 1809 to 1817,

June 28, 1836 James Monroe,

Apr. 2, 1759, 1817 to 1825, do.July 4, 1831 John Q. Adams, Mass., July 11, 1767, 1825 to 1829,


Feb. 23, 1848 Andrew Jackson,

Mar. 15, 1767, 1829 to 1837, 70, June 8, 1845 Martin Van Buren, N.Y., Dec. 5, 1782, 1837 to 1841,

59. Wm. H. Harrison, Va., Feb. 9, 1772, 1841

69, Apr. 4, 1841 John Tyler,

Mar. 29, 1790,
1841 to 1845,

55. James K. Polk,

Nov. 2, 1795, 1845 to 1849, 54, June 15, 1849 Zachary Taylor, Va., Nov. 24, 1784, 1819 to 1850, 65, July 9, 1850 Millard Fillmore, N. Y., Jan. 7, 1800, 1850 to 1853,

53. Franklin Pierce, N. H., Nov. 23, 1804, 1853 to 1857, 53. James Buchanan, Penn., Apr. 13, 1791, 1857 to 1861,

69. Abraham Lincoln, Ky., Feb. 12, 1809,


Par. $50 Pieces, U. S. Assay, .... poit lis. Ainerican Gold Coin, with the

$20 do. do. do.

1 de. do. motto "E Pluribus Unum"

$10 do. do. do....... do. do. over the eagle,

1.05 to 1.06 American Half Dollars, .51 to 51% Victoria Sovereigns,

4.80 " 4 81
do. Quar.

Old Sovereigns,
...... 4.78“ 4.80

Sp. and Mx. do., perfect, .23 Guineas,

... 4.95 “ 5.00 do. do. do. do., imperf. 20" Napoleons (Twenty Francs),. 3.80“ 3.83 Mexican Dollars,...

1.05 Ten Thaler Pieces,

7.80 Peruv. and other S. A. Dolls. 1.02 Prussian Ten Thaler Pieces,. 8.00 Spanish Pillar Dollars,.. 1.05 “ 1.10 Ten Guilder Pieces,.. 3.90“ 3.93 Prussian Thalers,..

.65 Ducats, 2.15 “ 2.20 Five Franc Pieces,...

.95 Patriot Doubloons (liable to

German Crowns, ........

1.06 change daily), ..15.40 "15.45 French Crowns,..

1.08 Spanish Doubloons, do, do... 16.00 "16.10 English Silver £g....

.....:: 4.60





S. C.,




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