HERE, where the East unbars the Gates THE Common School is the greatest
of Day,

discovery ever made by man. In two Love, Liberty, and Law hold genial sway; grand characteristic attributes it is superWhile patriots see, with honest joy and eminent over all others; first, in its unipride,

versality, for it is capacious enough to The School-house and the Church stand receive and cherish in its parental bosom side by side 1

every child that comes into the world; Nere, Poetry has swept her golden lyre;

and second, in the timeliness of the aid it Here, Eloquence has breathed, in words proffers, -- its early,

seasonable supplies of fire;

of counsel, making

security antedate dan

Let the Common School be exHere, heaven-born Worth a favored home ger. ::: has found,

panded to its capabilities, and nine And valorous Deeds made consecrated tenths of the crimes in the penal code ground!

would become obsolete; the long cata

logue of human ills would be abridged ; Here Adams, Quincy, Otis, Hancock men would walk more safely by day, evstood,

ery pillow would be more inviolable by Defying danger, for their country's good : night; property, life, and character hela Bravely they spoke, in Fortuno's darkest by a stronger teñure; all rational hopes hour,

respecting the future brightened. And kingdoms shook before their words of power i

THE PLEASANT WATERCOURSES. Where through the past was there sub

BY LONGFELLOW. limer fame Than that connected with the Pilgrims' You can trace them through the valleys

AND the pleasant watercourses, name? What could a people have, or wish for, By the alders in the Summer,

By the rushing in the Spring-time, Than the immortal Rock on Plymouth By the white fog in the Autumn, shore

By the black line in the Winter,
Swift may each hallowed influence ex- THE CLASSICAL AND THE PRAC-

In ever-widening circles o'er the land,
Till that fine seed of life the Mayflower


THE demands of actual life, the living, Sows the vast continent with noble visible facts of practical science, in so thought?

large and new a country as ours, require

that the ideas of the ancients should be THE NEWSPAPER.

given us in the shortest and most eco

nomical way possible, and that scholastic DE TOCQUEVILLE, in his work on

technicalities should be reserved to those America, gives this forcible sketch:

whom Nature made with especial refer"A Newspaper can drop the same

ence to their preservation, thought into a thousand minds at the same moment. A Newspaper is an adviser, who does not require to be sought,

STAND TO THE END, but comes to you briefly every day of

BARTON common weal, without distracting your private affairs. Newspapers, therefore,

For thee a heavenly crown awaits,

For thee are oped the pearly gates, become niore necessary in proportion as

Prepared the deathless palm: men become more equal individuals, and

But bear in mind that only those more to be feared. To suppose that they

Who persevere unto the close only serve to protect freedom, would be to diminish their importance: they main

Can join in Victory's psalm, tain civilization,"


Ar an agricultural dinner a farmer gave
THE brave man is not he who feels no Shufile the cards as you will, spades must

as his toast, The Game of Fortune :
For that were stupid and irrational:
This is true Courage- not the brutal force

Of vulgar heroes - but the firm resolve ONE month from marriage makes a
Of Virtue and of Reason. He who thinks sugar wedding; one year makes a paper
Without their aid to shine in deeds of wedding; five years, a wooden wedding;

ten years, a tin wedding; twenty-five Builds on à sandy basis his renown, years, a silver wedding; fifty years, a golA dream, a vapor, or an ague fit

den wedding; and seventy-five years, a May make a coward of him.

diamond wedding.


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LONGFELLOW. FLATTERY is insincere praise, given from interested motives, not the sincere

WITHIN my breast there is no light,

But the cold light of stars; utterance to a friend of what we deem good and lovely in that friend.

* There

I give the first watch of the night are three cases," says a modern writer,

To the red planet Mars. “ when flattery is allowable, – at least, The star of the unconquered will, commendation : first, to discouraged He rises in my breast, youth; secondly, as a seasoning to re- Serene, and resolute, and still, proof, to make it morc efficacious; and And calm, and self-possessed. thirdly, to promote general good will.

And thou, too, whosoe'er thou art We say so many bad things behind each That readest this brief psalm, other's backs, that if we did not say some As one by one thy hopes depart, good things to each other's faces the

Be resolute and calm. world would become a den of lions."

O, fear not, in world like this,

'And thou shalt know, ere long, A WINTER SCENE.

Know how sublime a thing it is

To suffer and be strong.
WHILE the first snow was mealy under

POWER OF INFLUENCE. A team crawled creaking down Quampe- INFLUENCE is a slower acting force than gan street;

Authority. It seems weaker, but in the Two cords of oak weighed down the long run it often effects more. It always grinding sled,

docs better than mere force and authoriAnd cornstalk fodder rustled overhead:

ty, neither of which have the gentle, modThe oxen's muzzles, as they shouldered ifying power of influence. By influence, through,

a person is taught to govern himself or Were silver fringed; the driver's own herself, which is a better achievement was blue

than to be merely governed. As the coarse frock that swung below his knee.

THE OLD YEAR AND THE NEW. Behind his load for shelter waded he; His mittened hands now on his chest he


Past is the Old Year now, Now stamped the stiffened cowhides of With all its pleasures gay; his feet

With all its joys and all its woes, Hushed as a ghost's; his armpit scarce All, all have passed away. could hold

We mourn for the good old Year, The walnut whipstock, slippery bright As a dear lost friend we mourn, with cold.

But still we gladly hail

The New Year's joyous dawn;

For with it dawn new hopes,

The future all looks bright; HORACE GREELEY says that tho darkest

The New Year seems the rosy morn, day in any man's earthly carcer is that

The Old Year past the night. wherein he first fancies that there is some easier way of gaining a dollar than by squarely earning it.


At the recent election at Prague a THE RAINBOW.

speaker in proposing a candidate of the

Bohemian Central Committee, concluded KEBLE.

as follows: “Now every one of you take A FRAGMENT of a rainbow bright, a blank ballot and a shilling. Those who Through the moist air I see,

are in favor of B. will put their ballots in All dark and damp on yonder height, the box; those who are opposed, will put All bright and clear to me,

in the shilling.” Result: unanimous elec

tion of B. An hour ago the storm was hero, A gleam was far behind,

A FLOWERY SPEECH. So will our joys and grief appear,

A GRIM, hard-headed old judge, after When earth has ceased to blind, hearing a flowery speech from a pretenGrief will be joy if on its edge

tious young barrister, advised him to

pluck out the feathers from the wings of Fall soft that holiest ray;

his imagination and stick them in the Joy will be grief if no faint pledge tail of his judgment. Be there of heavenly day.



SAUN delays; they breed remorse : REAL GREATNESS has nothing to do Take thy time, while time is lent thee: with a man's sphere. It does not lie in Creeping snails have weakest force, the magnitude of his outward agency. Fly their fault lest thou repent thee, Perhaps the greatest in our city at this Good is best when soonest wrought; moment are buried in obscurity.

Lingering labor comes to nought.



I am composed of 24 letters. ANSWER TO DOUBLE REBUS,

My 15, 24, 4, 21, 15, 6, 21 is a city in New

Wells, Maine.

My 5, 16, 4, 21, 21, 20 is a city on the River

ANSWER TO ANAGRAM. My 1, 4, 6, 11, 22, 3, 20 is one of the South-

ern States.
I have not wealth, or power, or skill,
To broadcast all around;

My 21, 16, 1, 4, 17 is a river in Central

The world's wide field I may not till,
Nor sow its fallow ground,

My 19, 23, 17, 7 is one of the most re

nowned countries of South America. But little spots are here and there, Which I may weed of grief or care,

My 6, 8, 13, 16, 19, 4, 23 is a river in New


My 2, 4, 12 is a river in Arkansas.
ANSWER TO CHARADE. My 21, 23, 18, 14, 4 is a river in North

My 9, 10, 6, 12, 14 is a lake between the

United States and British America.

My whole may be found in the Prov

erbs of Solomon. " And, lol it was all grown over with thorns, and nettles had covered the face thereof, and the stone wall thereof was

CHARADE. broken down."

My first is a dweller on the scas,

With flag unfurled to catch the breeze;

My second was with Noah in the ark,

But may be found in market or in park;
My third is a youthful leader and chief,

Who in many bearts has caused lasting


My whole is of man and woman the basest At every puff of a locomotive its driv- deceiver, ing-wheels make one fourth of a revolu- Although in religion a pretended believer. tion. How many puffs, or escapes of steam, are there as a locomotive (whose driving-wheels are five feet six inches in ACROSTICAL ENIGMA. diameter) is making a half circuit around

I am composed of 18 letters. the base of a hill one English statute mile My 1, 14, 13 is the name of a bird. in diameter; the base of the hill being a My 2, 11, 10, 15, 14 is a musical entertainperfect circle.

My 3, 5, 16, 18 is a kind of grain.

My 4, 8, 11 is a toy. MATHEMATICAL PROBLEM. My 5, 13, 17, 18 is a man's name. A gentleman has a garden whose shape My 6, 2, 0, 17 is a flower. is an equilateral triangle, each side of My 7, 14, 11, 14, 18 is an empire in the Pawhich measures 300 feet. At each corner My 8, 14, 4, 9 is a kind of grain. the first or lowest of which measures 46 My 9, 11, 14, 1, 10 is a farmer's imple

ment. feet in height; the second tower is 50 feet high, and the third or highest tower is 60 My 10, 4, 18, 14 is a celebrated volcano. feet in height. What must be the length My 11, 5, 15, 4, 17, 16 is a kind of drink.

My 12, 10,3,4, 2,15 was an ancient warrior. of a ladder, and how far from the base of each tower must the foot of it be placed My 13, 8, 6, 3, 17, 9, 4, 10, 16 is a city in so that its top may just reach the summit My 14, 9, 11 is a poisonous serpent. of each tower, supposing the ladder to My 15, 12, 6, 18, 10 is a large river in Euturn on a pivot, and the garden to be a horizontal plane ?

rope, My 16, 14, 7, 14, 12 is a prince of the Hin


My 17, 14, 6 is a part of the human body. ALGEBRAIC PROBLEM.

My 18, 5, 16 is a conjunction,

My whole was a distinguished RevoluThree persons, A, B, and C, bought a tionary patriot. flock of sheep. The square root of A's share is equal to five times the fourth root of B's share divided by 2, and the

QUESTION. square root of B's share is equal to four times the cube root of C's share divided It is required to find two numbers, such by 3, and the square root of A's share that the square root of the third part of added to the cube root of C's share is the first, added to twice the square root of equal to 8. What was the whole num-half the second, shall be equal to 23, and ber of sheep in the flock, and what was the sum of the numbers shall be equal to each man's share


[Prosorve this Schedule for future reference.]





AGREEMENT, other than those mentioned in CERTIFICATE OF STOCK, in incorporated

this schedule (or any appraisement), for every company, .25.
sheet or piece of paper on which it is writ-
ten, .

CHARTER PARTY, or any letter or memo

randum relating to the charter of any vessel: if APPRAISEMENTS of value or damage, .03. the registered tonnage does not exceed one hunBANK CHECKS, DRAFTS, OR ORDERS,

dred and hfty tons, $1.00: from one hundred and for any amount, on any bank, broker, or trust

fifty to three hundred tong, $3.00; from three company, at sight or ou demand, .02; for amount

hundred to six hundred tons, $5.00; over six exceeding *10, op any person other than a bank,

hundred tons, $10.00. banker, or trust company, at sight or on de-CIGAR LIGHTS, made in part of wood, wax, mand, .02.

glass, paper, or other materials, in parcels or BILL OF EXCHANGE (foreign), drawn in packages containing twenty-five lights or less,

but payable out of the United States, if drawn .01; in packages of more than twenty-five and singly or otherwise than in a set of three or more not more than fifty, .02; for every additional - same as inland bills of exchange or promis- twenty-five lights, or fractional part of that numsory notes; drawn in sets of three or more, for ber, .01. every bill of each set, where the sum made payable shall not exceed $100, or the equivalent CONTRACTS.- Contracts, broker's note or thereof, in any foreign currency in which such memorandum of sale of any goods or merchanbills may be expressed, .02; for every addi- dise, stocks, bonds, notes of hand, for each note tional $100, or fractional part thereof in excess or memorandum of sale, .10. of $100, .02.

CONVEYANCE OR DEED OF GRANT, BILL OF EXCHANGE (inland), draft, or where the consideration or value does not ex

order for the payment of any sum of money, not exceeding $100, otherwise than at sight or on

ceed $500, .50; from $500 to $1000, $1.00; and for demand, or Promissory Notes (except bank

every additional $500, or fractional part thereof notes and checks), or any memorandum, check,

in excess of $1000, -50. receipt, or other written or printed evidence of ENTRY OF GOODS, at Custom Flouse, not an amount of money to be paid on demand or at a time designated, for a sum not exceeding.

exceeding in value $100, .25; from $100 to $500, $100, .05; for every additional $100, or fractional

.50; exceeding $500, $1.00; for the withdrawal part in excess of $100, .05.

of goods from bonded warehouse, .50. BILL OF LADING, for goods and merchan- FRICTION MATCHES, or Lucifer Matches,

dise exported to foreign port, other than charter made in part of wood, in packages of one hunparty, each, .10.

dred or less, .01; when in parcels or packages

containing more than one hundred, and not BILL OF SALE.- Bills of sale, by which any more than two hundred, for each parcel or pack

ship or vessel, or any part thereof, shall be con- age, .02; and for every additional or fractional veyed to or vested in any other person or per. part thereof, .01. For wax tapers double the sons, when the consideration shall not exceed rates herein imposed upon friction matches. $500, stamp duty, .50; do., when the consideration exceeds $500 and does not exceed $1000, LEASE, where rent is $300, or less,:50; where the $1.00; exceeding $1000, for every additional rent exceeds $300, for each additional $200, or amount of $500, or fractional part thereof, .50; fraction in excess of $300,.50. Assignment of a personal property other than ships or vessels, .05.

lease, same stamp as original, and additional BONDS of indemnity, where the money ulti

stamp upon the value or cousideration of transmately recoverable thereupon is $1000 or less,

fer, according to the rates of on deeds (sce Con.50; where the penalty exceeds $1000, for every

veyance). additional $1000, or fractional part in excess of $1000..50; for the due execution of the duties of MANIFEST FOR ENTRY, OLEARANCE, any office, $1.00; of any description other than

of cargo of vessel for foreign port, if tonnage such as may be required in legal proceedinge, or

does not exceed three hundred tone, $1.00: from used in connection with mortgage deeds, and

three hundred to six hundred tons, $3.00; exnot otherwise charged in this schedule, .25.

ceeding six hundred tons, $3.00. CERTIFICATE, other than those mentioned, MEATS, FISH, FRUITS, SAUCES, JEL.05.

LIES, &c. - For and upon every can, bottle, CERTIFICATE OF DAMAGE, and all other

or other single package, containing meats, fish, documents issued by any port warden or marine

shell-fish, fruits, vegetables, sauces, syrups, presurveyor, .25.

pared mustard, jams, or jellies, containeri there

in, and packed or sealed, made, prepared, and CERTIFICATE OT DEPOSIT, for at sum

Bold, or offered for sale, or removed for eonsumpnot exceeding $100, .02; exceeding $100, .05.

tion in the United States, on or after the first

day of October, 1866, when such can, bottle, or CERTIFICATE OF PROFITS, in any incor- other single package with its contents, shall not

porated company, for an amount not less than exceed two pounds in weight, .01; when such $10, nor exceeding $50, .10; from $50 to $1000, .25; exceeding $1000, for every additional $1000,

can, bottle, or other single package with its or fractional part thereof, .25.

contents, shall exceed two pounds in weight, for every additional pound or fractional part, .01. 47,073,074 59 Debt bearing no interest.


EXEMPTIONS. given as security for the payment of any definite sum, from $100 to $500, 50; exceeding $500 and No stamp duty shall be required on powers of not exceeding $1000, $1.00; for every additional attorney or any other paper relating to application 8500, or fractional part thereof in excess of $500, for bounties, arrearages of pay, or pensions, or to .50. Provided, That upon each and every as- the receipt thereof from time to time; or upon signment or transfer of a mortgage, policy of tickets or contracts of insuranco when limited to insurance, or the renewal or continuance of any injury to persons while travelling: nor on certifiagreement, contract, or charter, by letter or cates of the measurement or weight of animals, otherwise, a stamp duty shall be required equal wood, coal, or hay: nor on deposit notes to mutual

to that imposed on the original instrument. insurance companies, for the insurance upon PASSAGE TICKET, to a foreign port, if of less which policies subject to stamp duties have been or

price than $35, -50; from $35 to 8.50. $1.00; and are to be issued; nor on any warrant of attorney for every additional $50, or fractional parts accompanying a bond or note, when such bond or thereof in excess of $50, $1.00.

note shall have affixed thereto the stamp or stamps

denoting the duty required; and whenever any PAWNBROKER'S CERTIFCATE, for any bond or note shall be secured by a mortgage, but amount, .05.

one stamp duty shall be required to be placed on PLAYING CARDS, for and upon every pack, of a deed or other instrument in writing, or of the

such papers; nor on any certificate of the record not exceeding fifty-two cards in number, irre- acknowledgment or pr of thereof by attesting witspective of price or value, .05.

nesses; nor to any endorsement of a negotiable POLICY OF INSURANCE, on any life or instrument.

lives, where the amount insured does not exceed Provided, That the stamp duty placed thereon $1000, .25, from $1000 to $5000, .50; exceeding shall be the highest rate required for said instru$5000, $1.00; fire and marine risks, premium notments, or either of them. exceeding $10, .10: premium not excoding $50, Receipts by express companies for the delivery .25: exceeding $50, .30. Accidental insurance of any property for transportation are exempt from policies are exempt.

stamp duty. POWER OF ATTORNEY, to transfer stock, bonds, or scrip; to collect dividends, interest, or

PENALTIES. rent, 25; to vote by proxy, except in charitable, religious, literary, and cemetery societies, ,10;

Penalty for making, signing, or issuing any into sell or lease real estate, and perform all other shall accept, negotiate, or pay, or cause to be ac

strument, or paper of any kind whatsoever, or acts not specified, $1.00; for any other purpose, cepted, negotiated, or paid, any bill of exchange, 50.

draft or order, or proinissory note, for the payment PROBATE OF WILL, OR LETTER OF of money, without the same being duly stamped,

ADMINISTRATION, where the estate does for denoting the duty hereby imposed thereon not exceed the value of $2000, $1.00; for every $50; and the instrument shall be deemed invalid additional $1000, or fractional part in excess of and of no effect: or for counterfeiting stamps or $2000, .50.

dies, $1000, and imprisonment to hard labor not PROTEST OF NOTE, DRAFT, &c., or ma- ing, accepting, or paying any bill of exchange,

exceeding five years. For making, signing, issurine protest, &c., .25.

draft, order, or note, without stump, $200. For PROPRIETARY MEDICINES, COSMET. selling proprietary cosmetics, matches, meals, fish,

ICS, &c., not over twenty-five cents, .01; not fruits, sauces, jellies, &c., without proper stampa, over fifty cents, .02; not over seventy-five cents, $50. .03; not over one dollar, .04; for every additional fifty cents, or fraction thereof, .02.

GENERAL REMARKS. RECEIPT.-Receipts for the payment of any Instruments are not to be recorded unless propsum of money, or for the payment of any debt erly stamped and cancelled. due, exceeding $20, not being for satisfaction of No instrument is invalid for the wast of the any

mortgage or judgment, or decree of a court, particular kind of stamps designated, proviđed a or by endorsement on any stamp obligation in legal stamp of equal amount (except proprietary acknowledgment of its fulfilment, for each re- stamps), is duly affixed. ceipt, .02. *Provided, That when more than one All official instruments, documents, and papers signature is affixed to the same paper, one or issued or used by officers of the United States govmore stamps may be affixed thereto, represent-ernment, or by the officers of any State, county, ing the whole amount of stamps required for or other municipal corporation, are exempt. such signatures.

In cases where an adhesive stamp shall be used SALES, or contracts for sale of stocks, bonds, for denoting any duty imposed by this act, the

foreign exchange, gold and silver bullion and person using or affixing the same, shall write coin, promissory notes or other securities, when thereon the initials of his name, and date upon made by brokers, banks, or bankers who pay a the same may not again be used, under a penalty

which the same shall be attached or used, so that special tax, require stamps equal to one cent.on of $50. every $100; if there is a fraction over $100, the game to be stamped at the full rate of $100; when

Postage stamps cannot be used as revenue made by a person, firm, or corporation not pay

stamps. ing special tax, for every $100 of value, .05. A

No deed, instrument, document, writing, or memorandum of sale or contract must be made paper, required by law to be stamped, which has by the seller to the buyer, upon the sale or con- been signed or issued without being duly stamped, tract being made, and the stamps affixed thereto. or with a deficient stamp, nor any copy thereof,

shall be recorded or admitted, or used as evidence WRIT.- Writ, .50; where the amount claimed in any court, until a legal stamp or stamps, deno

in a writ, issued by a court not of record, ting the amount of tax, shall have been affixed is $100 or over, .50; upon every confession of thereto as prescribed by law. judgment, or cognovit, for $100 or over

(except The party to whom a document is issued from in those cases where the tax for the writ of a a foreign country, or by whom it is to be used, Commeneement of suit has been paid), 50: shall, before using the same, affix thereon the write or other process on appeals from justices' stamp or stamps indicating the duty required. courts, or other courts of inferior jurisdiction, to Proprietors of cosmetics, medicines, or propriea court of record, .50; warrant of distress, when tary articles, may furnish private dies, and are the amount of rent claimed does not exceed allowed five per cent. on all purchases of $500; $100,.25; when exceeding $100, .50.

over $500, ten per cent. STATEMENT OF THE UNITED STATES NATIONAL DEBT on the 1st of September, 1867. Coin interest debt..

81,715,687,741 80 Amount in TreasuryCurrency interest debt. 495,971,625 00 Coin.

$101,263,020 00 Matured debt not presented for pay't. . 19,440 375 87 Currency.

410,019,716 97

$148,336,094 59 Total debt.

$2,641,119,459 64 Debt lese cash in Treasury. $2,492,788,885 05

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