N. B. - For times and places of holding the Supreme Judicial Conrt (and the Law Terms of the same), and of the Superior Court of Massachusetts, see page 32. Yor County Commissioners' Meetings (C. C.) in Mass, see Calendar pages. SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES

At Washington, to commence on the first Monday in December annually. Chief Justice and Judges same as in 1858, except Hon. Nathan Clifford, of Maio appointed instead of Hon. B. R. Curtis, resigned.

UNITED STATES CIRCUIT COURTS IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT Courts.- !r. FIRST AND SKOOND EASTERN CIRCUITS. MAINE — at Portland, 1st Tucs. in Feb. Lad In Mark - at Portland, 230 Apr. and 230 Dec.; at Wiscasset, 1st Tucs. in Sept.; at Sept. In N. HAMPSHIRK -- at Portsmouth, Bangor, 4th Taes. in June. In N. IL AMPMay &, and at Exeter, Oct. 8. In MASSA- SHIRK -- at Portsmouth, 3d Tues. in March CHCSKTTS - at Boston, May 16 and Oct. 15. and Sept.; at Exeter, 3d Tues. in June and In CONNECTICOT - at N. Haven, 4th Tues. Dec. In MASSACHUSETTS — at Boston, 3d iu Apr., and at llartford, 311 Tucs. in Sept. Tues. in Mar., 4th Tues. in June, 2d Tues. In KBOOK ISLAND — at Newport, June 15, in Sept., and 1st Tues. in Dec. In Cosand at Providence, Nov. 15.' In VERMONT NECTICUT — at Hartford, 4th Tues. iu May - at Windsor, 4th Tues. in July, and at and Now.; at N. llaven, 4th Tues. in Feb. Rutland, Oct. 3. (Corrected 1860.) and Aug. In RHODS ISLAND - at New

port, 21 Tues. in May anıl 3d Tues. in Oct.; DIf any of the days happen on Sun- at Providence, 1st Tu. in Feb. and Ang. In: day the Couri is to commence on the VERMONT-at Windsor, Mon. after 4th Tu. Nonday following.

lin July; at Rutland, Oct. 6. (Correct. 1860.) Boston Police COURT, every day, at 9 A. M. and 3 P. X., except Saturday, when the afternoon session is omitted. Boston JCSTICKS' COURT, every Saturday, at 9 a.

; all at the Court lloase, Court Square, Boston. POLICÉ COURTS have also been established at New Bedford, Taunton, Salem, Lowell, Lawrence, Worcester, SpringGeld, Picosieki, Fall River, Newburyport, Chelsea, Williamstown Boxbury, Lee, Chicopee, Glouimster.


SOPREME COURTS. - At Hartford, 4th Tueo. in Oct., and 3d Tues. In Dec. At Tues. in Feb., and 21 Tucs. in Sept. At Norwich, 1st Tues. in April, 34 Tues. in Bridgeport, 21 Tues. in Feb. At New Nov, At New London, 30 Tues. in Jan., llaven, 3u1 Tues. in Feb., Mb Tues. in Sept. 4th Tues. in Aug. At Danbury, 21 Tues. At New London, 24 Tues. in March. Ati Aug. and 3.1 Tues, in Oct. At Brook Litchfield, 4th Tues, in April, 3.1 Tues, in lyn, lst Tues. in Jan., 3d Tuet. in Mar., Oct. At Brooklyn, 1st Tucs. in Mar., 21 in Tues. lo Aug., 1st Tues. in Nov. at Tucs. io Oct. At Middletown, 3d Taes. in Litchfield, 4th Tues. in Jan., 21 Tues, in Mar. At Tolland, Ath Tues. in dlar., 21 April, 21 Tues. in Sept., and 1st Tues. in Tues. in Nov. At Danbury, 1st Tues. in Nov. At Midelletown, 1st Tues. iu Feb., Oct. At Norwich, 4th Tues. in Oct. At and 1st Tues. in Dec. At Undeam, 221 lladdam, Ist Tues. in Nov.

Tues. in April, and lst Tues. Sept. At SUPERIOR COCRT3. — At Hartford, 20 Tolland, 21 Tues. in April, 1st Tues. in Tuesday in Marchs, 3d Tues. in July, 4th Sept., and 1st Tues. in Dec. At Bridge Tues. in Sept., and 3d Tues. in Dec. port, 1st Tues. in Mar., 3d Tues. in Dec.

At New Flaren, 1st Tues. in March, 201 (Corrected 1860.)
Tues. in May, 1st Tucs. in Sept., 20 County Courts. - Abolished in 1855.

COURTS IN THE STATE OF VERMONT. SUPREME COURTS. - Middlebury, 1st COCNTY COURTS. - Middlebury, 1st Tueo. Mon.aft.30 Tues. in Jan. Rutlanıl, 1st Mon. in June, and 21 in Dec. Rutland, 2! Tues. aft. 4th Tues. in Jan. Manchester and in Mar. and Sept. Manchester, 1st Tues. Beanington, alternately, 24 Tues, aft. 4th in June, and Bennington, 1st Tues, in Dec. Tues. in Jan. Newfane, Mon. following 211 Newfane, 22 Tues. in April and Sept. Tues. aft. 4th Tues. in Jan. Woodstock, 4th Woodstock, 4th Tues. in May, and ist ir. Tues. aft. 4th Tues. in Jan. Chelsea, 6th Dec. Chelsea, 4th Tues. in June, anıl 3 Tucs. aft. 4th Tues. in Jan. Burlington, in Jan. Burlington, last Tues. in Mar., 1st Tues. in Jan. St. Alhans, 1st Mon. and 3d in Sept. St. Albans, 24 Tues. In aft. *241 Tues. in Jan. North llero, 1st Fri. April and Sept. North llero, last Tues. in aft. 3:1 Tucs. in Jan. Ilyde park, 341 Tues. Feh. and Aug. Ilyole park, 4th Tucs. in in Aug. Montpelier, 2:1 Tues. in Aug. May, and 1st in Dec. Montpelier, 211 Irashurg, 1st Thurs. next aft. 3d Tues. in Tucs. in Mar, anil Sept. Irushurg, 4th Aug St. Juhusbury Ist Thursday next Tues. in June and Dec. St. Johnsbury, 1st art. 4th Tues in Aug Guildball, All Tues. Tues. in June and Dec. Quikthall, 341


SOPREME COCRTS. - At Newport, 3d Kingston, 2d Mon. in May, and 1st Mon. Mon. in Feb., and 4th Mon. in August. in Nov. Bristol, 1st Mon. in May, and last Providence, 4th Mon. in March and Bept. Mon. in Oct. East Greenwich, 2d Mop. in Souti Kingston, 241 Men. in Aug., and ist Feb., and 3d Mon. in Aug. Mon, in Feb. Bristol, 1st Mon. in March, GENERAL ASSEMBLY. — There are two and 21 Mon. in Sept. East Greenwich, sessions ; one at Niwport, on the last 24 Jon. in March, and 3d Mon, in Sept. Tuesday in May, fur Election and other

COCRTS OF COMMON PLEAS. - At New-business, which adjourns to meet at Prov. port, 2d Mon, in April and Oct. Provi-idence in January following. (Corrected dence, lit Mon. in June and Dec. South | 1860.) COURTS IN THE STATE OF NEW HAMPSHIRE.

SUPREME JCDICIAL COURT.-LAW TERMS.fof Nov., 3d Tues. of March, and 21 Tues. - The Supreme Judicial Court shall hold of Jan., May, July and Sept. Plaistow, terms thereof, to be called Law Terms, 1st Tues. of Aug. and Dec., and 3d Tues. annually, within the four Judicial Dis- of May. Derry, Wed, after 1st Tues, of tricts, at the times and places following : Aug. and Dec., and Wed. after 3d Tues. Exeter, 3d Tues. of June, and Dover, 3d of May. Chester, Thurs. after 1st Tues. Tues. of Dec., for the counties of Rocking- of Aug. and Dec., and Thurs. after 3d Tu. bam and Strafford; at Manchester, 1st of May. Deerfield, Frid. after 1st Tues. Tues. of June, and Concord, 1st Tues. of Aug. and Dec., and Frid, after 3d Tues. of Dec., for the counties of Merrimack of May. Act of June, 1858, – STRAFFORD and Hillsborough ; at Keene, 1st Tues. Co.: Dover, 1st Tues. of Jan., March, of July, and Newport, Ith Tues. of Dec., May, Aug. and Oct. Rochester, 1st Tues. for the counties of Cheshire and Sullivan ; of July and Dec. Farmington, 1st Tues. at Lancaster, 3d Tues. of July, and Ha- of April and Sept. Somersworth, 1st Tu. verhill, Tues. Dext after 4th Tues. of Dec., of Feb., June and Nov. – BELKNAP Co. : for the counties of Grafton and Coös. Gilford, 3d Tues. of every month. -- CAR

SUPREME JUDICIAL COURT. -TRIAL ROLL Co.: Ossipee Corner, 1st Tues. of TERMS. At Portsmouth, 3d Tues. of Mar., June, Sept. and Dec. Conway, 1st Oct., and Exeter, 3d Tues. of January and Tu. of Jan., Ap., July and Oct. Tamworth, 20 Tu. of April, for Co. of Rockingham. At 1st Tues. of Feb., May, Aug. and Nov.Dover, 21 Tues. of Feb., last Tues. of May, MERRIMACK Co.: Concord, 4th Tues. of and 1st Tues. of Sept., for Co. of Strafford. every month. – HILLSBOROUGH Co.: ManAt Gilford, 4th Tuts. of Mar., and the 4th chester, 4th Tues. of Jan., Mar., May, Ju Tues. of Sept., for the Co. of Belknap. At ly, Sept. and Nov. Nashua, 4th Tues. of Ossipee, 3d Tues. of April, and 3d Tues of Feb., April, June, Aug., Oct. and Dec. Oct., for Co. of Carroll. At Concord, 3d Francestown, Frid. after 4th Tues. Jan., Tues. of Aug. and 1st Tues. of Feb., for April, July and Oct. Amherst, Frid. aft. Co. of Merrimack. At Amherst, 1st Tues. 4th Tues. Feb., June, Sept. and Dec. Peof Sept., Manchester, 1st Tues. of Jan., terborough, Frid. after 4th Tues. of May and at Nashua, 1st Tues. of May, for Co. and Aug. Mason Village, Frid. after 4th of Hillsborough. At Keene, 3d Tues. of Tues. of Mar. and Nov. Act of June, 1859. April and Oct., for Co. of Cheshire. At - CHESHIRE, Co. : Keene, 1st and 3d Tu Newport, 4th Tues. of Jan. and 1st Tues. of every month. --SULLIVAN Co. : Newport, Sept. for Co. Sullivan. At Haverhill, 1st last Wed. of Feb., April, June, Aug., Oct. Tues. of April and Oct., for the Western and Dec. Claremont, last Wed. of Jan., Jud. Dist., and at Plymouth, 3d Tues. of Mar., May, July, Sept. and Nov.- GRAFMay and Nov. for the Eastern Jud. Dist. TON Co., Ilaverhill, 3d Tues. of Ap. and in Co. Grafton. At Lancaster, 4th Tues. Oct. Plymouth, 3d Tu. of May and Nov. of April and Oct., for Co. of Coös. Canaan, 3d Tu. of June and Dec. Lisbon,

TERMS OF THE PROBATE COURT. 3d Tu. March and Sept. Bristol, 3d Tu. ROCKINGHAM Co.: Exeter, Wed, next July. Littleton, 3d Tu. Jan. Wentworth, after 1st Tues. of Nov. and April, Wed. 3d Tu. Feb. and Aug. - Coös Co.: Colenext after 3d Tues. of Feb., March and brook, 1st Tu. Sept. Lancaster, 1st Tues. Dec., and Wed. next after 2d Tues. of ev- Jan., March, May and Nov. Berlin, 1st ery other month. Portsmouth, 1st Tues. Tu. July. (Corrected 1860.)


Bangor, 4th Tues. May. Augusta, 3d 1st Tues. Jan. and Oct., and 4th Tues. Apr. Tues. June. Portland, 2.0 Tues. July. Ellsworth, 4th Tues. April and Oct. Houl

SUPREME JUDOCIAL COURTS. CIVIL Ao-ton, 20 Tues. March, and 3d Tues. Sept. TIONS. — Saco, 1st Tues. Jan. Alfred, 4th Dover, last Tues. Feb., and 21 Tues. Sept. Tues. May, and 3d Tues. Sept. Portland, Auburn, 4th Tues Jan., April, and Sept. 3d Tues. Jan. and April, and 21 Tues. Oct. Bath, Ist Tues. April, and 3d Tues. Aug. Paris, 21 Tu. Mar., Aug., and Nov. Farm- and Dec. Rockland, 20 Tues. of Feb., 1st ington, 3d Tues. A pr. and Oct. Norridge- Tues. of May, and 4th Tues. of Oct. wock, 3d Tues. Mar., Sept., and Dec. Au SUPREME JUDICIAL COURTS. CRIMINAL. gasta, 1st Tues, Mar., 3d Tues. Aug., and -- Portland, 1st Tues March, last Tues. 4th Tues. Nov. Rockland, 4th Tues. Jan. July, and last Tues. Nov. Bangor, Ist Wiscasset, 1st Tues. of May and Oct. Bel- Tues. Feb. and Aug. (Corrected 1860.) fast, 1st Tues. Jan., May, and Oct. Bangur,

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