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... The root of ONE is three. Hence-a TRIAD OF PRINCIPLES is as much a law of universal nature as the

law of gravitation.

Maker + Soul + Relation = GOD.

MATTER is Sensation raised by external Objects in SENSE.
MIND is Principle produced by Syllogisms of REASON.


On the Application of the Triune Principle.

At length the pleasing task devolves on us of applying the principle of a Trinity In Unity to that ineffable source of life and light, the GODHEAD. In doing this, we must confidently presume that the details through which we have already travelled have completely established the truth—that the very act of thinking involves the triune principle inits very essence. Should, however, this not be the case, and we have failed to fix for ever this eternal principle, still we may presume to hope that the hints here thrown out may promote the future operations of some more successful adventurer in the bold and hazardous undertaking—settling for ever that most vital point of the “RELIGION OF CHRIST.”

But, on the other hand, if the principle of triadswithout which human thought cannot exist, and which ultimately settles and centres in the very Essence of Deity itself-proves to be firmly established, and for ever indelibly fixed in every human mind, then the glorious result that we may venture to contemplate will form so pleasing a consolation and solace to our mind, as, from this blessed Conviction, to make us partakers


of the realms of eternal bliss, even while we are grovelling here below — not in light, but darkness visible. The prospective benefits that will flow from a solution of a difficulty which has agitated the religious world for nearly two thousand years, and which already flit before us in imagination, far exceed anything that the limited faculties of man can conceive; and of their magnitude we can form no idea, as the soul is fitted for approximating perfection without end. Now to the grateful task !


It is absolutely impossible that nothing at all exists, while we exist who make the assertion. As nothing can exist which is not possible, it is evident that the last ground of all possibility must rest in something that actually does exist. Hence :—that there is a Godis a position which cannot be denied. Indeed, this overwhelming truth is so thoroughly interwoven in our nature, that all argument to enforce it seems superfluous. Yet this truth becomes even more powerful, by attempting to negative His existence. If we annul all existence, we at the same time annul all possibility, and nothing whatever remains, which contradicts the fact. Therefore, an Absolutely Necessary Being actually exists, who comprises in himself the last ground of all possibility; and all things else must be considered merely as consequences flowing from this Primitive and Original Source. That, however, which is merely dependent may be annulled without destroying its original Cause; because it is contingent, and not absolutely necessary. This “ Necessary Being,” then, must contain the last ground of all possibility; and, as there cannot be two last grounds, this Absolutely Necessary Being must be ONE.

He must also be simple, that is, so constructed that, if any part is taken away, the whole is destroyed. For, if he is composed he may be divided, and part taken away. But the part which is taken away need not be necessary, but contingent. If, however, only one part is necessary, all the rest must be contingent; it is, therefore, absurd to annul part of a thing and still call it a whole. This is to destroy the internal possibility of a thing, or, in other words, to destroy it altogether. If we annul either the centre, the radius, or the circumference, the circle vanishes; and if we remove the base from a triangle, the whole is destroyed. But to assert that all triangles must be right-angled is to confound the contingent with the necessary. Likewise, if we annul

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all existence we at the same time destroy all possibility and all reality, and nothing whatever remains. Hence the Divine Essence cannot be divided, and is consequently simple.

All that exists in ETERNITY is absolutely simple, having all its parts so connected with each other that if any, the least, particle were taken away the whole would be destroyed. Not so with the things in Time. The usual tint of vegetating nature is green; but if this colour disappears the tree does not cease to exist. Reason is a faculty of man, which exists wholly in ETERNITY, though it influences the things in TIME. This will be very apparent on inspection of our Diagram, where the soul is represented as existing in the outer sphere, where every thing is pure, simple, and strictly necessary, or in ETERNITY; and the body is placed in the centre blue, where every thing is composed, and, as far as regards man, contingent, that is, part may be taken away without destroying the whole. Many are the instances in nature that confirm this truth. The loss of any one of the senses, or in fact of any of the members of the body, does not destroy the individual. But whatever occurs to the body can never affect the soul, which lives and breathes in a totally different

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