regions, instead of being bound down to necessary laws; proud of the fiat of its Creator, and, in imitation of His perfect and spiritual self, an originator of laws, and such laws to which all humanity must bow! To the departed angels of light, which are permanent and invisible substances, simple and perfect in their nature, and imperceptible to Sense, we have assigned a distinct abode, represented in our tabular view by the circumambient yellow sphere, which is intended to embrace the whole empire of celestial and pure spirits, which are not clogged and impeded in their faculties by the imperfections inseparable from man; but which, though they may exist in the eternal kingdom of God in endless gradations suited to the merit of their earthly sojourn, are still free to ascend higher and higher, so as to approximate more nearly to their Spiritual and perfect Father. These free agents and originators of the moral law, by which alone they allow themselves to be governed, are not cognizable by SENSE; but are pure spiritual essences, with which, and their laws, Reason alone is conversant.

From the above view of the subject we obtain this glorious result:— that the body is subject to the laws of matter, which are definite, necessary, in short, in

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stinctive, that is, acting without the choice of REASON, yet in strict conformity with the laws of SENSE ; and that the soul is amenable to the laws of spirit only, which are quite free from and independent of any thing that pertains to matter, that is, it acts according to laws which it originates itself, and which no operation of matter can constrain. This is, indeed, perfect freedom and absolute ascendancy of spirit over matter. And, as these laws originate in Reason, which is essentially spiritual, this proves, to the entire conviction of all mankind, the complete supremacy of REASON over SENSE.

This mode of expounding the doctrine of the “Scriptures” is in perfect conformity with the teaching of the Saviour of man, who says:—“I am perfect

: I eat and drink as you do; but the doctrine I teach is from my Father in heaven; all purity and love, it is the aóyos, the word of God, or the Reason incarnate.” And St. Paul also expounds the “ Scriptures” in precisely the same manner, stating that “man consists of a natural body, which is of earth, earthy, and subject to the carnal inclinations of the flesh, and also of a spiritual body, which is of heaven, heavenly, and which acknowledges no other law than the MORAL LAW, which



is engendered by our REASON. But Reason, being purely spiritual, cannot be of earth, but must have descended from heaven.” How perfectly does this confirm the Doctrine taught by Jesus, and establish the correctness of our tabular view of man, as being a compound of Matter and Spirit, in necessary conjunction, or a Trinity in Unity!

The existence of these two opposite principles, whose union constitutes man, may be still further illustrated by the following display of their respective natures ; and then we hope that this momentous subject will be considered so firmly established as never again to raise a doubt, or to require further confirmation. Once more referring to our table, we should repeat that the objects which exist in the blue field, and constitute the whole of nature, consist of extended and successive matter, every particle of which acts according to the laws which are given to it at its creation. But this mode of action is absolutely necessary to its existence, and is properly enough denominated instinct. The action of matter, however, upon any of the SENSES of man produces sensation, as the only evidence of its existence; yet sensation can only manifest itself to the mind under the two conditions of extension and succession. Hence we may infer that these two conditions are laws of the Sensitive Faculty, and are the ground of possibility that man can have any sensations at all. For, annul these conditions, and we annihilate sensation altogether. The usual expressions by which these conditions of SENSE are designated, are Time and SPACE; consequently, Time and Space are the constituent elements of SENSE. If, however, any thing on earth can be the proper affair of man, it is the sensations which are constantly raised in him by the action of extended matter on his external senses. And, when one individual recounts or records a successive string of these sensations to some one else, most assuredly he is relating the state of his own feelings to his fellow

Can this be better expressed than by calling it the WORD OF MAN? Thus much for SENSE, or the material part of man !

How very differently the spiritual part of man is circumstanced a slight inspection of the table will instantly display. So far from the perfectly pure, simple, and immutable, spirit being in any manner controlled by matter, on the contrary, it sets all its boasted powers at nought, defying rack and torture, either to injure or approach its purity. What, then, is



that power in man which defies all nature? It cannot be a part of nature, or it would be subject to nature's laws. Consequently, it must be something quite distinct from nature, and have a totally different manner of subsistence. Neither does it manifest itself to the external senses by its extension or succession; therefore, it cannot be an object of SENSE. And yet that all-paramount and all-surpassing power needs no assistance from matter to indicate its existence. This

power, then, can be no production of earth, but must at this very moment be an inhabitant of that celestial abode of eternal spirits heaven. This power manifests itself by Principles alone, which are invisible and impalpable to Sense, and are the production of Reason. Now, it is notorious to the whole world, that Rational Beings alone are endowed with the power of acting from the mere representation of laws, that is, from principles, which are wholly and entirely free from all the necessity which governs matter; and that all Inferior Beings have their motions regulated by a determinate and necessary instinct. That part of man, the soul, which is wholly free from the restricting conditions of Sense, Time, and Space, cannot possibly inhabit the blue field in our Diagram, which is destined only for the

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